Jessa’s Bad Daddy

She grabbed Claris roughly and made her stand up. With a mighty rip she tore what was left of Claris’s top off of her body, setting her firm tits to swaying from the effort.

“What da fuck are you doing,” Claris asked but was helpless to stop her because her hands were handcuffed.

“Shut up. Your daughter wants to show you how to handle a man and I am going to make sure you get the full lesson.”

Tami undid the front of Claris’s pants and pulled both the pants and her thong down to her feet. She pulled them over Claris’s feet one at a time. Tami removed the center section of the wooden chair, leaving a hole where Claris’s pussy would protrude through. She then forced Claris to sit back down in the wooden chair and fastened her legs to each of the chair legs. Undoing the handcuffs, she tied Claris’s arms back behind the chair, forcing her chest up and out.

Standing back to admire her work for a moment, Tami then went over to a cabinet and pulled out a device that looked like a small teeter totter with a vibrating wand attached to it. She placed this under the chair Claris was sitting in and then stepped on the end of the device, raising the vibrator into contact with Claris’s sex. Satisfied that it would make good contact, she then turned it on and selected the highest setting. This time when she raised the device up to Claris’s sex, Claris yelped with the contact and tried to squirm in her seat.

“It looks like we are ready over here.” Tami said. “Do what you need to do with Bo, Jessa, and I will make certain your mother pays attention while I edge her to the point of madness.”

Claris looked around madly as she struggled with her bindings, and the wand vibrator sent waves of sensation up into the most sensitive parts. Her breathing changed as her full breasts rose and fell on her chest.

Jessa smiled at her mother’s predicament, not really caring if she was uncomfortable. What Jessa intended to do with Bo would make her even more uncomfortable.

Traveling with Sarah-14

Traveling with Sarah-14

Sarah looked around the room and took in all of the sights and sounds.  She was at on the top floor of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, in connecting suites.  There were ten men present plus 15 women including her and Robin.  She was helping Robin throw one of the parties that she hosted for the high rollers who came to Vegas.  Guys who came to Vegas wanted to gamble and they wanted to fuck.  Robin did not gamble. As she watched a beautiful young oriental suck a man’s cock while he sat there smoking a cigar and drinking a single malt scotch, Sarah thought back on all that had happened to her over the last three years.

She had made enough money to pay for her boob job. Sadly, that had only taken three performances. She could have spent her life dancing at Bada Bing but Nikki and she had made a deal.  As soon as she had made the money she needed for her augmentation she had been driven to Saint George, Utah by Moses so she could live up to the commitments she had made to Nikki.

There was the boob job, of course.  Sarah now supported a set of small C’s with nipples that were permanently hard. She seldom wore a bra because she did not need one and she liked the feeling of her nipples rubbing on her clothes.  Her self-confidence had gone through the roof once she had some proportional tits to show off.   When she and Robin went out, they attracted a lot of attention which neither of them ever responded to. Sarah was simply not interested in sex and Robin seemed to be saving herself for her visits to a guy named Bo who lived in California, at some place that Robin held in awe.

Sarah had enrolled in on line courses and had completed her GED. As it turned out she was a bit of a scholar and it all came easy for her.  So easy, in fact, that she had then enrolled in the University of Southern Utah where she completed her first year by taking remote classes and going to the university as needed.  She did not like going to the university itself since all of the people there seemed so immature, especially the guys.

Once she got her GED, Nikki allowed her to dance at Bada Bing on the odd weekend. She really enjoyed those weekends.  She would dance one night and then spend time at Nikki’s lovely apartment sunbathing nude on the roof.  She made enough money dancing to pay the lease on her new Tesla 3.  She was not a good driver, but the Tesla seemed to cover most of her shortcomings.

She had helped Robin decorate Bo’s new house he had built in Saint George.  It was a large place on a hill overlooking Saint George. Robin had explained that it would be used to house young women who had lost their way in the world and help them get back on track.  Sarah liked the mansion because it was secluded enough that she could hang out in the nude when it was just her and Robin there.

