Sold at Auction-Part Three

Bo removed his hand and started a trail of slow kisses that led to the juncture of her sex.  Once there, he opened his mouth to encompass as much of Kandi’s vulva as he could manage. Once he had his mouth affixed, his tongue licked up as much of her womanly essence as he could manage.

Kandi’s body bucked within the confines of the restraints holding her legs apart on the cross.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh good.” She said, in sync with the tongue lashing Bo’s tongue was given her inner lips. She tried pushing her hips out to give Bo more access to her overheated charms but the restraints holding her to the cross would not allow it. “Just make me come. Please? Do it now. I can’t take any more of your teasing lips.

Bo reached behind her, grabbed her rounded buttocks in each hand, and bent her body to meet his mouth. He stopped with his lapping and moved to where his lips could suckle the glowing bud of her clitoris. He moved his head up and down to gently suck her clit in much the same manner that Kandi and sucked his cock on so many occasions.

Kandi started making unintelligible sounds as her body trembled in anticipation of a wall shaking orgasm she was in no condition to urge Bo on. She was molten plasma in his hands and only her most basic desires registered in her fog- clouded brain. Bo knew she had had enough. He knew she would rather have his dick inside of her when she came but that would come later. What Bo was doing to her now was just making a clearing in which he would fuck her to exhaustion. Now he would give her what she needed to ensure that she would fuck him wildly once he entered her.

To that end, he released his lips from her tiny little man and flicked her clit as quickly as he could. Kelly screamed as though being murdered. In any other household, anyone hearing her screams would have come to her rescue. The occupants of Bo’s house had heard the sound before, had even emitted it themselves, and knew better than to disturb when one of his ladies was getting her nut.

Kandi’s body slammed back into the cross as an orgasm ripped through her over stimulated body. Bo did not relent and followed her hips against the cross, whipping her pussy into a froth with his tongue. Kandi bucked and screamed again as another wave swept over her. Bo was rewarded with a wet shower of her essence on his lips as she came.

“Stop,” she gasped until to do anything to make him stop.

“I thought you wanted this,” Bo said as he gave her tender licks, causing her body to shudder.

A short excerpt from Sold at Auction- Book three.

Tami walked into Bo’s bedroom unannounced.   She knew that he was with Kandi, but doubted that they were doing anything that she would not be welcomed to watch or even participate in.  Kandy worked in the Santa Cruz facility with her dear friend, Kelly. The two of them, Kandi and Kelly, ran that operation for Bo and one or the other came to Fleur-de-Lis to report on the operations there. Neither of them visited often that often and it was unusual that both would visit so close together. Tami expected that Kelly had told Kandi about sex with Bo and that had gotten Kandi horny enough to make up an excuse for Kandi to visit Fleur-de-Lis. Tami was certain the two women occasionally took care of each other’s needs but she also knew they liked dick.  One in particular.

Tami was not at all surprised to see that Bo was working at a small desk next to his massive bed. She was also not surprised to see Kandi tied up to a bar that came down from the ceiling.  Her hands were in cuffs that were at shoulder width and her feet were captured in a similar position.  She was only wearing a thong that was damply molded to here sex.  The strain the cuffs put on her body showed off her remarkable figure to good advantage. She had a high waist and a round high-set set of tits that Tami would have thought were implants if she had not known better.  Kandi’s long thin legs were straining to reach the floor in order to take some of her weight off of her bound arms.

“What are you doing to Kandi, Bo?”

With this, Kandi seemed to wake up and notice that Tami had entered the room.

“Hi, Tami.  He is edging me and it is making me cray-cray,” Kandi replied looking up with a weak smile.

“I told you not to talk, Kandi.”  With that Bo picked up a small remote control, pressed and held the button.

Kandi’s body started to shake as the vibrations from the device in her panties sent tremors up through her most sensitive part.  Every muscle in her shapely body tensed up and a new bead of perspiration formed on her upper lip as her body reacted to the exquisite sensations. Her breathing changed and within seconds she emitted a low guttural moan as though she were approaching an orgasm.

