Sold at Auction 3.6 Escape

Naked, Anna walked over to the big bed and the leader followed her wanting to be the first to enter her.  When she got near the bed he pushed her over first face onto the bed with her legs still on the side of the bed. With one of his meaty hands he held Anna down by pushing her in the center of the back while the other led his fat cock to the opening of her sex. With no warning he drove himself up into her vagina making her cry out in the pain and humiliation of it.

“Oh what a man you are,” Anna said as tears formed in her eyes.

“Shut up and fuck,” the leader said as he jabbed her repeatedly with his thick cock.

In self-preservation mode, Anna’s channel became moist with Anna hoping it was not blood from some tearing he had caused her.  He fucked her with no interest in any pleasure but his own.  Within minutes he pulled out of her and Anna felt the warm stream of his cum land on her back.

Humiliated and sore Anna said, “Oh that was the best.  I think I came when you first entered me.”

“I could give a fuck. Who wants this slut next?”

One of the men that was with Sasha pulled out his cock and came over holding his dick in his hand.

“I want her to suck me for a while to see if she is any better at it then the skinny one.”

He got onto the bed and Anna moved up between his legs and took his wet cock into her mouth. She started the slow sucking which she had learned that men liked. She looked up into his eyes which she knew turned men on. Something about seeing into the eyes of the woman who had their dick in their mouth made men cum faster and that was what Anna wanted.

She had no sooner thought it then she felt the first spurt of his ejaculation flood her mouth. Anna swallowed it and waited for the next one. It never came. The man who was face fucking her just sighed, closed his eyes and went to sleep with Anna still having his cock in her mouth.

The man that was with Shanelle made her stand up and led her to a chair. He sat down heavily and made Shanelle sit in his lap. He fondle her depleted little tits while his hand rubbed the area between her legs.

The big black man said, “Looks like I am next.”

With that he led Sasha over to the bed.

“Both of you on your backs on the edge of the bed.  I am going to show you what fucking is all about.”

Anna arranged herself in position on the edge of the bed and Sasha got next to her. Anna took Sasha’s hand and tried to comfort her. The black man towered over them as he looked at their exposed sexes.  He put his massive cock on Sasha’s tummy as she whimpered in fear.  With his cock on her tummy it went past her navel, giving her some idea of how far he could go inside of her. Anna was fearful that such an assault would seriously damage Sasha. She was not certain that she could take that all inside of her, but somehow she was more capable than Sasha.

“Oh please do me first.  I have never had a black man and I so want you to be first.”

Sasha squeezed her hand in silent thanks as the black man switched his attention to Anna’s pink slit.

“Not a problem,” The black man said as he took up position between Anna’s creamy white thighs.  “I don’t mind fucking a black baby up into you. There is plenty to go around.”

He took his big black staff and used it to slap the top of Anna’s slit as she braced for the assault. He guided it to her opening and engaged the end of it. He tried to drive his cock into her and it bowed with the tightness of Anna’s pussy. Undeterred he continued to push himself into her defenseless pussy. All Anna could do was braced herself and groan as he stretched her open. Seeing her distress Sasha started giving Anna little kisses all over her face as though to comfort her, knowing full well that she would be next.

Once he was hitting the back of Anna’s vagina the black man said, “Now I am going to bust you out so get ready.”

He withdrew his giant cock and Anna waited for him to ram himself painfully up against her cervix. The black man got a sleepy look on his face and then fell over onto Anna, unconscious.  Anna had never had a man pass out on her before so she took his full body weight while she figured out what her reaction should be. The black man lost his erection and thankfully his penis slipped out of her vagina.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction-3.5 Escape

Anna dashed into her room and found the bottle of wine she had kept when Raphael had been there.  She quickly opened it and took her stash of Percocet pills, which she had ground into powder. She used her hand as a funnel and poured the dust from the pills into the bottle of dark burgundy. She had no idea how much it would take to make her tormentors unconscious so she added all that she had.  She shook the bottle of wine and hope it would still be palatable.  If they found out she was trying to drug them she knew she would be beaten with a whip in public view of the other girls and then her bleeding body would be shipped out to a much worse fate.

