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Kissing the Whip Four

I came back to this world with pain screaming throughout my body. I looked down from where I was stilled tied and saw that my tormenter had been busy abusing my unconscious body. There were red stripes on my breasts, tummy, and thighs. They all screamed out their own particular stinging agony.

He came over to where I was slumped in my bindings and started rubbing an ointment on my tits. He did it with no regard for my soft breasts. He applied this ointment as though he were treating a cow’s udder. I did not care because the ointment brought almost immediate relief to my aching breasts, making the redness of the marks subside.

He continued vigorously rubbing this ointment onto my tummy, my mons, and then my thighs. If doing this had any effect on him, it did not show. His erect penis occasionally bumped into my legs and once his large testicles swung out and grazed me. He was more intent on putting out the fire he had caused on my tender skin.

When he was done, he untied my feet from the cross where I had been kissing the whip. When he undid my hands, my legs proved unable to support my weight and I crumbled into a pile at his feet. Knowing what I had to do next, I got to my knees with my hands behind my back in a position of supplication. As he stood before me, I opened my mouth and looked up at him with anxious eyes. We both knew that he could use me in any manner he wished. As he got closer, we both knew that he would.

Kissing the Whip Two

I soon learned that kissing the whip meant that I was going to be wearing a lot of those fire like stripes on the front of my body.

“Please don’t,” I whimpered as he brought his arm back again.

The whistling of the leather traveling through the air on the way to my body made me tense up so that when it landed it met my taut skin and sent its white-hot pain through my tummy. My skin was now sensitized to what was happening to me and the pain seemed worse with this second stroke. I was so shocked by the intensity of it that I could only look at the new red strip I was wearing with my eyes getting bigger. I now knew what kissing the whip meant. Now, the only thing I did not know was how to make it stop. I was in no position to do anything about it being naked and tied to a cross with my body bent like a bow.

I tried sobbing with tears leaking out of my eyes and falling onto my full breasts. Certainly, this man had some humanity left in him and he would see that I had enough. Judging by how his package had swollen up he was getting something out of it. I thought that maybe my tears had softened his disposition until I saw his arm rear back for another stroke. I tried to relax my body knowing what was coming now that I had tasted it. I was now prepared for having the angry whip land on my mons and hipbones. I thought he had torn through the skin over my hipbones and he had certainly hurt my fatty mound at the start of my sex.

In spite of myself, I screamed again. I knew that even though I was tied up, I had to do something to save myself from more abuse because it seemed like he was not ever going to stop. As bound up as I was there was only one thing I had to offer-my body.

Kissing the Whip by my friend Kellie

Kissing the whip. I never knew what it was called until it was too late. I thought it was some kinky oral thing that I had never heard of. By the time I was naked and tied to a cross, it occurred to my dumb head that it was something else entirely.

It was cold where he had me tied up. So my nipples were as hard as pencil erasers on my soft, full breasts. He had put a pillow behind my back so that my body was arched like a bow with my torso sticking out. My skin was tight on my tummy and in this position my mons was the part of my body that stuck out the furtherest. Except for my breasts. Surely, he would not use the whip on my soft breasts. There was so much I did not know about this kissing the whip thing.

He entered all dressed in a leather outfit that was mostly around his torso. His junk was in this leather slingshot arrangement that barely covered his genitalia. His entire head was covered in a leather covering, hiding his identity completely. He was scary. Scary enough that I tried to pull my hands free from my bindings but all that did was set my breasts in motion. I decided that doing that was like waving a flag in front of a bull so I quieted down knowing I should have never agreed to kiss the whip.

He had said whip in his hand and was swishing it around as though to get a feel for it while he contemplated my naked, helpless body in front of him. I could almost make out a smile under his leather head covering but I was not sure if it was a smile or a grimace.

“Please don’t hit me with that I begged,” thinking I had to say something. I probably should not have said that.

With a cat-like quickness, he pulled his arm back and then with blinding speed the thin tail of the whip came forward and hit my lower tummy, hurting like a string of fire had hit my body. I was in shock for a moment and then I screamed. I looked down at my taut tummy and saw that the whip had left a red welt on my skin. It hurt like hell. But this had to stop.

“Ok,” I gasped through clenched teeth. “I have kissed your fucking whip. Now let me go.”

He did not. There was much more. Certainly he would not subject my soft breast so that, would he?

From my WIP: Sex Traffick

Rip helped her into the truck realizing he would have to get it detailed after he got her out of it. Her depleted body was so filthy that anything she came into contact with have to be cleaned. He got in and noticed that the woman was staring at the water bottle he had in the center console.

“Do you want some water?” he asked her handing her the bottle.

She looked questioningly into his eyes and gave her goat like “Mauuw?” before taking it from him, unscrewing the top and gulping it down so fast some of it ran down her chin. It occurred to Rip it could have been more than a week since she had water much less food. She could have certainly died in that hot warehouse and then been discarded in a dumpster, with no one ever knowing what had happened to her.

