Need more followers

I write because I want people to read what i write and hopefully enjoy it. To do that I need more followers.

To my present followers:If you like what you read here spread the word to your friends. I know it can be embarrassing to admit that you follow an erotic author. Get over it. It can be liberating.

I m reaching out for new followers. If you happen upon my Blog drop a line and say hi. We can be friends.

Published by bethanyswick

I write hot erotic stories about powerful women. If you would like to read one, let me know and I will send you a copy. Have a look and tell me what you think in a review. It is only with your support that I can continue to offer up my unique, sexy stories. Send me a comment on what you would like me to write next.

6 thoughts on “Need more followers

      1. I don’t know. Using key words might be best so they don’t get led down a path they don’t want to go down. Erotica, Erotic writing, BDSM, Porn,

        Whatever you do will be a big help I am sure.

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  1. I wonder if you ever came across Tabitha Rayne? She’s an erotic writer in the UK, she blogs a lot, does social media and so on, she had an advise page about publishing I think which was interesting but I can’t find the link for it right now, so it might have been someone else from a link to her site, but I think it was her own. She’s very approachable and friendly, so I reckon she would offer some assistance, I was thinking of hooking you two ups before, but to be honest, I don’t know her that well, I always feel like I don’t come over very well when I meddle in other peoples creative ideas! haha, sensitive myself you see :).


    1. The name sounds familiar and I may have seen her on Twitter. I will look for her. It would be great if you could put us two together and not meddling at all.
      You can meddle and comment as much as you want with no fear of me getting butt hurt about it. Writers have to have pretty thick skins as no matter what one writes it will piss off somebody.


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