Sold at Auction 1.18 Escape

Bo smiled at Tami. “She is one of my girls.  She can take it.  When I think she is ready I will let her down and give her a long slow fucking.”

“Please do it soon as I think she has had enough.”

“What brings you in here other than concern for poor little Kandi,” Bo said as he gave the remote another long push.

Kandi cried out and tried to push her thighs together as the vibrator worked to turn her most sensitive parts to liquid. Soon she was huffing and her body was undulating as though she were having sex with some invisible person. Her chest flushed and her breasts rose higher on her chest as her breathing increased.  As she came close to having a release Bo let off of the remote and she groaned in disappointment, ending with her head hanging down between her outstretched arms.

Tami shook her head in disapproval seeing Kandi in such an over wrought condition.

“I have an update on the Anna Arceno situation.  It seems she has gone missing.  Her and two other captives at resort took a boat and disappeared.  No one has seen them since they left, and the people on the island are busy searching for them.”

Bo turned to give Tami his full attention at hearing this news. “Where is Black Rock Security and that extraction team I ordered?”

“They are in route and should be there in the next few days. The question is: Do you want them to stage an operation when we are not sure of where Anna is?”

Bo thought for a moment. “No. Have them hold their position until we get more information. I have sailed with Anna and her father a couple of times and that girl knows how to operate a boat. If they can’t find her it is because she has hidden herself and the boat she took.  What about the other two people that are with her?”

“We don’t know much about them. They are two unknowns. We have to assume they have some sort of relationship with Anna. It is the only reason we can think that she would be with them.”

“Well let me know when we hear some new information,” Bo said.  “I owe her Dad big time and I would like nothing better than to return that young lady to her family.  They must be beside themselves with worry.”

“I spoke with her Mom and you are correct, of course. I hope our man on the inside gets us more information soon.”

“Thanks for the update, Tami.”

Kandi gave a low moan from where she was hanging.

“Will you do something with Kandi? You can make a person insane with your edging games, you know,” Tami said looking over at Kandi’s dripping body.

“Well take her down from there and put her on the cross and I will get her off.  Unless you want to?” Bo offered.

“No, no, no. You got her all wound up. You get her back from the edge.” Tami said as she looked at Kandi closer. “Come here you poor thing,” she said to Kandi as she released her hands from the bar that was holding them.

Tami undid her feet next allowing Kandi to stand on her own for a while.  She put her thumbs in the top of Kandi’s thong and slid them down her long legs. When Kandi attempted to remove her panties from her feet the vibrator in her vagina slipped out and fell wetly to the floor.  Kandi hugged her big breasts to herself as she look at the sodden mess her panties and the vibrator presented.

“Sorry,” was all she could say.

“Come here, Baby,” Tami said as she led Kandi over to the cross.  “He is going to take care of you now. He promised.”

“Oh good,” Kandi said as Tami fastened her to the cross. Attached with her back to the cross and her legs spread, her overheated sex was most prominent. 

Sold at Auction 1.17. Escape

Chapter Eight-Kandy at Fleur-de-Lis

Tami walked into Bo’s bedroom unannounced.   She knew that he was with Kandi, but doubted that they were doing anything that she would not be welcomed to watch or even participate in.  Kandy worked in the Santa Cruz facility with her dear friend, Kelly. The two of them, Kandi and Kelly, ran that operation for Bo and one or the other came to Fleur-de-Lis to report on the operations there. Neither of them visited often that often and it was unusual that both would visit so close together. Tami expected that Kelly had told Kandi about sex with Bo and that had gotten Kandi horny enough to make up an excuse for Kandi to visit Fleur-de-Lis. Tami was certain the two women occasionally took care of each other’s needs but she also knew they liked dick, one in particular.

Tami was not at all surprised to see that Bo was working at a small desk next to his massive bed. She was also not surprised to see Kandi tied up to a bar that came down from the ceiling.  Her hands were in cuffs that were at shoulder width and her feet were captured in a similar position.  She was only wearing a thong that was damply molded to here sex.  The strain the cuffs put on her body showed off her remarkable figure to good advantage. She had a high waist and a round high-set set of tits that Tami would have thought were implants if she had not known better.  Kandi’s long thin legs were straining to reach the floor in order to take some of her weight from her bound arms.

“What are you doing to Kandi, Bo?”

With this, Kandi seemed to wake up and notice that Tami had entered the room.

“Hi, Tami.  He is edging me and it is making me cray-cray,” Kandi replied looking up with a weak smile.

“I told you not to talk, Kandi.”  With that Bo picked up a small remote control, pressed and held the button.

Kandi’s body started to shake as the vibrations from the device in her panties sent tremors up through her most sensitive part.  Every muscle in her shapely body tensed up and a new bead of perspiration formed on her upper lip as her body reacted to the exquisite sensations. Her breathing changed and within seconds she emitted a low guttural moan as though she were approaching an orgasm.