Anna left her room and went over to where she knew the leader was staying. By the time she got into the room the twins were on their knees, each being made to serve two of the men with their mouths. The men had gotten out of their swim trunks and were standing in front of the twins with their already erect cocks sticking out.  The three dark, Arabian looking men had short fat cocks as seemed to be their nature. Their tall, black friend had an awe inspiring tool that protruded out a good ten inches from his body and looked as though was too big to be encircled with a woman’s hand. Sasha had it in her little hand trying to please the man by getting it into her mouth. Shanelle was trying to perform oral on two of the Arabs with tears streaming out of her eyes.

“Wow!  You guys started the fun without me,” Anna said with fake enthusiasm.  “Let me get everyone a glass of this great wine and then I can get busy giving you guys some grade A fucking.”

Anna found some glasses on the bar and poured four even glasses of wine.   She delivered one the leader and said, “Drink this quickly as I want you to be first.”

“You bet your skanky white ass I will be first. Once that black cock gets into you, you won’t be good for anyone else.”  He took a sip of his glass of wine, made a face at the taste of it, and then downed the rest of it in one gulp.  Arabs were not used to drinking alcohol, so he had no idea of whether what he was drinking was good.

Anna delivered a glass to the big black man. “Here. Drink up. I want you to be nice and relaxed when you get on top of me, so we can last a long time together.

He took his glass and tossed it back and then started trying to shove more of his massive cock into Sasha’s already gagging mouth.

Anna delivered the other two men their glasses of wine and they followed the leader in making a face and then downing it.  Anna was satisfied with having executed the first step of her escape plan. She had no idea if the spiked wine would do anything, much less render the men unconscious long enough for her and the twins to escape. It was a desperate plan but it was the only one she had.

“Get your skanky ass naked and get on the fucking bed,” the leader said pulling his fat cock from Shanelle’s unwilling mouth. “This skinny thing is useless at sucking dick.”

Anna undid the top of her bikini and let her full tits come completely into view.  She undid her bottoms quickly, hoping the sight of her shaven sex would get the guys’ attention off of the twins. She did not look forward to having sex with any of these guys, but knew that the exertion might speed up the reaction of the drugs she had given them.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction 3.4-Escape

Chapter Three-The Gangbang

Four men came over to where she was dancing with the listless twins. Whatever doubt Anna had about escaping with the twins left her mind at that point.

“Hey, ladies. We want to party with you three,” said the short, dark man who was apparently the ringleader of the foursome.

Anna went into sex slave mode. “Well, of course gentlemen. But there are four of you and only three of us, so what do you have in mind?”

The ringleader lost whatever joviality he had and replied, “We plan on taking turns fucking you while your skinny little friends watch.  What do you think about that, Big Tits?”

As though to let Anna know who was in charge, he reached out and painfully gripped one of Anna’s nipples through the thin material of her bikini top and twisted it.

Anna tried to keep a smile on her face as she endured the pain and humiliation. Her blood ran cold knowing that he could do that to her and there was no one who would stop them.

“Well of course,” she said with all of the enthusiasm she could muster.

“Nooo,” wailed Shanelle knowing she did not want to be party to any of it.

“Shut the fuck up you skinny bitch. No one wants to fuck your skinny ass any way.”

He grabbed Shanelle’s hand and yanked her along behind him as he led her toward  the room they intended to use. Another of the dark men grabbed Sasha’s hand and followed.  The leader of the group and a tall black man took each of Anna’s hands and off they all went to where Anna would be forced to suffer taking each of these men in turn.  Internally, she was somewhat grateful that they were more interested in her than the twins.

