Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape

Chapter Six-Ashore It was impossible to dry their hair after they had washed the stink of the sex resort out of it because the mist from the waterfall got the cockpit of the boat damp with mist. Since they were all naked, none of them minded. They had more to eat and then they allContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.13 Escape

You need to eat something, Shanelle and get your strength back. We all need to have something to eat before sunup because we will have to decide our next move by then.” “I will get us all something,” Sasha said. “Stay up here and enjoy your freedom, Shanelle.” “Oh I will,” Shanelle answered as sheContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.13 Escape”