Bo let go of the remote and Kandi’s body sagged in her restraints. A small moan announced her frustration at once again being denied the release she craved. More perspiration formed on her upper lip as her generous chest blushed.

“How long have you had her up there, Bo?” Tami asked with some concern showing in her voice.

Bo looked at the clock on his desk and replied, “About two hours.”

“Well I think that is long enough.  Look at her, for crying out loud. Take her down and let her orgasm before you make her insane.”

“Thank you, Tami,” Kandi whispered from her trussed up position.

Sold at Auction-1.16 Escape

Chapter Seven- Caught

It was the increased activity on the UHF radio that brought Anna out of her sound sleep. It was daylight and the search for them was on in earnest judging by the chatter on the radio. It was all to be expected. Anna figured her captors would be out in full force today and the sound of the helicopter going out to sea reinforced that thought.
The two girls were aroused by Anna getting out of bed. Once she was not between them, they gathered in each other’s arms and fell back to sleep. She gave them each a kiss as she went off to use the tiny head on the boat. Anna thought again how lucky they were to get away on a small, but well outfitted sailboat. They were equipped to hide out here for days if need be, although she thought that her captors would give up looking for them after a couple of days.
Anna went up on deck and looked out through the falling water and could see a speedboat making its way closer to the shore than she would have liked. She could make out one man looking shoreward, while there were two others looking out to sea. Anna made her way back below decks being careful not to cause any sudden movement that would catch the man’s attention.
She got back into the V berth without awakening the twins and snuggled them as she lay back, her mind racing. There was nothing for them to do but to stay below decks and be quiet. Above deck they would perhaps attract attention and she did not want that. If they were found out she was certain her captors would make enough noise on their approach to warn them. Anna did not have a well thought out plan if they were found in the lagoon. She was willing to fight until her death as she was sure the twins were. She did not know if they would be given the opportunity to do that. They would surely be overpowered and taken back into captivity. Only this time it would be worse.
Anna’s mind raced as she thought of how tentative their freedom actually was. In order to cope, she thought back to happier days when she was young and sailing with her family just for the pure joy of being out at sea. The sailing expedition she was on now was much different. Her life depended on her ability to operate the small day sailor. The lives of the twins also depended on her skills. As the weight of her responsibilities weigh on her, she squeezed the twins harder.

Sold at Auction 3.15 Escape

“We don’t have a family,” Sasha explained.  “We were raised in a foster home.  We were celebrating our 18th birthdays and our release from Child Protective Services when we were kidnapped.”

“Oh,” was all Anna could think of as a response.

It caused Anna to think of her own family, something she had blocked from her mind since being captured.  She knew her mother would be in tears over Anna going missing.  Her Daddy would be using all of his resources to find her. Her brother would be looking for someone’s ass to kick.  Her softball team would be plastering her photo on every street corner and all over the internet trying to find her. She knew she had to get back to them.

As for the twins she said, “Well I am your family now.  Where I go, you go.”

Shanelle gave a small sob and came over to Anna for a hug. Sasha joined them for a three way hug.

“We will be the best little sisters ever,” said Sasha.

“First, little sisters, we need to get our butts away from this place.  We will wait until they give up searching for us.  Maybe two or three days.”

“What do we do during those days?” Shanelle asked.

“You get your strength up.  We all stay quiet and out of sight.  I will make certain the boat is ready to go when we make a run for it.”

“As soon as it is dark you two are going to lift me to the top of the mast so I can take down the radar reflector.  It will make it harder for anyone to pick us up on radar.”

“What’s a radar reflector?,” Sasha asked.

“How do we get you to the top of the mast?, Shanelle asked.

Anna sighed and explained. “The radar reflector is that disco ball looking thing at the top of the mast.  A bosum’s chair is a sling that I can sit in while you tow crank me up to the top so I can take it down.”

“Sounds confusing,” Sasha said.

“Sounds dangerous,” Shanelle added.

“I will explain when we get to that after dark tonight. It is not hard to do and we simply cannot have it up there if we want to escape.”

“Okay,” they both answered in unison.

With that Anna went below to survey the boat and see what they had available. She looked through their food supply which looked like it could sustain them for a couple of weeks.  Then she went over the boat’s systems checking the water and fuel tanks, the battery conditions, bilge pumps, while looking for any additional gear that might be stored away. She found the bosum’s chair and took it out from its storage place below the seat cushions.

In one of the drawers she found a handheld GPS, far and away the most useful device on the boat. She took it into the cockpit and held her breath as she turned it on and waited for it to get their location.  Once it had done so, she zoomed out to see where they were on the face of the earth.  As she had guessed, they were on an island off the coast of Africa. More importantly, she now knew the opening of the Mediterranean was 653 miles to the northeast. Anna did a quick calculation in her head and figured they could be there in ten days of decent sailing, quicker if conditions were favorable.  If she got close enough she would be able to able to contact the local coast guard and have then come out to meet her.  For the first time Anna now had a firm goal in mind. She shut off the GPS to save its batteries, although there were more in a drawer.

