Custom Erotic Writing

Today I am accepting requests for custom erotic writings. You send me a picture, a word or a phrase and I will create a 500 word story for you. No charge. Why? Because I am not certain anyone here or on Twitter is actually engaged. I suspect there are a lot of lurkers who justContinue reading “Custom Erotic Writing”

What should I do next?

If you want to read the rest of ‘The Road to Brian Head’ you will have to buy a copy of the book on Amazon. What should I do next? Finish the ‘Traveling with Sarah’ Book? Write a sequel to ‘The Road to Brian Head’? Finish the last book of ‘The Sold at Auction’ trilogy?Continue reading “What should I do next?”

Sold at Auction-Part Three

Bo removed his hand and started a trail of slow kisses that led to the juncture of her sex.  Once there, he opened his mouth to encompass as much of Kandi‚Äôs vulva as he could manage. Once he had his mouth affixed, his tongue licked up as much of her womanly essence as he couldContinue reading “Sold at Auction-Part Three”