From my WIP: Sex Traffick

Once she reached the cage close to where the men were standing, she looked at Rip with eyes that were either inquisitive or pleading and said, “MAAUUWW.” In a hoarse voice

El Cheuy shook his head and said, “See what I mean. That is about the only noise she can make. Kind of like a baby goat. Like a retarded baby goat. Useless cunt, like I said.”

Rip looked into the dirty woman’s eyes and saw a spark of obvious intelligence in their emerald green color. No doubt, she had issues, but Rip doubted that she was mentally handicapped. Maybe she had a speech issue. Maybe she did not understand English. Who knew?

“No one wanted her skank ass so I can let you have her cheap. She is too small to make a good whore anyway. Good ass though. If you don’t want her I am going to take her out to the fields and let the guys out there fuck her for a while. She is useless to me.”

Rip could just imagine how long this poor creature would last with the field hands taking turns on her. He could not imagine anyone wanting to fuck her in her filthy condition, but there was always someone who was not very picky.

Draining Him 2.5

Draining Him

Book Two


Sarah woke up to Jay putting little butterfly kisses all over her face.  She had no idea of how long they had been asleep, but judging by the feel of the rigid man meat on her leg, it had been long enough for her lover to fully recover. She smiled and giggled a little at his light kisses that were no doubt meant to wake her gently. There is no purer expression of love then someone kissing you while you slept. Unless you are in prison, of course.

Jay traced his light kisses down her neck and there was doubt what the final destination of that beautiful mouth was going to be. She tried to squirm around in order to at least get a hand on his manhood in order to reciprocate but Jay was not having any of it. He took both of her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head, letting her know who was in charge.

When he got to her navel he spent an inordinate amount of time licking it with the tip of his tongue. In occurred to Sarah that no one had ever lavished such attention on that particular divot in her body. She did not know if it was a newly discovered erogenous zone, or whether it was making her hot because Jay was taking such time there. In either case, her desire to reciprocate left her.

Jay continued to her mons pubis which was very pronounced on Sarah’s thin tummy. Having had all of what little wispy pubic hair she had lasered away when she was quite young. Jay started licking and nibbling her mound like he was eating the top of an ice cream cone. He once again seemed to be in no hurry to leave this newly captured territory. Sarah was the one that wanted him to move on to more succulent pastures, but this man was an aficionado of the oral arts. If she could have freed her hands she would have guided him to the promise land but he was so much stronger and bigger than she was, there was little that she could do but sigh and let him have his way with her.

As though sensing her need for more, Jay let go of her hands and then none to gently, slid his hands between her thighs grabbing handfuls of her firm ass for purchase. He put her legs on his shoulders, bent them upward and lowered his mouth to the slit that had recently been stretched by his penis. Opening wide, he engulfed her entire slit from one end to the other making, Sarah gasp at his boldness. The man knew what was his and he was no longer going to nice about taking what he wanted.

Sarah’s hands went to her nipples because they were aching with desire from her stud man putting his mouth in her most sensitive place. As she rolled her pebble-like nipples between her thumb and forefingers, Jay changed his approach. Sliding his hands inward he used the thumb of both hands to open her petals. Then his mouth made it to the hood where her little man lived. Sarah marveled at his technique as he used his very pointed tongue to start tracing the letters of the alphabet around her extended clit. Each letter was slowly and distinctly traced, making her clit quiver as he finished the letter ‘A’ and then slowly started forming the letter ‘B’. Suddenly Sarah thought the alphabet needed a lot more letters. She lay back, sighed, and was thankful that they were not using the Hawaiian alphabet.

As his tongue sent tingles through her wiggling body. Sarah had to ask herself how he had gotten so good at the only part he had to be good at. She knew from her studies that most guys ate pussy like a hound lapping up peanut butter with the idea if they slashed around down there long enough they would eventually hit the good spot. Not with Jay. The tip of his tongue was hitting the good spot with the very tip of his tongue. No wasted effort. No slobbering mess. Just pure sensation being sent up her very core.

Sarah realized that it was getting out of hand when he reached the letter ‘K’. She prided herself on satisfying her partner before she orgasmed but that was not going to happen if she did not change the script. She used both of hands to try to push his head away from her little man but he just grabbed on harder to her ass.

“Stop, Jay. Please stop. Let me take you in my mouth and get you to catch up.”

He raised his head up from his delightful work and said, “There is no catching up unless I say there is.”

Sarah had to smile at his knew forceful manner and rather liked the idea of him being dominant. She also knew that he could have her in any manner he wanted and if she orgasmed out of turn, so be it. She knew that they were going to have a lot of orgasms together. If he wanted to go down on her until she screamed and was raw, she was willing to let him.

Just as she got comfortable with that idea he came up into a kneeling position between her legs and flipped her over onto her tummy like she was a doll. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her ass up and back to him as Sarah cried out in surprise at this turn of events. His cock was like a rigid piece of steel as it bumped into her tummy. When she tried to rise up onto her forearms he used a hand to push her face back down onto the bed. With his other hand he gathered up both of her wrists and pinned them behind her back making her helpless to prevent whatever he had in mind.