Bo let go of the remote and Kandi’s body sagged in her restraints. A small moan announced her frustration at once again being denied the release she craved.  More perspiration formed on her upper lip as her generous chest blushed.

Sold at Auction Part Two

“If you adopt the right attitude here, it can be fun. Just another party. You like to party, don’t you, Anna?”

“I like to party. I don’t like being sold into slavery.”

“It might be best to forget your status and just concentrate on the partying. It is what you do now. You should try to do it well as the alternative is not good.”

“I will be the one to decide that,” Anna said, hanging onto some imaginary shred of independence.

Kylie laughed. “No, you won’t. Listen to me. Be a party girl here or get shipped to a whorehouse in Africa. You won’t last a year in Africa. You will get AIDS and die a horrible death while having a bunch of black guys fuck you endlessly.”

Anna thought about that for a moment, and she had no reason to think that Kylie was exaggerating.

“And if I am a good party girl here, what happens?”

“You party hard. Be nice to the guests. Give them what they want. Act like you like it for a while and pretty soon you don’t have to act. We have drugs available that let us forget where we are and what we are doing. You come to realize that it is your lot in life and you make the best of it. At least you get to live.”

“And that is better than being a whore in Africa?”

“You will not be a whore here. You won’t get paid.” Kylie laughed at her little joke.

“But I will have to put out for whoever wants me?”

“Oh, God yes. It is just sex. You like sex, don’t you?”

“I enjoy choosing who I have sex with.”

“Well, you no longer have that option,” Kylie answered. “Listen to me. You need to put out like your life depends on it because it does. Put a smile on your face. Act like you are a porn star when you are with one of the clients. It will be okay.”

Anna absorbed what Kylie had told her. Looking around, she did not doubt that it was true. The girls on the beach looked happy enough. Maybe they were. Maybe it was the drugs. Ian seemed like he was delighted with this way of life. LaDasha looked as though she were willing to accept it. The twins would not do well here, of that she was certain. Kylie seemed healthy and happy enough. Anna thought she had little choice so she would do what she needed to stay alive until she could escape.

Anna said, “Okay. How do I start?”

Kylie answered, “Now, that’s the spirit. Come with me.”

Sold At Auction

They continued to push, getting tired and weak as they went along.  Punxie began to sag and was getting a taste of the whip on almost every revolution of the turnstile.  Anna felt a kindred spirit with her and tried to push harder so that Punxie would not get beaten. It did not fool the guards and just made Anna more tired. Punxie kept getting beaten and Anna sobbed with the hopelessness of the situation and the unfairness of it all.

The two men entered the filthy chamber.  One was older and the other barely more than a boy. Both were very dark and dressed in dark pants with a leather vest over their naked chests.  The boy was wide-eyed at the sight of the naked women straining on the turnstiles.

“Wow, Dad.  This is better than you described it,” said the young man looking around at the naked women tied to the turnstile.

“Yes, Son. It is time you saw and learned about the trade that we are in. This is where it starts.”

“Where did they come from, Dad” the young man said as he looked at our naked struggles.

“We get them out of the clubs mostly.  We have agents in the best clubs who will spike their drinks and we have others who will deliver them to us here.”

“Why do you make them push that thing around?”

“It weakens them and makes them more submissive.  Once they are adequately tired out it is easy to clean them up and offer them at auction.  Once they realize that they no longer have free will, they are ready to serve their new masters.”

Anna’s heart sank upon hearing why she was being subjected to this treatment. It also explained how she had been having fun with her friends one moment and then naked in a dirty dungeon the next. If she could believe the words of the older guy, she was going on a journey that she would not care for.

The Road to Brian Head

Just as she got out of the shower Ryan messaged her he was on his way home.  Perfect. He rode his bicycle whenever the weather allowed. It would take him twenty minutes to get home and he would be sweaty when he got to the condo.  She started a bath for him, which was all part of her plan.

