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“This one has nice tits too,” said my attacker as he mauled my soft tits with both hands.

“Yeah. Maybe later. Let’s get some shots of Sarah being fucked and then maybe we will give the writer a go.”

Hearing this, Sarah flopped around until she got her feet to the side of the bed, stood up and ran towards the door with her hands tied behind her and her mouth gagged with tape. The man with the thong grabbed her and forced her arms further behind her back, which caused her already prominent tits to stick further out.

“This one is a wildcat. She will make good photos as I run my dick into her. Get a shot of her struggling to get away.”

Draining Him 1.9

Draining Him 1.9

Shaniqua let her legs fall open further as Julia’s hand traced a path down her taut black tummy. She moaned as Julia smothered Shaniqua’s thick lips with her thinner white ones. They were a study in contrasts these two. Shaniqua was tall, thin and African black while Julia was a short and full figured WASP. While different, they loved each other very much and had for years. Being tall and thin one would have thought Shaniqua was the man in the relationship but that was not the case. Julia was the provider and protector and heaven help anyone who even thought of moving in on Shaniqua or worse yet, slighted her for being either black or lesbian. Julia would turn into a whirling dervish and rain down hell on the man or woman who made that error. Shaniqua was hers to have and to hold and it had been that way for a long time.

Shaniqua loved her white dumpling. While Shaniqua was just short of 6 feet her little white lover, Julia was barely 5’3″.  Shaniqua had small, black breasts set high on her chest, with nipples like Hershey’s kisses. Julia had pendulous breasts with aureoles like tea saucers. Shaniqua fondled one of Julia’s heavy breasts while Julia’s hand traveled to the top of Shaniqua’s slit. Normally Julia would be traveling there with her lips but today was different. Today, Shaniqua was going to get some sperm in her vagina for the first time and hopefully she would bear a child for her and Julia to love together. Julia was on a mission to make her hot enough to offer the forthcoming sperm a warm home to swim in. She was being very successful in that effort.

Julia broke off their kiss and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this lover?”

Shaniqua continued fondling Julia’s breast, looked her in the eyes and said, “I have never been surer of anything. Having a biracial baby to love with you is more than I could ever hope for.”

“And you are okay with me getting pregnant too?”

Unlike Shaniqua, Julia had had sex with men. Many men. Always looking for a satisfaction that was not ever going to be coming from a man. Realizing she was a lesbian had allowed her to be herself and find satisfaction with several partners before she had fallen in love with Shaniqua. Their relationship had been magical. After several years together they had decided that a child was the only thing that could make their life together better. Calling in a favor from her long time friend Bo, Julia had set up this artificial insemination session. She had run Bo’s chain of sex shops for a long time and had helped him expand the business to include more LBGT toys. A simple request like getting her some sperm was an easy ask for him to set up at Fleur-de-Lis.

“That would be the best if we could both be preggers at the same time.” Shaniqua gave the large tit she was fondling a gentle squeeze. “You can help me nurse my baby with your beautiful breasts, Lover. It will be so cool to share child care with you.”

Julia smiled at the thought of her feeding Shaniqua’s baby. She was better built for the task. Shaniqua was so thin and had the smallest little titties. She knew that they would swell with milk when the time came and she was a little sad that it would happen. She lover Shaniqua pert titties. But raising a baby with Shaniqua was what she wanted more than anything so she was willing to give up those pert, black tits if that was what was necessary. She knew that getting herself pregnant would turn her large, soft breasts into a milk machine. She would gladly nurse Shaniqua’s baby for her. That is love.

Shaniqua started to moan and writhe around as Julia played with her. Shaniqua had always been an energetic and vocal lover. It made it easy for Julia to determine what she needed next. Right now she knew that Shaniqua needed to be fucked. Julia reached for her strappy as Shaniqua watched her through hooded eyes.

