Cuckold 16

As I held Sukrat’s pulsing cock against my recently cream-pied pussy, we could all see that he was going to empty his load all over my tummy. His first blast of semen was so powerful that it shot up and landed between my breasts. It lay there like a thick rope. I pointed the end of his cock toward the lips of my pussy so that his semen could join Sam’s which was already sliding out of me.

His cock liked the feel of my wet pussy and pulse after pulse of semen frosted my mons. Soon he had emptied his heavy black balls onto my body. I lay still on top of his body until he had calmed himself. I got off him with Sam’s cum sliding from inside of me while Surkat’s cum slid down my body.

“You two can let yourself out,” I said, anxious to get to Ogden’s next humiliation. “You two men have shown Ogden how to properly fuck a woman. Now I am going to make him clean up the mess you have made.”

“Give us a minute and we could fuck you some more, Bethany,” Sam said.

“I know you could, Little Man. However, I need to attend to Ogden before all of your beautiful semen leaks out of me. Get dressed and let yourselves out.”

They did as I asked, and were soon gone, leaving me to finish Ogden. His poor cock was now purple in its cage and would soon suffer permanent damage if I did not release it. He no doubt had a case of blue balls that I would have to take care of. I wanted to cuckold him, not ruin him.

But first there was one more thing. I straddled his body so that he could see the mess the two men had made of my sex. Straddling him he would see the lips of my pussy dripping cum.

“You are going to have to clean up this mess, Ogden. Someone has to do it and your mouth is the only one I want between my legs.”

“Please don’t make me eat their cum,” Ogden begged.

“Too bad, Baby,” I said as I worked my way to where my pussy was right over his face.

I smiled as I lowered my pussy onto his unwilling mouth.

Kissing the Whip by my friend Kellie

Kissing the whip. I never knew what it was called until it was too late. I thought it was some kinky oral thing that I had never heard of. By the time I was naked and tied to a cross, it occurred to my dumb head that it was something else entirely.

It was cold where he had me tied up. So my nipples were as hard as pencil erasers on my soft, full breasts. He had put a pillow behind my back so that my body was arched like a bow with my torso sticking out. My skin was tight on my tummy and in this position my mons was the part of my body that stuck out the furtherest. Except for my breasts. Surely, he would not use the whip on my soft breasts. There was so much I did not know about this kissing the whip thing.

He entered all dressed in a leather outfit that was mostly around his torso. His junk was in this leather slingshot arrangement that barely covered his genitalia. His entire head was covered in a leather covering, hiding his identity completely. He was scary. Scary enough that I tried to pull my hands free from my bindings but all that did was set my breasts in motion. I decided that doing that was like waving a flag in front of a bull so I quieted down knowing I should have never agreed to kiss the whip.

He had said whip in his hand and was swishing it around as though to get a feel for it while he contemplated my naked, helpless body in front of him. I could almost make out a smile under his leather head covering but I was not sure if it was a smile or a grimace.

“Please don’t hit me with that I begged,” thinking I had to say something. I probably should not have said that.

With a cat-like quickness, he pulled his arm back and then with blinding speed the thin tail of the whip came forward and hit my lower tummy, hurting like a string of fire had hit my body. I was in shock for a moment and then I screamed. I looked down at my taut tummy and saw that the whip had left a red welt on my skin. It hurt like hell. But this had to stop.

“Ok,” I gasped through clenched teeth. “I have kissed your fucking whip. Now let me go.”

He did not. There was much more. Certainly he would not subject my soft breast so that, would he?

Sex as a Slave

“The cavern they were in was hot and humid. There were open flames burning in oil drums causing the air to stink of the noxious oil that was being burned in them.  The burning oil not only caused the air to be hard to breathe but it added to the heat in the room which was almost unbearable. The perspiration came off of her naked body causing a rivulet to form between her naked breasts. Anna was aware that she could smell the fear and the sweat both on herself and on the women who were tied to the turnstile with her.”

I am not sure why this book sells so well but it is one of my best sellers. I always thought it was the title that catches peoples eyes. Let me know what you think is the hook.

Second edition of this book in now out.

“This one has nice tits too,” said my attacker as he mauled my soft tits with both hands.

“Yeah. Maybe later. Let’s get some shots of Sarah being fucked and then maybe we will give the writer a go.”