She got the outfit out of the bag it was in.  She had bought it at a lingerie shop and there was not much to it.  She looked at the little panties which were not much more than a triangle of material with silver chains used as a waistband.  She put it on and attached the chain around her waist. She ran the other chain from the bottom of the patch, up her butt, and attached it to the back of the waistband. The chain immediately buried itself in the soft folds of her female flesh and deep inside her butt crack. When she moved, it created a nice sensation in just the right spots.

 She took out the maid’s apron and put that on her front attaching it around her waist and her neck.  It covered her front, if she faced directly into the mirror. If she turned sideways, it exposed her upright breasts. From the back it looked like she was naked as the panty had made itself comfortable in her nether regions. Luckily she had a nice ass and a decent set of boobs.  Ryan loved them both, which was all that mattered.  She had put on ten pounds since he had rescued her and luckily all ten of them had added some curves to her once thin figure.

Lulu piled her long black hair on top of her head and pinned in there, exposing her neck.  She thought about how Ryan like to bite her on the neck after he had mounted her from behind. That thought made her nether regions once again moist, and she cleared those thoughts thinking she would need another shower if she kept it up.  She put the little maid hat on top of her pile of hair and pinned it there.  Looking at herself once again in the mirror she thought she made a passable maid, albeit a scantily clad one.  Ryan would have her undressed in short order in any case.

She heard him putting away his bicycle in the garage.  She quickly stepped into her black stiletto heels and went to the kitchen to get him one of his favorite IPA’s.  Pouring it into a frosty glass she put it on a tray and was waiting for him as he entered the door.

He smiled at her outfit and said, “What have we here?”

“I thought you would like a nice cold beer after your hot ride home, Sire,” Lulu said offering him the beer.

Ryan took the beer with a grin and took a big gulp. “It looks like I will have a nice hot ride here as well judging by the way you are dressed.”

“Whatever do you mean, Sir?  I am but your humble maid offering you a beer and nothing else.”

Stripped Bare

The hot water cascaded over my soapy breasts and ran down to the shower floor as I washed myself. I was not in a hurry and thought again about Zak’s long cock gliding up into me. He had not made me orgasm but after the abuse I had suffered at his father’s hand, it was not surprising. I knew he had severely damaged me.

As I dried myself, I plotted my next step. The situation here at home had become intolerable, and I had to change things. I had put up with all the unwanted handling I was going to from Hank. I had nailed Zak and although I would like to give him another shot at the prize, he had not rung my bell. Mom had been a write off for years. I wondered how long Hank would keep her around once I split, but that was her problem. She should have stuck up for me.

I wrapped a short silk robe around me and went back into the bedroom. Hank was awake and attempting to get the cuffs out from under the bedpost.

He looked up at me through blood-shot eyes and said “What the fuck are you doing, Bonnie?”

“Just relax and it will go easier for you,” I said with an impish grin feeding back words he had used on me many times. Seeing that he was still secured to the bed I realized that I was in full control of my tormentor and it was a heady feeling.

“Let me up you little bitch,” He said in a loud voice. Loud enough to cause me concern that he would alert mother. I used the same trick he had used and I turned my stereo on loud.

He watched me through his pig-like eyes as I started to undo his pants. He started to struggle, so I got the Taser out. Showing it to him was enough to get him to stay quiet while I removed his pants and his underwear.

I started to shove his underwear in his mouth, another technique he had used on me. He was having none of that and started to struggle in his bindings. I did the only thing I could think of, grabbed his naked nuts, and gave them a hard squeeze. When he yelled in protest, I jammed the underwear in his mouth and that quieted him. I got a set of my panty hose out of the dresser and used it to tie the underwear in place. I liked this so much it was making me damp, a first for Hank.

Throughout all of this my silky robe had come undone and I could see him looking at the rise and fall of my full young breasts. I still had the sash tied around my waist but the top was open exposing my chest. The bottom had pushed itself up around my thighs and the top of my pussy was visible between my closed thighs as I knelt on the floor beside him. I could have covered myself better but I thought “what the fuck-let him look.”

