Sold at Auction-3.2 Escape

Anna was fairly certain that she was off the coast of Africa, some distance from the Mediterranean Sea. She knew that is would take days, and perhaps weeks, to get to a civilized country where she could be assured someone would help her and not just return her to slavery. In spite of the risks,Continue reading “Sold at Auction-3.2 Escape”

The Road to Brian Head: An Erotic Rescue

1 Brian Head The rain was just starting to turn to snow as Ryan made the turn off of I-15 and onto highway 143 which would take him to Brian Head.  He had scheduled two weeks off in the low season just so he could be alone at his parents’ mountain cabin.  He was lookingContinue reading “The Road to Brian Head: An Erotic Rescue”

Sold at Auction 2

The Men They continued to push, getting tired and weak as they went along.  Punxie began to sag and was getting a taste of the whip on almost every revolution of the turnstile.  Anna felt a kindred spirit with her and tried to push harder so that Punxie would not get beaten. It did notContinue reading “Sold at Auction 2”