Anna did a quick personality change into what she had come to call her ‘Slut Mode’.  It was where her mind went when she had to service one of the guests. It allowed her body to do what her mind refused to accept. She put on a happy face and let the guys lead her to the room where they no doubt intended to gang-bang her while the twins watched.

She leaned heavily on the man to her right knowing that the better she played the game, the sooner they would get off, and the sooner they would leave her alone.  She knew it would not be long before the next guest was taking her somewhere to use her. Her All American good looks, blond hair, and large breasts assured her of that.

The man she was leaning on pushed her away. “Get the fuck off of me slut. I just want to fuck you while my friends watch.  There is no need to try to get cozy. We are going to fuck you until your eyes cross,”

Anna moved away from him as her brain clicked over into escape mode. She had been planning it. She was prepared. She had the twins with her. As sure as a round being racked into the chamber of a rifle, her brain locked onto the idea that the time had come. The smile never left her face. Her outward disposition never changed. But inside she knew with a cold certainty that tonight she would be gone from this place or she would be dead from the attempt.

“Let me stop by my room and get this great bottle of French wine I have been saving for just such a party,” Anna said.  “It is not every day a girl gets to be mounted by four handsome men all at the same time.  I want to make it memorable for all of you.”

“Whatever,” said the man who had shrugged her off. “I could use a good glass of wine while I watch my black friend auger his gigantic cock into your useless white cunt.”

“My room is right here. Let me run in and get it and I will meet you guys at your place,” Anna said cheerfully.  “I know which room you are staying in.”

“Go ahead,” he said.  “If you are not there in three minutes we will start on the skinny wenches.  I doubt that they will live through it though.”

“I will be right there,” Anna said. She had no doubt that they would fuck the twins to death. It was clear that Shanelle was not going to take much more abuse before she just curled up and died.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction-3.3 Escape

Chapter Two-Anna and the Twins

As Anna walked across the beach, she saw the twins, Sasha and Shanelle, who had been kidnapped with her and sold into slavery alongside of her. They were dancing listlessly on the beach as they were required to do until someone wanted them for sex.  She had seen little of them since her arrival, as they were in constant demand. Not only were they twins, but they both had slender bodies that made them look like teenagers, something the clientele liked a lot.

Anna was shocked at the appearance of Shanelle as she approached the twins on the beach. 

She walked up to them and said, “How are you two doing? I don’t often get to see you.”

Sasha gave her a sad look and a gentle hug.  Shanelle sobbed, on the verge of crying.

“I am okay,” Sasha said.  “Shanelle is not doing so good. She barely eats and she hates what the men make us do to them.”

Anna had to agree that Shanelle was not looking very good. Both of the twins were wearing just the bottoms of matching bikini bottoms. As slender as they were, they had little to show up top. Anna recalled how their little boobies were firm and perky when they had been attached to the turnstile by their kidnappers.  Both of them had lost a few precious pounds, but mostly Shanelle. She looked like a death camp survivor.  Her boobs were flat against her chest, her ribs protruded and her naturally thin legs were nothing but knobby knees and bones.

Anna knew that if the guests found Shanelle unattractive, she would be shipped off to a worse faith. Sasha looked better and would probably be kept on for a while. Separating these two would likely kill them both as they were so dedicated to each other.

“They told Shanelle she has to put on a few pounds or she will be sent to North Africa, but she refuses to eat.” Sasha told Anna as they listlessly danced on the beach waiting for the next man to take them. “If they take her away from me I will just kill myself.” It was Sasha’s turn to sob.

Anna’s heart went out to the two thin young ladies.   Anna was built for sex, although until she had arrived at the sex island she had not been overly promiscuous.  The twins were not built for sex and the constant demand place on them had weakened them significantly. While Anna was full-figured, the twins looked like they could have been teen models. The life they were being subjected to would certainly kill them.  Shanelle was well on her way. Sasha would not be far behind once she lost her sibling.