Robin had also got her occasional modeling gigs.  She was a natural at that. With her god given figure, her new boobs, and her nudist leaning, she could have done that full time but she preferred to go to school and hang out naked at Bo’s new house. Robin treated her like an adult, allowing her to smoke pot and be as nude as she wanted to be. She soon fell in love with Robin as she had with all of the women like Nikki who had guided her to a new way of life.

She and Robin had talked about her lack of interest in sex.  Robin assured her that she was missing out on one of life’s great gifts. She had explained to Robin that her father was the only one she loved enough to give her body to and that had killed him.  Robin told her that they would work on that as she got older and got further along in her studies.

And that brought her back to the party that Robin and she were hosting.  She had learned from Robin that there were more than a few kinks that needing straightening for guys with a lot of money. Robin did not straighten any herself, but put together opulent parties where pretty much anything went. Sarah helped her at these making sure that the clients got enough of everything that they wanted: drugs, sex, booze. It was all there.

Sarah adjusted her see through blouse that showed off her spectacular tits to great advantage and started to make the rounds. She had to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. 

She notice that the oriental girl she had been watching now had semen leaking out of the side of her mouth as her guy filled her up. Robin supplied these guys with drugs that not only made them hard, but pushed their libidos off the chart.  While this man had just squirted into the young lady’s mouth, he would be ready and able to mount her in just a few minutes. As she stood up, she wiped a drop of semen from the side of her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Is that enough, sir, or is there something else I can do for you?” she asked.

“Let me see those little tits of yours while I finish my drink,” he replied.

The young lady stood up and did a slow dance to the music that was being piped into the room. She undid her little black bra displaying two brown, pert breasts. 

“Not bad,” said the man as he took another puff on his cigar.

“Maybe you would like to see my tight little pussy,” she offered turning her back to him and working her thong over her slender hips.

Reacting to that display, his cock gave a jump as her beautiful pussy lips came into view between her round buttocks.

Sarah moved on satisfied that this gentleman was getting everything he wanted.

She saw Robin watching a woman give a lap dance to a very big black guy and went over to join her.

“How are things going?” Sarah asked.

“They are going great judging by the erection Genevieve is giving to Mr. X.,” Robin said indicating the woman giving the lap dance.

Mr. X was completely naked where he sat while Genevieve rubbed her shapely butt on his big black cock. All of the men were given a letter designation to help protect their identities.  Most were captains of industry and keeping these parties private was something that Robin put a lot of effort into. The women servicing the men were hand selected, well paid escorts, that Robin arranged for these outings.

“It does seem to be going well,” Sarah added.  “I don’t get why these men will pay so much for all of this or why the women go into this line of work, but they certainly seem to enjoy it.”

Robin gave Sarah a sideways hug and said, “You will understand one day. One day soon, I hope.”

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Traveling With Sarah-13

Traveling with Sarah-13

The stage was dark with spotlights swirling randomly over the dance floor.  At intervals one of the lights would hit Sarah’s naked form giving the audience a taste of what she had to offer. Every time a light hit her the crowd would go wild and a few bills would flutter to the stage. Sarah was so excited the nipples on her tiny tits got as hard as pebbles and she felt herself turn to goo at her center. 

She made her way over to the dance pole in the center of the stage and gripped it with both hands.  Andrea had told her that the key to pole dancing was to treat the pole like it was a large cock and make love to it. He had offered her his to practice on.  She had declined. Sarah did not have much experience with making love to a penis but the basis were bred into her.

The lights stopped twirling about and came to rest where she was undulating to the music while hanging onto the pole. When the lights fully illuminated her young naked body the crowd got really noisy and the bills started to rain onto the stage.

“Remember, ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Baby Sarah will dance nude as long as you show her some appreciation,” OnStar’s voice boomed out encouragement over the loud music and the crowd noise.

