Maid to Serve

This is my only full length novel and honestly it is my best book ever published. It is not even close to being my best sellers. I am guessing but I figure readers like their erotica in smaller doses: Just enough to work themselves up to a masturbation session and then they are done forContinue reading “Maid to Serve”

And Another Thing

Striped Bare is the first in the trilogy about Bonnie’s life. She starts out by being abused by a step-father until she decides to exact retribution. Having done that, she takes to the road to find her own way in life, knowing that her step-father will be looking for her. She arrivesd in Las VegasContinue reading “And Another Thing”

Sold at Auction 1.20 Escape

Kandi watched his erection sway in front of him as he undid her hands from the cross.  It would occasionally swing into contact with her smoot skin causing her to shudder with the anticipation of it entering her.  Once her hands were free, Kandi cupped her breasts and pinched her cherry-red nipples as Bo undidContinue reading “Sold at Auction 1.20 Escape”

Sold at Auction 1.19 Escape

Tami gave her a kiss on the cheek and said to Bo as she left, “Don’t torture her any more.  Just give her what she came her for and let her go back to Santa Cruz.” As Bo got up from his desk and went over to survey the beauty that was tethered to theContinue reading “Sold at Auction 1.19 Escape”

Sold at Auction 1.17. Escape

Chapter Eight-Kandy at Fleur-de-Lis Tami walked into Bo’s bedroom unannounced.   She knew that he was with Kandi, but doubted that they were doing anything that she would not be welcomed to watch or even participate in.  Kandy worked in the Santa Cruz facility with her dear friend, Kelly. The two of them, Kandi and Kelly,Continue reading “Sold at Auction 1.17. Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape

Chapter Six-Ashore It was impossible to dry their hair after they had washed the stink of the sex resort out of it because the mist from the waterfall got the cockpit of the boat damp with mist. Since they were all naked, none of them minded. They had more to eat and then they allContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.12 Escape

Chapter Six-Beaching The boat continued to slow as the wind died during the night. Anna steered a course to get them closer to shore knowing that hiding themselves and the boat was the only chance they had to escape their captors. Sasha stood next to her, willing her eyes to see something on the darkContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.12 Escape”

Sold at Auction 3.11 Escape

Bo just as quickly withdrew and started mercilessly fucking her with no regard for the pounding he has giving her body. His thrusts made her breasts undulate on her chest and made her head repeatedly bang into the headboard of the bed.   She had seen Bo in a lust rage such as this and knewContinue reading “Sold at Auction 3.11 Escape”