Anna vowed that she would have to take the twins with her when she escaped.  It would greatly complicate things, as Shanelle especially was not in condition for a long sea journey. However, like Anna, it would be better to die trying to regain their freedom, then to suffer a slow death as  sex slaves. She knew they all had to make the attempt. Anna would have liked to take all of the sex slaves on the island with her. She vowed to come back and get them. How that would ever happen she did not know.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction-3.2 Escape

Anna was fairly certain that she was off the coast of Africa, some distance from the Mediterranean Sea. She knew that is would take days, and perhaps weeks, to get to a civilized country where she could be assured someone would help her and not just return her to slavery. In spite of the risks, she knew she had to make the attempt. Having to go with every guest who wanted her was not something she would be able to tolerate for very much longer. The drugs they gave her helped at first, but she had quit taking them in order to keep her mind clear as she prepared for her escape.  She had taken to hoarding the drugs that were readily available. She also had stockpiled  everything else she could get her hands on that she thought would be used in her escape. She had a small stockpile of dried fruit and some bottled water. It was not much and she knew it was not enough for a long journey out at sea.  She would gather more stuff to make what looked like it would be a lengthy escape by sea.

Anna had been out on the sailboats. At times the guests would take a couple of the girls out for an afternoon of them sailing the boat while the girls had to give them blowjobs or sex on the deck. Anna had performed her duties while surveying the boat with an eye towards using it for a run to freedom. The boats were small but well equipped for a day sailor. While out on these day sails, Anna would let her mind wander to those wonderful passages she had made with her family while some black North African stuck his big dick in her, either in the cockpit or in the small cabin on the boat. Somehow, the thoughts of sailing on her father’s boat made the act she was committing bearable.

The day sailor boats were stocked with some food and had water tanks, so she was not that concerned that she could survive on one of the boats for quite a while. The boats had small motors to get in and out of port, but that motor would not be useful on a long journey. The boats were pad locked to their mooring chains at night so getting one free would be an issue. Anna had a hair pin and a finger nail file that would be useful for that.  She had a basic idea of how to pick a pad lock.  Doing it in a hurry while she tried to escape would be just another in a long list of challenges she faced.

She knew she had to go soon.  The life she was being forced to lead was sapping both her physical strength and her mental resolve.  She knew that if she stayed she would become indoctrinated to the life as her roommate, Kylie, had been. Without hope of getting away from this life, Kylie had embraced it. Anna did not want to do that. The island was beautiful and Anna imagined that it would have been a delight with the right people. Men who had her at her beck and call for sex were not the right people. She could not let her mind succumb to thinking that it was not so bad to have sex with strangers on a beautiful island.  Once she crossed that threshold, there would be no hope of her returning to her former life. 

She had to escape. If it meant capture and death, then so be it. This life as a sex slave was not going to be her final chapter. Coming back to this island and blowing it all up had much more appeal to her.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction Part 3.1-Escape


In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Chapter One-Anna Plans her Escape

Anna put on a bikini and went out to the beach with only one purpose in mind-escape.  She knew she could not be gone from the public area very long before someone would be sent to get her.  It had been easy while Raphael had been there.  He occupied all of her time and was a gentle lover. But since he had left things had not gone very well. She had serviced anyone who wanted her for the three weeks since he had left, sometimes three of them in one day. Sometimes there would be two at once and she would have to act as though she enjoyed it. She hated it. Her mind would rise up out of her body as she was being used by the guests. It helped her survive, but it did not help with the disgust she felt at being used as a whore.

She knew she would survive. She would survive by escaping.  The penalty for trying to escape was harsh. If caught she would be sent to a truck stop in North Africa where she would be used, given AIDS and left to  die a slow horrible death with no medical care. However, living the life of a sex worker at some island, even if it was beautiful, was not a life to which she would submit. She would use her voluptuous body as she needed to, but she would escape.

