Alpha Hawk 6

Chapter Six (Custom Erotic Story) By Bethany Swick Linda continued to breathe deeply, giving her captor the full benefit of her full breasts.  He was in her power now. Ever since puberty, she had been able to get anything she wanted from a man as soon as her tits were in view. They all actedContinue reading “Alpha Hawk 6”

Alpha Hawk 5

Chapter Five (Custom Erotic Story) By Bethany Swick Hawk looked down at the woman tied to his bed and his cock gave another jump as his eyes came to her creamy thighs encasing her glistening sex.  He had picked the right conquest for this evening. This one was more mature than most of his victimsContinue reading “Alpha Hawk 5”

Apha Hawk 4

Chapter Four (Custom Erotic Story) By Bethany Swick Linda came back to her senses as Hawk removed the thong from her body. She knew she was in trouble with this man who intended to have his way. Her eyes darted around the room wildly as she twisted in her bindings, looking for anything that wouldContinue reading “Apha Hawk 4”

Custom Erotic Writing

Today I am accepting requests for custom erotic writings. You send me a picture, a word or a phrase and I will create a 500 word story for you. No charge. Why? Because I am not certain anyone here or on Twitter is actually engaged. I suspect there are a lot of lurkers who justContinue reading “Custom Erotic Writing”

The ‘S’ in BDSM

Sadism. Applying a good spanking or a little wax to a well rounded tushy can be fun and arousing. Doing the same to something as fragile as an erection never did much for me. I understand that some people get off by administering severe pain like breaking the skin with a whip or by placingContinue reading “The ‘S’ in BDSM”