Maid to Serve

I had kept slowly fucking Bo while all of that had ran through my head.  I don’t know how long I had been riding him but the morning light was coming through the curtains that closed off his massive bedroom from the pool outside. I could fuck forever.  Or at least I thought I could.  Left to my own devices I would fuck until I had difficulty walking.  I didn’t consider myself a nympho or anything, I just enjoyed giving and receiving pleasure.  I had found what satisfied me and it was Bo’s big dick in my tight vagina.  And the longer I could keep that formula going, the happier I was.

I had to assume that it made Bo happy too. He never complained. He got impatient with me though.  I could tell that he had caught up with me as he grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back without disengaging his dick.  I giggled as he got on top of me because I could sense he now wanted me as much as I wanted him. My fucked up prior life had some advantages as thinking about it allowed me to slow down my libido in these situations.

I wrapped my legs around Bo’s waist as he commenced to punish my little pussy.  I loved it. Having his muscular hips slam into my little body just made me smile as I knew how much he loved fucking me.  I also knew that at this point my work was done.  All I had to do was lay back and let him pound me.  Sure, I could work some magic with my Kegel muscles but it did not matter at this point.  He would explode in me at any moment and I had been ready to pop since I slid him inside of me, so this would be good.

But Bo was such a complicated guy.  He looked down at me and smiled.  Then he moved his mouth to my right nipple and stated doing that voodoo thing that sent me to the moon.  I tried to pull his mouth off of my nipple and he responded my sucking all of my little tit into his mouth which just made me crazier.  Then he used his tongue to lash my nipple into a frenzy as his mouth held my entire tit inside its warm wetness.

Sold at Auction

This book continues to be my best seller. I don’t know why as it is not my best work. Someone explain it to me.

“The cavern they were in was hot and humid. There were open flames burning in oil drums causing the air to stink of the noxious oil that was being burned in them.  The burning oil not only caused the air to be hard to breathe but it added to the heat in the room which was almost unbearable. The perspiration came off of her naked body causing a rivulet to form between her naked breasts. Anna was aware that she could smell the fear and the sweat both on herself and on the women who were tied to the turnstile with her.

Anna had no idea how she had ended up tied to a bar, pushing it endlessly around as her body strained with the effort.  Anna and her softball team had won their away game at Syracuse and they had gone to really hip club to celebrate.  She had a few drinks and the next recollection she had was of being tied to this bar some four hours ago.  There was no daylight in the dark room in which she toiled so she had no idea how much time had transpired from when she had lost consciousness until now. There was only the sound of the turnstile groaning, the moans of effort from herself and the others and the occasional angry yell from the two women with the whips.”

BTF Stephanie

BTF Stephanie 1.0

I looked up at the security camera in the corner of our bedroom, smiled and waved.  I knew he would be watching. He could see and hear everything in the room. My darling husband, Jeremiah, was away on another long business trip and this was our date night. We would arrange a time when our two daughters would be put away for the night and then he would bring up the security camera in our bedroom while I entertained him and he masturbated in his lonely hotel room.

It might sound kinky to some but we were so much in love we did not care what other people thought. We both lusted after each other and after twenty years of marriage, I would do anything he wanted, sexual or otherwise. We had met in college and were very active fuck buddies until we realized that we were very much in love. I had been in love with his beautiful cock from the moment he had introduced me to it after a drunken frat party. I fell in love with the man to it, much later. That thick cock of his had produced our two lovely daughters and the man attached to it made a good living for all of us. One of our daughters was home from her first year in college and no doubt in her room texting with her friends.  Our sweet little nine year old was sleeping like the baby she was.

I was dressed to make my husband want me enough to masturbate. I had on a gauzy black top that had a deep v, which showed off my ample bosom. I was blessed with great tits to begin with, but after two kids, my darling husband had bought me a boob job that he enjoyed more than I did. I had no problem with him enjoying them and more than once I had used them to make his delicious cock spurt out his love while trapped between my globes. The top just barely made it to the bottom of the curve of my ass, which was kept firm but hot yoga classes. I had on a little thong that covered the pink parts of my slit.  A slit that my husband lusted after as much now as he ever did.

“Hi, Honey,” I said while looking up into the camera. “I know you can see me. I miss you so much and I have a really special surprise for you tonight.”