As she walked across the sandy beach, she tried to focus on the beauty of the island to which she had been delivered. The air was warm, the ocean was comforting, and the facilities were first rate. She took a deep breath of the ocean air as the music from the dance floor drifted over to her. In another situation, this would have been a place she could really have enjoyed. Now, all she could think of was getting away with a little of her sanity intact.

She could feel the eyes of the male guests on her as she walked. She was wearing a bikini that covered very little of her voluptuous body. A small patch of material covered her shaved vulva while two patches of similar material covered her aureoles. All of her buttocks were exposed, while her breasts hung below the patch of material covering her nipples. Oddly, her almost nude condition did not bother her. Her parents and her family had been practicing nudists when they were offshore in the family sailboat. Being nude with her family had become the most normal thing to her. Even her brother Jeff had become comfortable with his random erections in front of his mother and sister. Her parents had taught her and her brother that their bodies were beautiful and healthy and they were never to be ashamed of that.

What did bother Anna were the male guests evaluating whether they found her worthy of their semen. She knew that soon one of them would take her to his room and use her for his pleasure for as long as he wanted to. Anna would act like she enjoyed it because if she didn’t, and he complained, she would be punished.  The punishment was usually a lashing by one of the female guards. It hurt like hell, but they were careful not to mark her body. Her body and its availability for the guests of the sex island was the only reason for her existence.

Anna knew she had a great body. She was one of those big-breasted athletes that were rather rare. She had been training and playing softball most of her life. Having received a college scholarship to play the sport she loved had just motivated her to get in better shape.  Having been kidnapped and sold as a sex slave had not been part of her plan, but she saw it as just another obstacle she would have to use her body to overcome.  She would fuck whoever she had to while she planned her escape.

She already had a sketchy plan.  The island they were on was not that big. She had seen a map of it on the wall of the reception area.  The latitude and longitude was on that map. There was the resort on one side of the island and a town on the other side. A single road connected the two. Supplies arrived into the port on the other side, and then trucked over to the resort. There was a landing strip near the resort which was used to bring in most of the very wealthy guests. Some of the guests arrived by private yachts, which anchored off the coast, while their owners came to shore to use the sex slaves available to them.

Anna had considered her means of escape. Going inland on the island she dismissed because of the dense vegetation and a population that would likely bring her back to slavery. Going by air was not a good choice, as she had no knowledge of how to operate an aircraft. Stowing away on one of the visiting yachts held some appeal, but would likely result in her return.

Anna knew that her way out was on one of the small sailboats that were used as day sailors by the guests. She knew how to operate a sailboat thanks to her Dad. It would be difficult to escape. Even if she could manage to unlock one of the sailboats, it would be difficult to sail far enough away that they would not find her either with a speedboat or the resort helicopter. Once she was captured, she would be beaten with no concern for marking her body and then be shipped off to North Africa.

There had been one escape attempt since she had been there. A young black woman had tried to escape by going inland and blending with the natives. She was brought back to the resort covered in bruises. All of the other hosts were brought to a small arena to witness her punishment. The guests were also invited to watch the young black girl’s punishment and most of them attended.

It had been difficult to watch as the young women had been beaten. It had been more difficult to hear the young woman’s screams as the lash was put to her thin back. It had been more disturbing when the young woman just hung in her bindings without making a sound as the beating continued. The sight of her bright red blood on her beautiful ebony skin was a vision Anna would take to the grave. The woman had then been dragged naked through the sand to the helicopter that would take her away to a certain slow death in Africa. Anna did not want to suffer such a faith. Anna also did not want to be a whore. She had to make a successful escape. If they caught her, she would fight to her death.

What should I do next?

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What should I do next?

Finish the ‘Traveling with Sarah’ Book?

Write a sequel to ‘The Road to Brian Head’?

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Just put up more pictures of nude women since it is all we look at any way.