And they did. Sarah did her best to make love to the pole in the best fashion she knew.  She was so into the whole crowd adoration thing that she started grinding the moist lips of her naked pussy against the coolness of the pole. The sensations if was sending into her lady parts was something she could learn to love.

When she did this the crowd became quieter and no doubt more than one hand found its way to a swelling cock.  The amount of money being deposited on the dance floor subsided. As she had been instructed to do by Nikki, Sarah went over and took a tiny black thong out of a basket that had been placed on the floor. She turned her back to the audience as she bent over, showing her stellar ass to the audience as she stepped into the gossamer like garment.

“I told you people that our lovely Baby Sarah would stay nude as long as you were appreciative.  Now she has gone and covered her lady bits and you have only yourself to blame.  Show her some love,” OnStar encouraged.

Sarah fitted the tiny thong to sculpture itself on her shaved sex.  The garment was so thin that having it on hardly made her any less naked. She returned to pole and continued grinding her body against it. With her pussy somewhat covered she turned to rubbing her erect nipples against the cool pole and that sensation was also heavenly.  While Sarah had small breast, her nipple sensitivity seemed to be off the charts.  The sensation of her nipples rubbing was almost as good as the feel of the pole against the top of her slit.

As the crowd got quiet again, Sarah went over to the basket and took out a tiny bra that was very sheer. She did not have much to put into it. Once again she turned her back to the crowd as she bent over and fitted her little tits to the cups and fastened the bra behind her back.

OnStar kept encouraging the crowd to support her.  Sarah kept doing her little dance stopping to add a skirt and a midriff top to her outfit.  She eventually stepped into some four inch come-fuck-me-heels, took a bow, and left the stage.

When she made it back stage, wobbling a bit on her high heels, she was met by the other ladies who started clapping as she entered the dressing room.

“Way to break your stripper cherry,” Andrea said as he gave her a hug.

“You knocked them dead with that act,” Bonnie added.

“You are going to make it hard for the rest of us to make a living,” Red said.

“Don’t worry, ladies,” Nikki said as she entered the room.  “Sarah won’t be competition for very long.  Once she makes enough money to buy a new set of boobs she is going to go get her GED. Isn’t that right, Sarah?”

Sarah had to think for a moment but she knew Nikki was right. They had made a bargain.

“Okay, Nikki,” Sarah said.  “Just let me dance here until I can pay for my boob job.  And maybe a car.”

“No way. No car. You don’t even know how to drive. And no lap dances either. I don’t want you being pawed by the clientele,” Nikki answered in a stern voice.

A stage hand came in with a basket of money he had collected from the stage after Sarah’s performance.

Moses tool the basket from him and said, “Judging by the amount of money in here she won’t be a stripper for very long.”

“Count it up for her, Moses and take the tips out for the staff,” Nikki instructed.  She hugged Sarah to her bosom and added, “You will be in school with a brand new set of tits before you know it.” Sarah let herself be smothered by Nikki’s big breasts.  She would live up to her end of the bargain. Getting new tits would be a plus-something she always wanted.  Going back to school would be something she did because she had promises Nikki. She wanted to please Nikki. She did not kno

Traveling With Sarah 12

Traveling with Sarah-12

Sarah shivered a little as she wrapped the thin robe around her body more tightly waiting to go on stage at Bada Bing.  She was not cold-just excited.  This was her first stage appearance and she was thrilled that Nikki had finally agreed to let her go on. It had not been easy.

After Moses had fed her he had been instructed to take her to Nikki’s apartment. She had been blown away by the opulence of that apartment and decided then if stripping could get you enough money for an apartment like that, she wanted to be a stripper. Nikki had other ideas for her future.

First she got her doorman, Sebastian, to buy Sarah some clothes.  Sebastian was so gay he was about to burst into flames but his tastes in clothes was impeccable. Sebastian looked after Sarah when she was at Nikki’s apartment.  She spent most of her time there at the clothing optional pool on the roof of the building. She had also made friends with Brenda who lived across the hallway. Brenda was a stripper/dominatrix with a set of natural breasts that made Sarah’s mouth water.