The truth was I did not know if he could see me, but he had never missed one of our dates.  I did have something special planned for him. Normally our dates were me just putting on a show for him while masturbating or using a toy, but tonight I was going to take a walk on the wild side. It would be a real shame if he missed it.

BTF Stephanie 2.0

“Do you think this top is too revealing?” I asked as I pulled the end of the little bow that held the top together.

Releasing the already revealing top allowed my girls to push out through the opening.  I inhaled and pushed my chest out making my firm breasts rise up and out.

“What do you think, Baby?” I asked looking up into the surveillance camera with my eyes sparkling.  “Do you think I should put something else on? I would not want you to see these and start to rub your hard, thick cock all on your own.”

“Okay. Since you did not say anything, I will leave it on. It is shame you are not here to kiss my little nipples,” I said as I tugged on my nipples, stretching them out from my breasts as I gave a long guttural moan.  “I know you would love to take them between your lips and roll them around until my little panties got all wet with my dew.”

At that moment the doorbell rang and I knew my extra special surprise had arrives.  I had turned off the security camera that monitored the front door because I did not want Jerimiah to see my surprise until I had her in the bedroom. I knew that Jerimiah would love the surprise. When it came to sex each of us would do anything to please the other. As we were entering a new phase in our lives, with our kids mostly grown, we had started pushing the envelope a little more.

“Oh! Someone is at the door. I had better tie this up and go see who it is.”

I knew who was at the door and was not hesitant to answer it in my scanty outfit.  I had hired a woman from an escort service to come in and have lesbian sex with me for my husband’s viewing pleasure. I knew he would like it as he had suggested a threesome more than once. I never could bring myself to share his man meat with another woman. I wanted all of that to myself. I knew that seeing me with another woman would float his boat faster than the incoming tide.

I had been with other women while I had been in college. My roommate and I had experimented. It was nice to explore with another person where we both knew how to operate the equipment. We both had tried it with other women. At the end of the day, we decided that we liked men better. It was something about that satisfying full feeling a man’s cock provided. That throbbing fullness was something no woman would be able to provide.  Once Jerimiah and I had gotten together, there was only one penis I had wanted inside of me. After he had given me my two lovely daughters, I knew that I would thank him repeatedly in any way I could.

I made my way to the bedroom door knowing that Jerimiah was enjoying the view of my exercised honed ass as I walked.  When I got to the door, I turned and smiled up at the camera with hooded eyes before flipping up the hem of my nighty top, exposing one of my creamy cheeks.

“I will be right back, Lover. Don’t start without me,” I said as I licked my reddened lips.

I could feel my heart beating faster as I made my way to the front door.  I stopped to compose myself before opening the front door. My hand drifted down my tummy and my hand made its way inside the tiny patch of cloth that covered my opening. As I dipped my finger inside I found myself as wet as I expected.  There was something about teasing Jerimiah when he could not be with me that aroused me.

That all changed when I opened the door.

Captive on a Mattress

“Time to saddle up, Bonnie J,” Tai said and took a collar and leash from her bag. I put the collar around my neck, she attached the leash to it, and we went out to earn our living.

It was Saturday night at the Taboo and the place was packed with yowling, hopefully money-laden, men. When the announcer announced us the place reached pandemonium level. Most of the clientele had seen our act before and apparently could not get enough of it as they kept coming back and kept throwing money.

I got down on my hands and knees and Tai tightened the leash as we made our entrance. She paraded me around like her pet continually yanking on the leash as though I constantly needed discipline. For my part I would try to rub against her like a cat in heat and she would either ignore me or push me away with her foot.

Seemingly taking real notice of me for the first time she also eyed the inclined rack that had been set up on the stage. It was nothing more than a padded board with a ring at the top and a set of hand cuffs hooked to the ring. It was at an angle where one could lay on it and be in an inclined position. Tai led me over to it and roughly kicked me to encourage me to stand upright and lay on the board. Tai secured my hands to the cuffs while I pleaded with her not to. The guys in the crowd started throwing money as though this would encourage Tai to treat me rougher.