Hearing this, Sarah flopped around until she got her feet to the side of the bed, stood up and ran towards the door with her hands tied behind her and her mouth gagged with tape. The man with the thong grabbed her and forced her arms further behind her back, which caused her already prominent tits to stick further out.

“This one is a wildcat. She will make good photos as I run my dick into her. Get a shot of her struggling to get away.”

Draining Him 1.8

Draining Him 1.8

Jeremy’s head slumped forward as the intense pleasure the masturbator was giving him went through his body. Unbelievingly, his cock seemed to swell up further in girth as the vibrations summoned up his semen. His hips started to undulate as though there was an invisible lover he were trying to service. A low, animal-like moan came from him as his body became covered with a sheen of perspiration from his intense stress.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good,” he said as his body started to slam back into the wall he was attached to. Then his hips would drive outwards as though he were trying to impale his invisible lover.

Having a complete clinical knowledge of how a man’s junk operated, Sarah used one of her hands to fondle his full ball sack while the other drifted to his back door and massaged his rear entrance. This caused her body to be in contact with Jeremy’s as he thrust back and forth, not being able to control himself. Then his body arced out from the wall with one final thrust. Sarah removed her hands and turned off the vibrator before he could spurt his seed into the waiting cup.

“What the fuck, Sarah. I was right there. Why did you stop?”

“I want to edge you a bit so we get a full sample when you do cum,” Sarah answered matter-of-factly.

While she was doing what was required to artificially inseminate the two lesbians, the close proximity of Dr. Jay’s straining body was not lost on her. She wonder what it would feel like if it was her that would be under him waiting to receive his seed. She licked her lips as she realized her chest was flush and her breathing had changed. Bringing herself back to the task at hand she cleared her throat and took a deep breath of frustration.

Tami, who never missed anything, asked, “Are you okay, Sarah?”

“Yes,” she hissed. “I am fine. It just seems like such a waste to collect semen like this when there is a much more natural way to do it. Damn, lesbians.”

“Well get your self together. Bo has instructed us to get his two lesbian friends pregnant and that is what we are doing. If you want to fuck Dr. Jeremy afterwards I am sure that would be okay.”

“It would be okay with me,” Jeremy growled from his tied up position.

Sarah thought for a moment, took a deep breath and became Dr. Sarah, Sex Therapist, once again.

She pushed the button on the vibrator and watched as Jeremy’s body tensed with the sensation his rock-hard cock was getting. Sarah was a bit of an expert at edging. She loved the control it gave and the complete gratitude her subject gave her when she released his swollen balls.

As Jeremy writhed from his captured position on the wall Sarah gave the idea of have sex with him some serious thought. She had known him for years and had always found him interesting and attractive. Since her coming out at Fleur-de-Lis she had a healthy sexual appetite but had always remained very selective because of other goals she was pursuing. Her life was now in order and the thought of having a baby or two with someone handsome and successful was more appealing. While Bo had absolute control of what she did at Fleur-de-Lis, when away, she could do as she pleased. Since Bo and Jeremy were great friends, it would be like keeping it in the family. And she knew from the tests that had been run that Jeremy was a breeder.

As though to prove that he was capable, Jeremy started his animal-like thrusting as the cock vibrator brought him close to orgasm. Sarah shut off the device and watched as his body slumped back onto the wall in frustration. As a sort of half-assed conciliation prize, Sarah reached between his legs and gave his tight ball sack a light massage, still thinking about what it would be like if she were to let him mount her in his present state. She was sure there would be no lack of viable sperm.

“Don’t you think that is enough, Sarah?” Tami asked. She had edged men in the past and always thought it was a cruel thing to bring a man that close to orgasm and then suddenly quit. Of all of the training Tami had participated in at Fleur-de-Lis, edging was her least favorite. She lacked the cruel streak that would make such a thing enjoyable for her.

Sarah returned from fantasying about how it would feel to have Dr. Jeremy ravish her in his heightened state. “I guess so.  You gave him the testosterone booster injection so my guess he is going to gush like a yoghurt dispenser once we get him going.”

“Yes he will,” Tami said having had several experiences with men once they took one of Bo’s proprietary t-booster shots. “Besides, Dr. Jay is a young healthy male and all we really need is one ambitious sperm.”

Dr. Jay lifted his head up after recovering from his most recent frustration. “I am right here ladies and if either of you two would like to find out how ready I am to breed just let me loose from these bindings and I will fuck you both silly.”