Nikki had also gotten Sarah a Nevada driver’s license that indicated she was over eighteen.  She had no need to drive and did not know how but that license was her golden ticket to everything she wanted to do.   Nikki then set her up to get breast implants, something they both thought would improve her appearance. Sarah really wanted to have larger boobs as the little ones she had been born with refused to grow. 

Getting her dressed, a street legal I.D. and an appointment to get a boob job was the end of what they agreed on.  Sarah wanted to make the money for the boob job and the clothes by working as a stripper. Nikki said she would pay for it all and wanted Sarah to go back to high school. They argued about that. Nikki had already arranged for Sarah to go live in Utah with Nikki’s friend, Robin, and work on her GED.  They argued some more.  They finally agreed that if Sarah was allowed to make some money stripping, she would go live with Robin in Utah and do whatever Nikki wanted.  Sarah was not in a position to argue much more with Nikki because Nikki did seem to have her best interest at heart.  Sarah felt a connection to Nikki and she wanted to make her proud.  But Sarah did want to strip.  She wanted people to see her nude. She liked showing off her body even if she only had small tits. That would change soon.

Andrea came and stood next to her and said, “Are you nervous, Honey?”

Andrea was a tall black TG that had promised to help Sarah get through her first performance.  Andrea was the only person with a dick that Moses would let anywhere near Sarah.  As directed by Nikki, Moses had never been future than ten feet from Sarah since he had gotten the assignment to protect her.  Once he had delivered her to Nikki’s apartment, he was relieved of his duty.  But until that time, he took his responsibility seriously.

“I am more excited than nervous.  Do you think I will do okay,” Sarah asked.

“You will do okay. If a tall, black TG with small tits and a big dick can make in this business, someone as white and as cute as you is going to kill them.”

Just then Brenda came off stage leading another stripped named Red on a leash. Brenda was dressed in a black leather outfit that pushed her generous breasts almost to her throat. Red was naked on all fours and her bottom showed marks where Bonnie and used her riding crop on her during their performance. Bonnie’s Domme act was a crowd favorite and more than one of the men in the audience.

As Bonnie passed Sarah she gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “Knock them dead, Sarah. It is a great crowd out there tonight.

It was a great crowd judging by the number of people in the room and the amount of noise they were making.  Nikki had done a lot of advertising with her regulars announcing Sarah’s first stage appearance. While Nikki had agreed to let Sarah strip, she intended for Sarah’s stripping career to be a short one and to get her to a safer environment in Utah where she could finish her schooling.

Sarah could hear Onstar, the DJ announcing her appearance. “Now ladies and gentlemen for the first time anywhere, the lush, the lovely, the on stage virginal, Baby Sarah.”

The noise from the crowd increased at the idea of a fresh young body to look at.

“But that is not all,” Onstar continued.  “For the first time ever Baby Sarah will be doing a reverse strip. Yes, Ladies and gentlemen, she will appear nude to begin with and stay that way as long as you show her appreciation.  So get your tip money out if you want one of the youngest strippers to ever grace our stage to continue to show you her charms.”

With that Onstar put on some loud sultry music, Sarah dropped the robe she was wearing and walked out on stage completely nude.

Jessa’s Bad Daddy

This is from one of my latest books, ‘Jessa’s Bad Daddy’. Have a look and let me know what you think about it.

Jessa ran her hand over the morning wood that was captured inside Bo’s silky boxer.

“What is this, Daddy,” she asked with a sleepy smile, knowing full well what she was dealing with.

Jessa knew that Bo always liked one of his girls to give him morning head. It did not have to lead to anything more, but the feel of a woman’s mouth on his cock first thing always started the day off in the right direction.

With that in mind, Jessa pulled down the front of Bo’s boxers, revealing his firm penis. She grinned up at him as she lift it with one hand and licked it with her pink little tongue.