The Road to Brian Head-3

3 Ryan’s Reward

Lulu had considered her options carefully while Ryan had been inside.  She had no money, basically no clothes and she did not even understand where she was.  She knew she was in a country that was so foreign to her she would have trouble surviving even if she had money and clothes.  It was snowing so hard that making another mad dash was out of the question as being  suicidal.

She had considered waiting until her benefactor had fallen asleep, at which point she could steal his money, some clothes and his car.  There were many problems with that solution: 1) It was snowing; 2) She did not know how to drive; 3) She was not a thief.

The man in the hot tub was the first person to have shown her any kindness in a very long time.  Lulu had been brought up to know that her only value was that of being a woman.  Her father had instilled in her that her lot in life was to be a good wife and child bearer to someone of his choosing.  Her father was not around to choose for her so she would have to do it for herself. Besides, she found the man in front of her attractive and kind.  She would use her instincts to save her life in any manner she could.

Ryan let out a low moan as Lulu’s foot massage his swelling cock.

“Are you sure you know what you are doing,” he asked knowing she knew what she was doing.

“If you mean have I ever done it before, then no,” Lulu answered as her second foot joined the first making a channel for Ryan’s cock.

With the warm water bubbling around him, the sight of Lulu’s young naked body and the sensation her two feet were giving him. Ryan was willing to forgive her inexperience.

“Are you sure you should do that with your feet?” he asked thinking he would be better off not questioning her.

“No. I am not sure.”

Lulu removed her feet from his sensitive parts as Ryan groaned in disappointment.

He was not disappointed when Lulu stood up in the hot tub. Her wet, nubile young body glistened with water.  The cold mountain air made her brown little nipples come to attention almost immediately.  Standing up, her long legs exposed the juncture between thighs.  Unabashedly, she stood with her legs apart giving Ryan a view of her lightly haired womanhood.

“I am sure you will like this though.”

She stepped across the pool and pushed Ryan’s knees apart.  She sunk back into the water and her hands went to Ryan’s firm buttocks and encouraged him to raise his hips.  His erect cock came out of the water like a periscope as she brought his hips even with the surface of the water exposing his entire erect cock and his ball sack.

“You don’t have to do this, Lulu,” he said regretting it almost as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

“This is all I have to repay you with,” she whispered softly against his cock. “Besides, I want to.”

Ryan groaned as she lowered her beautiful face down to his member.  She took a moment to move all of her long, wet hair to one side so that he could have a better view of what she was doing to his pulsing cock.

Her lips parted, and she placed them gently over the head of his cock and gave it the slightest bit of suction.  She put more of his shaft into her mouth while holding onto his ball sack with one hand and the base of his cock with the other. Then she wetly started moving both her mouth on one end of his shaft and her hand on the other.  While Ryan was adequately hung, her small mouth and hand made him look so much bigger.

If she found his size daunting, she did not let it stop her from sucking his cock as though it were her only source of air. Ryan looked down at the beautiful creature attached to the end of his cock through half-closed eyes.

It had been a while since Ryan had any release and it was not long before the stirring in his balls foretold of his need. His hips started to thrust into her tight, wet mouth and she responded by pushing him further in, and by squeezing the base of his cock harder.  Just as he was about to fill her mouth with his molten cum she disengaged her mouth from his cock.

Ryan looked down with a wild look in his eyes and said, “Please don’t stop.”

Lulu stood in the hot tub between his legs, still holding the base of his cock with one hand.  She used the other to smile down at him as she used her other hand to wipe the spittle off of her lips. She moved closer to him, to where the head of his cock was against her wet wisp of pubic hair. Using her hand she applied the last few, slow strokes to bring Ryan to completion.

They both watched as his hot liquid spewed onto the top of her pussy getting entangled with the few hairs she had there.  She brought forth another spasm of his cum and it started to drip down her mons to the thin lips of her pussy.  One more gasp from Ryan and the last of his cum joined the sodden mass.