Running a chain of sex shops gave Julia access to all of the sex toys. She had chosen a medium-long white strap on to do Shaniqua today. Shaniqua had always wanted to have a white man’s baby so fucking her with a white strappy seemed appropriate on the day that her vagina was slated to be flooded with a white man’s sperm. Stepping into the harness, Julia looked down on the woman she loved. Having done this many times before with Julia, Shaniqua pulled her long black legs back into the classic ‘w’ position that would allow Julia ready access to her already glistening slit. Having never had sex with a man, Shaniqua still enjoyed the simulated sex that she and Julia had. While they normally would have used their mouths on each other, they had agreed to get her ready for accepting semen in a more customary act.

Julia positioned herself between Shaniqua’s long thin legs and led the dildo to her awaiting opening. With a quick thrust and a sharp cry from Shaniqua, she drove half of the length of the dildo into her not caring if it hurt her. She always felt it necessary to show Shaniqua how a penis could be painful, like so many had been painful for Julia. With a sudden jerk she shoved the dildo all the way home even as tears of pain formed in Shaniqua’s loving eyes. Julia braced herself on Shaniqua’s firm, black breasts and started fucking her none too gently. While she wanted Shaniqua’s vagina sufficiently warmed to readily accept the forthcoming semen, she wanted Shaniqua to not ever think a penis would ever be kind to her.

Tami came hurrying into the room. With her turkey baster device loaded with semen for Shaniqua.

“Incoming, Ladies. Let’s get this where it can do some good before it gets cold.”

Julia quickly pulled the strappy out of Shaniqua and took the turkey baster from Tami.

“Let me do it. It will make it feel more like it is our baby.”

“Once you get the semen into her any resulting child will be yours. The donor is glad to provide this service, but it is all up to you two after conception.”

Julia eased the device into Shaniqua’s warm pussy and shoved it as far into as she could. Then she gave the bulbous end of it a hard squeeze injecting the hot semen into Shaniqua. Shaniqua yelped and got a surprised look on her face having never felt the sensation of hot sperm so deep inside of her.

“Now put something under her hips,” Tami instructed as Julia withdrew the now wet device from Shaniqua. “We want to tilt her back so that the sperm have an easier swim into her womb.”

Julia put a pillow under Shaniqua’s narrow hips and handed the turkey baster back to Tami. “How soon do I get mine?” she asked.

“Quite soon. I left Sarah in there with the donor and the two of them seemed to be hitting it off well. And Sarah knows how to make a guy come so it should not be long. You just cuddle with Shaniqua while she conceives and I will be right back.” With that, Tami left the room.

Draining Him 1.7

Drained 1.7

“If you are not going to let me enjoy your young body, why did you get naked?” Dr. Jeremy asked with a frustrated sigh.

“As you know, I like being nude. And things could get a little messy in here,” Sarah replied as she went to a nearby drawer and took out the few things she would need to collect the semen from Jeremy.

Turning his head towards Tami, Dr. Jeremy said, “You are the only ones still wearing clothes, Tami. Maybe you should get naked like the rest of us and help out with this procedure.”

Sarah answered for her. “You know that is not going to happen, Jeremy. Tami’s hot body is for Bo only, and you know that.”

Sarah was right on both counts. Tami had a hot body. A body that carried her age well from a lifetime of diet and exercise. She too had had her breasts enlarged by Dr. Jeremy but the rest of her was taut and tight from exercise. She could have been a fitness model with her natural beauty, but she chose to dedicate herself to taking care of one of Bo’s estate and to making sure he had everything he wanted when he was at this particular one. She had been doing this for more years than anyone but Bo and her knew. She was special. She was strong. She would never willingly have sex with anyone other than Bo. Jeremy knew this, but the man in him thought he should keep trying.

Sarah came back with a male head vibrator that had been modified with a collection cup. This remote control device would fit over the bulbous head of Jeremy’s dick and transfer vibrations to his frenulum and corona at Sarah’s command. In his heightened state, Sarah knew that it would be only a minute or two before he busted a nut into the collection chamber. Tami was ready to take that collection into another room where the two lesbian lovers would use it to impregnate Shaniqua. While she was doing that, Sarah would collect another specimen to be used on Shaniqua’s lover Julia. Why both of them wanted to be pregnant at the same time was beyond her. But Bo had agreed to this and ordered Tami and Sarah to help since Shaniqua and Julia did not want to know, or have contact, with the male donor. Lesbians! Sarah would never understand them. She would do whatever was in her power to help them live full lives but would never understand why they did not like dick.