“Is this all for me, Daddy?”

Knowing she loved the illicit element of her fantasy, Bo played along.

“I don’t think you should do that, Baby. What if Mother comes in and sees us?”

“But, Daddy, I have been practicing on ALL the boys at school and I want to show you what I have learned.”

“All the boys, Jessa? Do you think that is appropriate behavior?”

“Well, Daddy, I wanted to make sure I did it right when I had the chance.”

She opened her mouth and put it over his engorged head.

“Is this the right way, Daddy?”

Bo could only groan as her warm, wet mouth encased his bulbous cock, and she started her slow, sweet sucking while one hand rode up and down his shaft.

“Is it, Daddy?”

Bo looked down at the stunning porn star who had her mouth distended around his steel-like shaft. With an enthusiasm that was surprising for someone who did this for a living, she began giving him her head as though she was getting oxygen from his penis.

“That is the right way, Baby,” Bo replied as he used one hand to control her pace.

Taking a break for her ministrations Jessa asked, “Do you want to come in my mouth, Daddy?” She went right back to giving Bo a vigorous blow job.

Traveling with Sarah 11

Traveling with Sarah-11

They went out to main floor which was filled with loud, seductive music, a dancer gyrating one stage, and other scantily clad women working the men and women seated in the audience.

Sarah stopped and took it all in before asking, “These girls get paid to do this?”

“Yes, they do,” Moses answered.  “Some of them get paid very well to do what they are doing.”

“Can I try it?” Sarah asked.

“No. Absolutely not.  Your moth…, Nikki would kill me if I let you up on stage.”

“But it looks like fun and I don’t mind showing off my body. Actually, showing off my body is the only thing I am good for.”

Moses looked at her and wondered how someone so young could come to such a conclusion.  She certainly was one of the most uninhibited people he had ever met and he worked at a strip club.  That she somehow equated her worth with being naked made him sad.

“Sarah, I have been assigned as your body guard.  I was told to get you a shower and something to eat.  If you want to become a stripper you will have to clear that with Nikki.”

Sarah smiled up at her body guard, undid her towel, and let it fall to the floor of the club. She stood there, naked, with one hand on her hip and a smile of her face.

“Ooops. My towel slipped. Will you help me put it back on before all of the big bad men get a look at my young body?”

“Come on, Sarah,” Moses said as he retrieved her towel and used it to shield her nudity from the onlookers in the audience who were now staring at the unlikely duo. “You are going to get me fired.”

Sarah took the towel from Moses and put it back around her body.

“I don’t want to do that because I already like you a lot,” Sarah said.  “Where is that food you promised me?”

“It is at the bar,” Moses said leading his ward over to the bar.  “You can sit here and eat while I  go get your clothes from Nikki’s office.”

The bartender placed the Styrofoam container of food on the bar as Sarah hoisted herself up ontot he high barstool.  This made her towel ride up over her round little ass which she nonchalantly plopped onto the seat. She opened the container of Chinese that had been ordered for her, grabbed the chop sticks and took a bite while looking at the performer on stage.

“Stay here and try to stay dressed while I go get your clothes,” Moses instructed.

Before he could leave a man from the audience walked over to them. Before he could get close to Sarah, Moses stood in his path.

“Don’t even think about it,” he said to the man. 

The man looked up at the black mountain of a man that stood between him and the scantily dressed Sarah.

“I just wanted to say ‘hello’,” the man said trying to get a better look at Sarah, peeking around Moses’s big body.

“No hellos.  No nothing. Leave the young lady alone or I will break a part of your body,” Moses said.  “I am going to leave her for a moment and if I find you bothering her when I get back, I will break a part of your body. Understood?”

“Okay. I got it,” the man said and walked back to his seat.

Moses said to the bartender,” Keep an eye on her for me, Joe.  I will be back in two minutes.”

