Maid to Serve

This is my only full length novel and honestly it is my best book ever published. It is not even close to being my best sellers. I am guessing but I figure readers like their erotica in smaller doses: Just enough to work themselves up to a masturbation session and then they are done forContinue reading “Maid to Serve”

And Another Thing

Striped Bare is the first in the trilogy about Bonnie’s life. She starts out by being abused by a step-father until she decides to exact retribution. Having done that, she takes to the road to find her own way in life, knowing that her step-father will be looking for her. She arrivesd in Las VegasContinue reading “And Another Thing”

A Word from Our Sponsor

My series of books about Robin was my first real novel. It is broken into three parts because somewhere I learned that readers like their porn in short, ejaculatory bursts. Why pay for a 200 page novel when all you want is a little starter fluid for when you are barbequing alone. The story ofContinue reading “A Word from Our Sponsor”

Sold at Auction 1.18 Escape

Bo smiled at Tami. “She is one of my girls.  She can take it.  When I think she is ready I will let her down and give her a long slow fucking.” “Please do it soon as I think she has had enough.” “What brings you in here other than concern for poor little Kandi,”Continue reading “Sold at Auction 1.18 Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape

Chapter Six-Ashore It was impossible to dry their hair after they had washed the stink of the sex resort out of it because the mist from the waterfall got the cockpit of the boat damp with mist. Since they were all naked, none of them minded. They had more to eat and then they allContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape”

Sold At Auction 3.9 Escape

Soon they were free from the boat. Anna found the jib furling sheet and undid it. She took the Jib sheet and pulled the jib sail out just a bit so it could catch the breeze that was at its freshest just at sundown. The sail filled and Anna cleated it and went to theContinue reading “Sold At Auction 3.9 Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.8-Escape

Chapter Four-Anna and the Twins Escape Anna took the time to put her swimsuit and then unhurriedly left the room with the four sleeping men in it. The thought crossed her mind that she may have given them enough Percocet to kill them. While that was not her intention, she made up her mind thatContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.8-Escape”

Sold at Auction-3.5 Escape

Anna dashed into her room and found the bottle of wine she had kept when Raphael had been there.  She quickly opened it and took her stash of Percocet pills, which she had ground into powder. She used her hand as a funnel and poured the dust from the pills into the bottle of darkContinue reading “Sold at Auction-3.5 Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.4-Escape

Chapter Three-The Gangbang Four men came over to where she was dancing with the listless twins. Whatever doubt Anna had about escaping with the twins left her mind at that point. “Hey, ladies. We want to party with you three,” said the short, dark man who was apparently the ringleader of the foursome. Anna wentContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.4-Escape”