She stood back and studied me for a minute and then walked over and undid my bra and ripped it from under my body. My breasts poked up as I breathed hard laying on my back on the incline. My nipples stood like little red pencil erasers on my big mounds of cream colored skin.

Tai looked me over again and then reached down and undid my bottoms. Yanking these off uncovered my mound. She then reached down and undid my boots and threw them aside leaving me totally nude and tied up. As though this were not enough, she got a pillow from the props and slipped it under my back so that my hips stood higher than the rest of me. The audience had a side view of my young body in its helpless state and they were loving it.

Then Tai did a slow strip to the music that was playing. Her breasts were smaller then mind and perfectly formed. When she took off her bottoms her beautiful shaved pussy was there for all to see. Taking off her boots and showing her long legs brought another onslaught of paper money thrown onto the stage.

While she had worked up the crowd with her strip tease they all knew what came next and they were crazy for it. Tai went to the props and brought back a long red candle and lit it. She held it upright as she walked over to me and I started pleading with her not to do it. She let a pool of wax build up in the top of the candle and then spilled it onto my chest. I let out a yelp like I had been scalded but in reality it hurt just a little. The trick was in holding it high enough up above me so that it could cool on the way down. Tai knew how to do it well. What little pain there was, I loved. My yelps were fake, but the writhing around I did was more real.

She dumped more of it, this time landing it on my rounded, heaving breast. The red wax made a splotch that was in sharp contrast with my cream colored skin. I yelled and begged her to stop, and of course she didn’t. She continued painting my body with the wax-both breasts, my tummy, my thighs. I struggled and started crying like a baby.

When she had used up most of the candle she blew it out. She came over and kissed me full on the mouth, something that I had learned to like a lot. We swirled tongues together and kissed like lovers. She then moved her hands up and down my body as though to soothe it. Then she nibbled on my neck and worked her way down to where she was crouched beside me, her body between me and the audience.

With a knowing look at the audience she wet her index finger in her mouth and traced it down my tummy and had it disappear from view behind her body. In reality, it found its way over my mound and to the soft folds of my pussy. While we weren’t supposed to have ‘real’ sex on the stage, that didn’t stop Tai. Her damp finger moved aside my soft outer lips and found the damp inner ones. I gave out a cry when she stuck it in me that had nothing to do with acting.

While she slowly finger fucked me out of the audience’s view, she nibbled on my body until she found a patch of wax. She would then grip it with her lips and peel if ever so slowly from my body. At this point my mind was down between my thighs where her finger was worming its way up my tight, hot channel with increasing regularity.

While the audience could not see what was going on, they suspected or hoped she was really finger fucking me right there on stage. The stagehands back stage had a much better view and they all were gathered to watch Tai’s hand give me pleasure. I looked back at them and smiled as I squirmed around on the board.

Tai continued to rip the wax from my body as her thumb found my engorged clit. I groaned as she strummed it with her damp thumb. My heavy breathing was making my tits rise and fall with a life of their own. The crowd was going nuts and throwing money, but at this point I didn’t care. I didn’t care that a bunch of unwashed stagehands were getting the medical view of my wet little pussy. Everything seemed to get far away and the only thing was Tai’s delightful fingers in my sweet pussy. While a full sized cock could not get me off, Tai’s very thin finger knew just where to touch me.  I had never asked how she got so skilled at finger fucking. At this point I did not care.

My body rose up until only my head and heels were touching the board I was tied to and then I slammed back onto it as the first wave of orgasm hit me. I yelled like my life was ending, as it surely could have at that point. Again and again my back would arch and I would buck up on the board and the slam back causing my swollen breast to jiggle. Tai just kept strumming my clit getting the maximum mileage from my orgasm.

After what seemed like a long time I quieted down. Tai withdrew her hand and placed the fingers in her mouth and sucked them. Then she lay on top of me and she rubbed her naked body on me while we kissed deeply. She finally got up and undid my handcuffs. We walked hand in hand to the edge of the stage and took a bow, first forwards and then with our backs turned to the crowd. They loved it.