“Sure,” Joe said as he polished a drink glass.  He had worked at Bada Bing for a long time and knew that watching out for Sarah would be a problem.  “But hurry back.  The sharks have seen her and already they are circling.

Excerpt From ‘Breeding Sophia’

Bo closed the distance between them and pulled her to him. Her head tilted back, and he kissed her soft lips as they parted, inviting him to explore her mouth. His tongue made its way into her warm, wet opening as she gave a guttural groan that showed that she wanted more. She pressed her voluptuous body against his, and she could feel the heat of her sex as she molded it to his legs. Her heavy breasts pressed against his chest hard enough to make them bulge out between their bodies.

Once they had tasted each other, he held her at arms’ length and said, “You look as good as you taste.”

“You do too,” she sighed, giving him the same visual assessment as he was giving her.

Bo was forty something and looked like he was twenty something. Tall, toned, and fit, wearing nothing but silky boxer shorts that were doing little to hide his enthusiasm.

“I suppose you think telling me I taste good is going to get you what you want, don’t you?” she said, nodding at the tent being erected in his shorts.

“I think I am going to get what I want no matter what I tell you.”

With that he reached to the top of her neckline and with a quick downward pull, he ripped the thin material completely down the front. Drawing the two pieces aside, he admired the brown skinned, voluptuous figure in front of him: full pendulous breasts, wasp-like waist, tawny torso, with a deliciously bare mound set at the juncture of her round thighs.

Sophia stood there with her big brown breasts undulating from having her gown ripped in two.

“You could have asked me to get undressed, you know.”

“This was so much more satisfying,” Bo said as he put a hand under each of her heavy breasts and lifted them, letting them rest on his wrists. Her brown nipples became hard in the wide circle of her aureoles.

“I hate to think of your clothing bill if this is how you treat all of your dates,” Sophia said, smiling up at him as he felt her breasts.  

“Seeing you naked in front of me is worth way more than the cost of that gown,” Bo said as he lowered his head to brush the tops of her full breasts with his lips.

He nibbled at the full, round mounds of her breasts and let his mouth drift to her nipples. Giving each of them a flick of his tongue brought them up to taut little points. While he was doing this, he let one hand drift down Sophia’s flat brown tummy until it reached the top split of her sex. As his hand went lower to cup her sex, she pushed her hips forward, making the fat lips of her pussy press into his hand.

Suddenly, Sophia pushed him away and said, “You seem to be the one overdressed now.”

With no more warning than he had given her, she grabbed his shorts by the waistband and quickly lowered them past his knees, allowing them to bunch at his ankles.

As he stepped out of them, she took time to assess the man she intended to have inside of her as quickly as she could manage. They had known each other since Sophia had first come to the US from Columbia. She knew she was still a very desirable woman. Her career depended on it. Bo was still the hunk he had always been, and as she looked down the length of his tall, lean body, she felt a flood of moisture at the thought of him mounting her.

“I can see that the girls are keeping you young, Bo,” she said as she reached for his now stiffening cock.

He pushed her hand away and spun her so her back was to him. He took the torn garment she was wearing from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing the smooth tan skin of her Latin back.

“They keep me in shape so that I can keep up with a hot Latin Mama like you.”

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Traveling with Sarah-10

Traveling with Sarah-10

As Moses led the naked little woman out of Nikki’s office he could not help but think about how it would be to put his horse size cock into such a small, tight pussy.  Thinking about it made his cock jump in his pants.  The he thought about what Nikki would do to him if he ever did such a thing and that thought made his dick calm down. On the other hand, he knew that if he took good care of Sarah as Nikki had asked him to, there would be a reward.  She already paid him well to keep order at Bada Bing.  But she would reward him with something else.  Either she would get him a black street whore with an ass like a beach ball or maybe even a session with Bonnie, the dominatrix he had dreams about.  Bonnie had the creamiest natural tits known to man. She would tie him up and edge his big black cock for hours before she would make him release like a fire hose.