“Dr. Sarah, I think you patient is ready to produce and reproduce. There is no need to antagonize him any further.”

“I guess not,” Sarah said giving Dr. Jay a kiss on his taut tummy. Her eyes were half-closed as she put her hand on his throbbing cock, still thinking of what it would be like to turn him loose and have him make good on his challenge. “Get the syringe thing ready and I will drain him.”

Tami went to the cupboard came back with a a device that looked like it was half turkey baster and half dildo. It had been designed to deliver a sample of a man’s semen fairly deep into a woman’s vagina. Once it had been loaded with the semen Sarah was about to collect, it would be quickly inserted into Shaniqua’s vagina, and with a quick squeeze of the bulb on the end it would blast the semen deep within her. After that the semen were on their own to swim to the finish line. Shaniqua was ovulating and Jeremy had viable sperm so the chances were good that Shaniqua would end up pregnant.

Sarah put on a surgical glove she had gotten from the cupboard. She used some Ultra-Glide to lube up the middle finger of the glove as Jeremy watched. He knew where that was going. He gave a sigh as he realized that Sarah intended to get all of his semen out of him in one giant blast. His balls were so blue and aching from the edging he was really beyond caring.

Sarah turned on the cock vibrator once again and watched as Jeremy sucked in his breath as his body tensed with the extreme pleasure it was giving him. Sarah approached his straining body and passed her prepared hand between his open legs and found her target between his buttocks. She knew that Jeremy had been finger fucked before, and he knew she was expert at what she was about to do. She gently pressed against his rose bud until he willingly relaxed and allowed her lubricated finger to slide in. With a practiced skill she found his walnut like prostate and began a slow massage of it as the cock ring brought him to completion.

Jeremy cried out as his testicles released his semen into the waiting receptacle on the vibrator. Before he could catch his breath Sarah drove her finger hard against his gland causing him to spurt more of his semen out whether he wanted to or not. Jamming her finger roughly into his anus she got him to spurt two more times, filling the collection cup.

“Sorry, Baby,” she said as she laid her naked body against his almost as though she had climaxed also. Truth be told she almost had. “I did what I had to do to get all of your essence.”

“It okay, Sarah,” Jeremy said as his body started to relax.

Sarah gave his back door a few more gentle probes before removing her finger and discarding the glove. Giving Jeremy another little torso kiss she quickly remove the cock vibrator being careful not to spill the sample.

“Quickly, Tami. Let’s get this to the mommy-to-be.”

Tami removed the reservoir of the turkey baster and Sarah carefully poured a considerable amount of semen into it.

“Now go. Go give Shaniqua what she wants. I will stay here and take care of Dr. Jeremy.”

Tami gave Sarah a rather suspicious look, but hurried out to complete her task.

Stephanie BTK

“Hey,” I yelled as they came through the door, each taking an one of my arms and pushing me down the entryway.

My sexy little nighty was pulled taught across my breasts as they pinned my arms behind me. My nipples which were taut in anticipation of the games I would be playing with the female escort, now poked through the thin material. The black guy slammed his hand across my mouth as the white guy pinned both my arms behind me forcing my chest out.

I tried to kick him before the guy behind me picked me up painfully using the my arms that were behind my back. He was strong and smelled like an animal. The black guy used his free hand to painfully grab my right tit and squeeze it. His partner pulled me against his hard body and I could feel his erection through his clothes. This was no longer a game. It looked like it would be a gang rape. I had no idea how much worse it would get.

Then she walked through the door with a gun to the head of my beloved Jerimiah. He was hurt. He looked like he had been beaten repeatedly.His hands were tied behind his back and he had a cloth gag in his mouth. I tried to break away from my captors and go to comfort him, but they roughly held me back.

Sex as a Slave

She remembered being rather woozy as two women in black had taken her clothes off. She had fought with them in a rather feeble manner but they had succeeded in making her naked. Then they had cuffed her hands to the bar in front of her next to another woman who was also nude.  The two ladies in black had told her to push.  When she had not, one of them had hit her backside with a riding crop.

She remembered being rather woozy as two women in black had taken her clothes off. She had fought with them in a rather feeble manner but they had succeeded in making her naked. Then they had cuffed her hands to the bar in front of her next to another woman who was also nude.  The two ladies in black had told her to push.  When she had not, one of them had hit her backside with a riding crop.