Lulu let go of his cock and arranged herself so she could sit on his lap in the hot tub. Ryan lay with his head back on the skirt of the pool, completely spent.  Lulu put her head on his shoulder and sighed her satisfaction at what she had just done.

“That was remarkable, Lulu. But you did not have to do that because I brought you in from the cold.”

She smiled.  “I did it because I thought you had a beautiful cock and I wanted to have it in my mouth.  You coming all over my pussy was your doing, Mister.”

“Sure. Blame me for responding to your beautiful mouth wrapped around the head of my dick.” 

Lulu shrugged and smiled down at him from her perch on his lap.  “If you let me clean up a bit there may be something else wrapped around the head of your dick.”

Ryan grabbed her slender body and moved her so he could look into her face. “Who are you? An hour and a half ago you were half naked, freezing on the road.  Now you are offering to share your very sexy body with me.”

“I am a very grateful person who would probably have been dead by now if a very kind stranger had not stopped to help me.  And sexy. The stranger is very sexy too.”

Ryan’s cock gave a jump from where it rested against her firm ass as though in agreement with her evaluation.

“You don’t have to repay me with sex, you know.”

“I am in a hot tub with a sexy white guy who happens to have a very pretty cock.  The sex is just a natural outcome of that situation.”

Ryan brought her back to where her head was on his shoulder. “Who are you, Lulu? And how did you get here?

She sighed.  “If you let me clean up, I may tell you.”

With that she pushed away from him and stood letting the water drip down her body.   Ryan could not help but notice that all of his cum had melted out of her pubic hair.  She smiled and then used the hot tub seat to get out of the tub, giving him a view of her round little bottom where her sex peeked out at him.  With cat-like movements she got out of the tub and walked into the house. When she got to the door, she turned and gave him a small smile and one last chance to admire her firm little tits.

The Road to Brian Head

2 The Hot Tub

Ryan went back out to his SUV and put his coat on.  He made several trips to get his truck unloaded, piling most of the groceries in the kitchen and throwing his luggage onto the bed in the main bedroom. On each trip he looked at the young girl bundled up on the couch. He took heart in that she did not seem to be getting any worse.  Who she was, and what she was doing out on a mountain road in the snow would be figured out later.

Once he had everything unloaded, he went out to check on the hot tub.  He pulled the cover off and stuck his hand in the water.  It was not super-hot, but it was warm enough to do the young lady some good.

He went back in and unwrapped her from her blanket.  He, once again, could not help but notice how little she had on. She looked up at him warily with her big dark eyes as he stripped down to his underwear.  She looked away from him, but gave him an occasional glance to see what his next move would be. Ryan did not have time to worry about her sensibilities so he just scooped her up again and carried her out to the waiting hot tub.

“This will hurt a little,” he told her as he walked into the warm water of the hot tub.  “It will do you some good though.”

He walked in and took his time lowering her body in to the tub.  She gasped a bit and clung to him as the sting of the warm water met her cold body.  He eventually placed her on one of the seats.  She hugged herself and then slowly slipped down until the water was above her head.  She stayed there to where Ryan was wondering if she was intentionally trying to drown herself.

She came up with a gasp.  “This feels so good.”

She did not seem to shiver so much but her teeth still chattered every so often.

“So you can talk now.  You have a lot of explaining to do, Young Lady,” Ryan said trying to lighten the situation.

She looked at him.  “Thank you for saving me.  What do you want from me in return?”

“I want you to get warm, tell me your name, and tell me how you ended up half naked on a snowy mountain road.”

“I don’t have any money to pay you.”

Ryan laughed.  “Pay me for what?  I think you are still too cold to think straight.”

“To pay you to let me go.”

Ryan shook his head as though to get that thought out of his head.  “You don’t have to pay me anything.  You can leave any time you want to, but you are not going anywhere until the snow stops and the roads are clear. I will not let you go out there and finish freezing your butt off.  So, let’s start again: What is your name?”