With those thoughts in mind, Moses led Sarah behind the stage and to the dressing room where several of the girls were getting ready to go on stage for their sets.  They all looked up as Moses came in with Sarah.  They were used to Moses seeing them naked as he often came back stage.  Seeing Moses with such a young woman was new.  If Sarah was at all self-conscious at the other women seeing her naked, she did not show it.

“Starting them a little young, aren’t you Moses?” a big breasted redhead asked.

“Yeah, Moses. If you are going to start letting kids dance in here I am going to have to go sell my ass on the strip to make a living.  There is no way I can compete with that.” This from a tall brunette that was putting on lip stick.

“She is not part of the talent,” Moses said as he led young Sarah through the dressing room.  “She is some relation to Nikki and I am just to see to it that she gets a shower and something to eat.”

“Well make sure you keep that BBC of yours away from her.  You could kill her with that donkey dick of yours,” the redhead said making the other girls laugh.

Moses just shook his head at the ribbing and led Sarah to the showers behind the dressing room. He turned on one of the showers and got Sarah a towel out of the cabinet.

“In there, Sarah. Clean up while I order you some food.”

Sarah got into the shower and Moses groaned a bit as the water cascaded over her body. If Sarah noticed or even cared that Moses watched her showering, she did not show it. Moses sat on a bench outside the shower and got his phone out to order take out while she cleaned up.

When she was done he handed her a towel trying not to look at her girlish figure. While Sarah did not have much in the way of tits she had an ass that made up for it.  Her alabaster skin and her angelic face made his cock jump again and he could feel a drop of precum make a wet spot in his underwear. Not only was she gorgeous but her totally uninhibited manner made her a nymph that would likely break a lot of hearts before she was done.

When Sarah was finished drying herself she put her damp towel in the hamper and said, “Okay. I am done.  Is there any food?”

Standing there naked with her skin all pink from the shower was a vision that Moses knew he would take to his grave.

“Where are your clothes?” he asked realizing that they had left her bag in Nikki’s office.

“I guess I don’t have any,” Sarah said as though it did not matter.

“I have to take you out front and you are going to need something to wear.”

“Why?  Most of the women out there are mostly naked. No one will notice a skinny kid like me.”

“Oh believe me, they will notice. Let me get you something from one of the other ladies.”

Moses went back into the dressing room and came back with a tiny leather skirt, a leather bra and a black thong.

“Put this on,” he said handing the outfit to Sarah while trying to look away from her nude body.

“Okay. If you insist but I don’t see why it matters.”

She put on the little skirt which was too big and the bra which was far too big.

“I can’t wear this. It is all too big.”

Sarah took them off and grabbed a fresh towel. Wrapping it around her small body she fastened it so that it stayed on.  It came down to just under the curve of her buttocks.

“This will do,” She said as she displayed her body to Moses. “Now feed me.”

Moses shook his head once again and took her small white hand in his big black.

“Come on then.  The food will be delivered to the bar out front,” Moses said as he led her away.

Traveling with Sarah-9

Traveling with Sarah-9

I have been writing the back story and the present day story about Sarah Jain at the same time.  I will now be finishing the back story before getting into Sarah’s time at Fleur-de-Lis.  Come along if you will while I tell the story of her young life.

Nikki realized that she was confronted with a responsibility she had avoided for a long time.  Before her stood this young woman, hardly more than a child, who now had no one but Nikki to take care of her.  When she had promised Frank she would take over if something happened to him she was ill equipped to deal with raising a child.  She had been strung out on drugs and living a strippers life.  Since then she had been rehabilitated by a kind man who had set on the path to become a strong, liberated woman. He had made her the manager of the strip club he owned and she had originally worked at. He had taught her how to become a complete sexual entity and how to use her sexuality to her own advantage.

