Sold at Auction 1.17. Escape

Chapter Eight-Kandy at Fleur-de-Lis

Tami walked into Bo’s bedroom unannounced.   She knew that he was with Kandi, but doubted that they were doing anything that she would not be welcomed to watch or even participate in.  Kandy worked in the Santa Cruz facility with her dear friend, Kelly. The two of them, Kandi and Kelly, ran that operation for Bo and one or the other came to Fleur-de-Lis to report on the operations there. Neither of them visited often that often and it was unusual that both would visit so close together. Tami expected that Kelly had told Kandi about sex with Bo and that had gotten Kandi horny enough to make up an excuse for Kandi to visit Fleur-de-Lis. Tami was certain the two women occasionally took care of each other’s needs but she also knew they liked dick, one in particular.

Tami was not at all surprised to see that Bo was working at a small desk next to his massive bed. She was also not surprised to see Kandi tied up to a bar that came down from the ceiling.  Her hands were in cuffs that were at shoulder width and her feet were captured in a similar position.  She was only wearing a thong that was damply molded to here sex.  The strain the cuffs put on her body showed off her remarkable figure to good advantage. She had a high waist and a round high-set set of tits that Tami would have thought were implants if she had not known better.  Kandi’s long thin legs were straining to reach the floor in order to take some of her weight from her bound arms.

“What are you doing to Kandi, Bo?”

With this, Kandi seemed to wake up and notice that Tami had entered the room.

“Hi, Tami.  He is edging me and it is making me cray-cray,” Kandi replied looking up with a weak smile.

“I told you not to talk, Kandi.”  With that Bo picked up a small remote control, pressed and held the button.

Kandi’s body started to shake as the vibrations from the device in her panties sent tremors up through her most sensitive part.  Every muscle in her shapely body tensed up and a new bead of perspiration formed on her upper lip as her body reacted to the exquisite sensations. Her breathing changed and within seconds she emitted a low guttural moan as though she were approaching an orgasm.

Bo let go of the remote and Kandi’s body sagged in her restraints. A small moan announced her frustration at once again being denied the release she craved. More perspiration formed on her upper lip as her generous chest blushed.

“How long have you had her up there, Bo?” Tami asked with some concern showing in her voice.

Bo looked at the clock on his desk and replied, “About two hours.”

“Well I think that is long enough.  Look at her, for crying out loud. Take her down and let her orgasm before you make her insane.”

“Thank you, Tami,” Kandi whispered from her trussed up position.

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Alpha Hawk 6

Chapter Six

(Custom Erotic Story)

By Bethany Swick

Linda continued to breathe deeply, giving her captor the full benefit of her full breasts.  He was in her power now. Ever since puberty, she had been able to get anything she wanted from a man as soon as her tits were in view. They all acted so macho until the nipple came into play. Then all they wanted was to latch onto Mommy, the big fucking babies. This one was no different. She would use it to her advantage. She could see the weakness in him already.

Hawk could not help but to reach down and touch her nipples with the back of his fingers. She had a stunning rack. Linda twisted her body away from his touch as much as she could, knowing that her reluctance would just excite him more. Her motion had the effect of making her mounds move delightfully on her chest. That motion was not lost on Hawk as he sucked in his breath.

Having her top off just led Hawk to wanting to see more of her body.  He slowly lowered the zipper on the front of her tight dress exposing her smooth, creamy torso. This woman was fit, no doubt from going to the gym, judging by the shadow of muscles on her tummy. Hawk smiled to himself at the thought of that torso clenching as his cock drove up into her glistening vagina.

He lowered her dress as Linda struggled feebly to resist. Once he pushed it over her hips, he had the full view of the magnificent woman he had at his disposal. Her squirming around in her bindings indicated he had work to do before she fully succumbed to his desires, but she would be his. Those long slender legs would open up to receive him as he braced his hands under those gorgeous tits. The thought of him sliding his dick into that tight body made his cock burp up some more precum.  He had waited too long between conquests. He would use her mouth to take off some of the pressure. Then he would be able to stay inside of her longer. That would prepare her better to receive his seed, whether she wanted it or not.

Linda felt the wetness of his cum leaking out of him onto her thigh.  She feigned distress at losing her dress but it was a battle she was willing to lose in order to win the war.  Completely naked was her war-gear. With her feminine charms on full display, his mind would weaken as his body took over whatever little thinking he did. Thrashing around on the bed with her thighs clamped firmly shut was making him crazy with wanting her.  She would wait for her time to come.

Hank positioned himself near her head.

“Now you are going to let me cum in your mouth,” Hank instructed her.

“You really think that is going to happen,” Linda replied through clamped lips. “You put that thing anywhere near my mouth and you are going to have a lot less of it.”

Alpha Hawk 5

Chapter Five

(Custom Erotic Story)

By Bethany Swick

Hawk looked down at the woman tied to his bed and his cock gave another jump as his eyes came to her creamy thighs encasing her glistening sex.  He had picked the right conquest for this evening. This one was more mature than most of his victims but still in the prime of her childbearing life. He thought about impregnating this one because she looked like she would give him a worthy child. First things first though. He had to get her to submit to his lust and then if she were a worthwhile fuck he would keep her until she was carrying his child.