“My name is Xiao ling.  I came from China three years ago.  I am called Lulu here.”

“Well Xiao ling or Lulu, how do you end up in my hot tub on a stormy fall night?”

She looked at him sadly as though he had caused dark thoughts to go through her mind.  She was thinking of her response when Ryan realized he had asked for information too soon.

“You don’t have to answer that,” he said as he changed tacks. “Not until you are ready.”

“Thank you.  I may never be ready,” Lulu answered.

“Let us just work on getting you warmed up and then when you are ready we can talk about how you got here,” Ryan said as he got out of the hot tub.

“Where are you going?” Lulu asked with a panic in her voice.

Ryan stood on the edge of the hot tub in his wet underwear.  “I will get you something warm to drink and myself some swim trunks. My underwear does not leave a lot to the imagination.”

For the first time a smile flitted across Lulu’s face.  “No, they don’t.   But neither do my bra and panties.”

She was correct about that as her little brown breasts were more out of her bra than in.  Her white panties had been wet and translucent since Ryan had first seen her on the road.

“My family has always had a ‘no clothes in the hot tub’ policy,” Ryan continued as he looked at her closely. While her clothes did not cover much, he had been too busy keeping her from freezing to death to give her charms much scrutiny. She was attractive by any standard.  She was a well-developed, but thin young woman with long black hair and beautiful dark eyes.  She had long, thin legs that met at the juncture of her thighs that her panties were unsuccessfully trying to cover.  He could see just a hint of wispy pubic hair at the top of her mound.   She had a thin torso and a high waist. Her high-set rib cage supported her proud young breasts.  She had a long neck, and an almond-shaped face.   She was blessed with the naturally tawny skin of most Asians.

Lulu said, “I believe that you should follow your family’s policy as I will.  One should respect their family.”

Ryan looked in amazement at the beautiful creature in his hot tub.  She had been recently freezing to death and now she was willing to get naked in the hot tub.

“Well, I will if you will.  I hate to make a guest uncomfortable,” he said.

“Well, go get me my drink and maybe I will surprise you when you get back,” Lulu said and then sunk completely under the warm bubbly water.

Ryan thought about that for a second. He had to rearrange the erection in his shorts before he could turn and go back inside to the kitchen.

He heated some water in a mug in the microwave and then added some instant cocoa to it.  Stirring it up, he considered his next move.   He had not been kidding about his family ‘no clothes’ policy.  His parents were not nudist or anything but they had what he considered a healthy attitude about nudity.  Having grown up with being in the hot tub naked with his parents had given him a healthy attitude about nudity.  It was not quite the same with getting naked with a woman he had just met, but he wanted to call her dare.

He went to the laundry room and removed his wet underwear and hung them on the rack to dry. He grabbed up the hot cup of cocoa and went back out to the hot tub determined not to be embarrassed, no matter how she responded.

He need not have worried.  Her little bra and panties were making a damp pile on the side of the hot tub.  Lulu was sitting where he had left her not making any pretense of being shy.  Her breasts were half out of the water as she sat with her legs slightly apart in the bubbly water.

Ryan stopped and looked at her and she looked directly back into his eyes.

“I will take that, thank you,” she said reaching for the cocoa. “You had better get in before you get cold.”

Ryan had to chuckle at her brashness.  He gave her the cocoa and got back in the water taking up a seat across from her. She took a sip of her cocoa always looking directly at him.  She made sipping on cocoa a sensual event.  Ryan could not help but think of what other things she could use her mouth on while looking directly into his eyes.  She then turned and put the cup on the side of the pool giving Ryan a longer than necessary view of her backside.

“Like what you see?” she asked.

“So far, I do.  How about you?”

In answer, Lulu reached across the tub and put her little foot against Ryan’s penis.  “I don’t have a lot of experience looking at cocks but yours seems quite attractive.” With that she gave it a rub with her toes.

“I have no experience with Asian women but I am hoping you will change that.”