With Sarah Jain standing before her, Nikki realized that history was repeating itself.  Sarah was not much younger than she had been when she had run away from home and stripped to make a living.  Frank had introduced her to drugs which made it easier for her to take off her clothes in front of men. Her training at Fleur-de-lis had removed any stigma she may have had about taking off her clothes in front of anyone. The drugs were something she would never do again. While she had made it in the stripping world, she wanted Sarah to at least have a chance at doing something other than that although she would never deny her the chance to make a living showing off her body.  One other thing she had learned at Fleur-de-Lis was not to judge anyone’s choices.

She had kept track of Sarah’s time with Frank: the drug use, the nude pictures, the feeding of pot to her.  She never intervened because it was the bargain they had struck.  She did not judge any of it because Frank did what he had to do.  She did not even disapprove of his taking of her virginity. She even thought it was an act of kindness to have Sarah go through that with someone she loved.  She wished it had happened that way for her rather than with some drunk who deflowered her and then gave her ten dollars for the privilege. Making a film of it was an interesting thing to do and being in the business she was in, Nikki knew how to capitalize on that.  Having Frank die immediately afterwards was poetic justice. There were many times Nikki had wished he had died after he came all over her.

Now Sarah was in front of her and Nikki had to do something with her. 

“Take off your clothes,” Nikki said.  Nikki spent enough time interviewing potential strippers she did not feel that the request was unusual.

Sarah had spent so much time with people telling her to disrobe she did not find the request that odd either.  She took her thin dress off over her head and stood there holding it in one hand. Naked, she looked even younger and Nikki’s heart went out to her.  The young lady had the smallest tits.  Nikki considered hers and decided that perhaps breast skipped a generation as Nikki’s were naturally large. Nikki made a mental note to get Sarah some implants that would be in scale with her small, perfectly shaped body.  With a good set of tits she would be able to make a decent living stripping in the club.  With her small breasts she would cause underage problems.

Considering her age, Nikki decided to get her an altered ID. Not hard in Las Vegas Nikki would get her a fake birth certificate and an authentic driver’s license and she would be set that way.  But first she had to get her squared away and keep her safe until she set up a program that would give Sarah more opportunities than she had.

“Get dressed,” Nikki said as she picked up the phone.  I am going to have someone take you to the showers and then get you something to eat.

Sarah shrugged and said, “There is no need to get dressed if I am going to the showers.  Most of the women in here are undressed.  I like being nude.”

Nikki was set back by that statement. She had experience with natural nudist.  The business she ran attracted a fair number of them. Being a nudist was a good fit in a strip club.  But her protective instinct came into play with Sarah.

“Being nude is okay.  But I don’t want you having sex with the first guy you see because you are naked.”

“Don’t worry about it, “Sarah said. “I am not interested in sex. I know I probably should be, but I am not. I don’t know why.  I just don’t care about it.”

Nikki gave that some thought and wondered how long that attitude would last with this young woman.  Looking the way she did, Sarah would certainly get many offers for sex.  Having her not interested might make things easier at this point.

“Have it your way,” Nikki said before speaking into the phone. “Moses. Come into my office please.”

As soon as Nikki put down the phone the big black man Sarah had met at the door walked in.  He took a moment to notice Sarah’s young body and then turned his attention to Nikki.

Nikki instructed him. “This is Sarah Jain, Moses. Moses you are to keep an eye on her when she is in Bada Bing.  By that I mean you are never further than ten feet away from her.  If someone touches her, break a finger.  If someone makes advances towards her ask him politely to stop. If he continues, break a finger.  No one touched her, do you understand?’

Moses said, “As you wish Miss Nikki.  No one will touch her with Moses around.”

“Good.  Now show her to the showers and have her clean up.  And get her some food brought in.  She is far too skinny and probably forgets to eat.”

“I will take care of her Miss Nikki,” Moses said.

With that Moses took Sarah’s tiny white hand is his big black meaty one.  They made an odd combination as he led Sarah out of the room.

When they had left, Nikki picked up the phone and stated making plans to ensure that Sarah was given choices for the rest of her life.