“What’s your name, Green Eyes?” Hawk asked as he licked his lips in anticipation of tasting her.

She stared back at him from her trussed position showing no fear at all.

“My name is Linda. What is yours, Dickhead?”

“My name is Hawk and it won’t be long before you are screaming it while you orgasm.”

“Pretty sure of yourself since you had to drug a woman to get a piece of her ass. How about you untie me, Hank, or whatever your name is, and we see who screams first, you ass hat.”

Hawk smiled at that. She was feisty even knowing he had the upper hand. He had no problems with drugging women to get them into his bed.  It was a great time saver. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to cast his semen into as many young women as possible in as short of time as possible.  His vision of a perfect world was a population of his children tended to by their obedient mothers.

“I will untie you but not until you have had a taste of my dick.  Once I ram my meat stick into you, I want you to be free to thrash around on the end of it, giving me all of the pleasure I deserve.”

“I am more woman than you can handle even tied up. So do whatever you think makes a woman go wild, and I will just lay here and count the ceiling tiles.”

Hawk liked this one a lot. She was sure of herself even in her compromised position. This was the kind of woman, who once they caved in to his carnal desires, became the most subservient. All they needed was a man to show them their place. This was going to be good.

“Okay, Linda. We shall see how well you behave once I get you out of those clothes.”

Linda slammed her thighs shut ending the free show. If she read this guy right, it was the conquest that did it for him. She would play that game for him. She would play it until she could turn the tables.

 Hawk knelt on the bed and reached down to undo the straps that held her dress up over her tits. Pulling the tight top down caused her soft, full breasts to undulate on her chest. In defiance, Linda inhaled deeply making them stand up even as she lay in the reclined position. She looked Hawk directly in the eyes while doing this, knowing that her nipples were hardening in anticipation of what came next. Hawk’s engorged cock bumped against her exposed thigh and gave up a drop of pre-cum.

“Oh yes,” Linda thought. “He has met his match, even with my hands tied.”

Apha Hawk 4

Chapter Four

(Custom Erotic Story)

By Bethany Swick

Linda came back to her senses as Hawk removed the thong from her body. She knew she was in trouble with this man who intended to have his way. Her eyes darted around the room wildly as she twisted in her bindings, looking for anything that would help her escape or, even better, turn the situation around so that she was the dominant one. She saw nothing that could help in any way. She realized her body was the only tool she had to make him pay for what he had done to her. Her body was strong and it made guys weak. She knew she could do it. She had done it before.

Linda noticed him staring at her bald pussy from which he just ripped the panties. Her thighs were apart giving him a good view of her puffy outer lips, showing just a hint of her pink slit between them. Instead of clamping her thighs together in a defensive position she let her legs fall further apart as she watched the bulge in his pants give a twitch.  Guys were so pathetic when they thought they were going to get some pussy. This one was no different.

As Hawk looked down on her, he unbuttoned his shirt. When he took it off, he displayed his lean torso with muscles leading down inside his pants. He slowly undid the top of his pants and shoved them over his narrow hips. His penis made its appearance, and while not fully erect, it was impressive. He used one hand to fluff it by giving it a few twisting strokes.  He then pulled his balls out and eased them out into view. Still looking at the slit displayed between her open thighs, he lowered his pants and took them off his feet. He then stood with feet apart and stroked himself while looking at her sex.

Linda looked at the weapon with which he intended to subdue her. As her eyes drifted from his cock, up his lean torso to his rather handsome face, she thought that under different circumstances she would have gladly let him breed a child into her. Not now though. This ass had played his cards wrong. She would let him think he had the upper hand until she could pounce on him like the she-devil she was.

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The ‘M’ in BDSM

Beat me. Fuck me. Make me write bad checks.

The ‘M’ stands for Masochism and I love it. I don’t know why. Having a good spanking just gets my juices flowing and I am not the only one. Pain and pleasure are closely related. With me, being made to hurt before being made to cum just makes it so much more intense.

I am not into bleeding, however. I have beautiful skin and intend to keep it that way. But anything short of ripping my body apart, I am down for

The ‘S’ in BDSM

Sadism. Applying a good spanking or a little wax to a well rounded tushy can be fun and arousing. Doing the same to something as fragile as an erection never did much for me. I understand that some people get off by administering severe pain like breaking the skin with a whip or by placing large foreign objects into places they were not meant to go, but it just not do that much for me.

There is a close connection between pain and pleasure. The use of pain can make the pleasure more intense. I have experienced that and I like it a lot. I just don’t like doing it if it is anything more than a little rough play.

The D in BDSM

After someone has been tied up and become a submissive, someone has to step up and become a Dominant. This is something I have never had much experience with as I always seem to be the one tied up. I understand there are guys who like for a woman to be in charge. I guess if you are bad at sex, let someone else take charge. Or maybe it straightens out some kink that they have.

I like being the one that is being made into a slave to someone else’s pleasure. I guess it is just the ‘giver’ in me.