“Easy-peasey,” Sarah thought as she fitted it to Jeremy’s straining glans. Getting guys to cum was something that came easy to Sarah. Frankly, she would have rather used her mouth in a more traditional manner, but in this case she did not want to contaminate the semen since it was slated for a woman’s womb, even if Tami would be the one to actually introduce Mrs. Egg and Mr. Sperm to each other.

Alpha Hawk: Pack Hunt

Tonight was her and Hawk’s date night,-the night they went out and exercised their shared kink: Dominance. They had no rules on these date nights, just that they both satisfied the burning desire to make themselves happy at the expense of someone else. As a couple, they were very much in love and totally dedicated to their young son. There was no jealousy between them. She knew she could bring Hawk to heel whenever she wanted to. Hawk knew that his cock was the only one that was going to give her a child. Everyone else was just raw meat in their eyes, to be used as they pleased on date night.

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Jenny’s Story

I looked down the length of my naked body and took stock, as I always did. I had small boobs. I hated my boobs. My breasts too small and they always would be. They were no doubt perky and they pointed upwards on my thin chest. What they lacked in size they made up for in sensitivity. My little brown nipples seemed somehow to have a direct connection to my clit. I still hated my tits. I loved what they did to my clit though.

I don’t know why some stories sell better than others. But this story has been selling well of late. Have a look and tell me what you think.

The Farmer’s Daughter

Giving them a short break, the director started in again, “In this next seen Bonnie will give Jake head until he cums in her face. Positions please. And roll.”

Jake took up his place with his hands on his hips and his giant erection pointing into space. Bonnie looked around nervously at the crew and director.

“I may not know how to do this part since I don’t have any real life experience at it,” she said with a frown on her face.

“You don’t know how to give head,” the director said unbelievingly. “You are a stripper, for crying out loud.”

“I am,” Bonnie replied a little testily. “And I am a good one. It is just that I am not a prostitute. I show off my body and men pay a lot of money to see it. So excuse me if I don’t know much about oral sex.”

“Okay. Okay. It is a porn movie. We will find a way to work around your disability.”

“It is not a disability. I just don’t have a lot of experience with it. I am sure I can learn.”

Jake chimed in as his dick was now starting to droop with this delay in action. “Get her busy on me or send in the fluffer. I am not going to be hard forever. This was supposed to be a four shoot and I have another this afternoon.”

The Farmer’s Daughter

He put his arm around her waist, bent her backwards and kissed her deeply while his other hand fondled her tit roughly. Soon his hand drifted down and squeezed a handful of her lavish ass cheek. Bonnie now could feel the bulge in his pants and knew that when men got like that they were not going to leave her alone until they got what they wanted.

Breaking off the kiss and pushing him away Bonnie said, “Sir, you can’t do that. Daddy will be home soon and if he finds out you are making advances on his youngest daughter he will kill you dead.”

“I am not worried about your daddy. I am more worried about this.”

With that he unbuckled his pants, reached in and withdrew his monster cock. Lowering his pants further allowed his cock to swing free, where it looked like a one-eyed monster seeking a target.

“Oh my,” Bonnie said licking her lips once again. “Whatever shall I do with that?”

Looking for a new subject matter

A few months back I asked for some story suggestions which resulted in my best seller:

The title of the book was taken from one of my followers on here.

I would like to ask that you give me your input on the next book I write. I already have started the sequel to ‘Alpha Hawk and call it ‘Pack Hunt’. It is much on the same lines of the original in that it is about a dominant couple capturing and controlling an unsuspecting subject.

Any ideas from your fertile minds would be appreciated. Let me hear from you.

My bestseller

It is not A bestseller but it is MY bestseller. It gives me hope when people read and review my work. Thank you to all who support me.

“A wonderfully erotic journey. A beautiful woman and the man who desires her and will have her one way or the other. The Sex is raw and exciting. Plot twists leave you guessing several time. A great ending ties it all together.”