How do you fell about breast implants? I have had mine done twice. I was a track star in High School: fast, lean and flat-chested. As soon as i could raise the money I had my breasts done-see picture above. As I got older, my ass kept growing, so I had the implants enlarged.

So what do you think? Are natural boobies somehow more natural and pure? Or is whatever makes you happy-your body/your choice. Let me know.

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I write hot erotic stories about powerful women. I have links to all of my books below. Have a look and tell me what you think in a review. It is only with your support that I can continue to offer up my unique, sexy stories. Send me a comment on what you would like me to write next.

2 thoughts on “Breasts

  1. Breasts. I think breasts are ahead of asses for me. Flat, A-cuppers, B-cuppers, even some but not all C-cuppers are my preference. Why? I don’t know, except to say I’m not fond on big things on a woman. And of course now that I’m a Senior Citizen, seeing all the young ladies who are “naturals” thanks in large part to hormones naturally and in foods just really excites me. Big, over proportioned breasts for a small to medium built are def a turn-off for me.


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