By the time she was done, it was twilight. She brought the bosum’s chair out and hooked it to the main sail halyard.  She showed the twins how to use the windless to raise her to the top of the mast, and more importantly, she showed then how to lower her safely back to the deck.  Getting into the chair the twins raised her up to the top. Anna was able to unhook the radar reflector and she tossed it from where she was into the water.  The twins carefully lowered her to the deck.

With that done,  although they had not been awake long, they all went back into the v berth and arranged their warm naked bodies in much the same position as they had been in before.  The twins fell asleep almost instantly, but Anna had too many thing to think about.  She stared at the low cabin ceiling until the exhaustion of her recent life caught up with her.

The Big Lie

I only feel the pain

In the sunshine and the rain.

I tell the truth except for when I lie.

It only hurts me when I cry.

Black is white and white is black.

I don’t want my baby back.

She is gone and I don’t where.

If I never go there, I don’t care.

She is not dead,

That’ no lie.

But it only hurts me when I cry.

Sold at Auction 3.14 Escape

Chapter Six-Ashore

It was impossible to dry their hair after they had washed the stink of the sex resort out of it because the mist from the waterfall got the cockpit of the boat damp with mist. Since they were all naked, none of them minded. They had more to eat and then they all climbed into the one V berth and snuggled together. It was dry there with the sound of the falling water providing a soothing sound. Anna took one of the twins under either arm and held their thin bodies close to her own. Immediately, they each put a hand on one of Anna’s full tits and rested their heads against them. They fell asleep, feeling safer by the minute.

When Anna awoke the twins were still sleeping peacefully, probably for the first time since they had been kidnapped.  She slid out of bed without waking them and went up on deck to see if they were still safely hidden behind the waterfall. It was almost sunset and she knew that either they, or the guests they had incapacitated, would have been missed by now. The little lagoon they were in was very peaceful. Anna was once again thankful for their luck in finding it.

She turned on the UHF radio in the cockpit and turned the volume down low.  There were a of people breaking squelch with excited voice traffic following. They were all speaking a language that Anna did not understand, but Anna knew it was people looking for them. She heard the sound of a helicopter, but it was quite a bit in the distance. She knew that the best defense they had was the night falling around them. Her captors would give up at night and resume the search with renewed vigor in the morning .

Anna realized that if they were discovered aground that their last hope would be to escape onto the island. To that end, she put on her water shoes and got off at the bow of the boat. She studied the sides of the island and could make out what looked like a rugged path on one side of the waterfall, no doubt used by the locals to get down to the small beach.  Anna started up the path, having to use her hands to help herself up because it was so steep. 

By the time she got to the top she was out of breath and had to wonder if Shanelle would be strong enough to even make it to the top if the situation called for it. If you couldn’t, they would have to make their last stand on the beach, a fight they would never win.  She noticed that there was a well-used trail that led to the top of the waterfall from inland.  No doubt the locals came here often.  Another thing she had to worry about.  If the three white girls were seen, they would no doubt be reported to the authorities and they would be captured.

Anna looked out to sea and realized that is she could see the ocean, then people on the ocean could see her.  The light was failing, but is someone noticed a nude, white female standing on the headland, then the dots would be connected quickly and they would be found.  With that in mind, she climbed back down the trail to the lagoon and the boat.

She walked into the water and swam the short way to the stern of the boat. When she climbed into the cockpit the twins were sitting there each eating some canned meat and crackers. 

“Hi, girls,” Anna said grabbing a beach towel to dry off with.  She went over and gave each of them a kiss where they sat.  “Good to see that you are both eating.”

“I am starving,” replied Shanelle and Anna took it as a sign that her previous lack of appetite had been caused by stress and not some underlying ailment.

“Me too,” said Sasha offering Anna a cracker with a slice of meat on it.

Anna took it and realized that she was hungry too.  She vowed not to eat too much and leave the majority of their food supply to the younger girls who needed it more.  It looked like they had ample supplies, but Anna knew that they might have to live off of those supplies for weeks, if not a month or more. There was a survival raft strapped to the forward deck and Anna knew there would be water and rations in there but she intended to save that for a last resort.  When they finally got underway she would attempt to catch a fish with some of the gear they had on board.  For now, she just wanted to get the girls stronger for what lay ahead.

“Sounds like they may be looking for us,” Anna said indicating the gibberish coming over the radio.  The number of transmissions seemed to be getting less which Anna took as a sign that they were giving up for the evening.

“They will never find us in here,” the twins said in unison making Anna smile at their positivity and their cute way of speaking at the same time.

“No, they won’t.  But tomorrow I expect they will be out in full force with the speed boats and the helicopter.  We will have to stay very quiet and not do anything to give ourselves away.” Anna did not feel the need to inform them of the perceived threat of being discovered by someone coming from the land side.

“I could stay right here forever,” Shanelle said chewing her last cracker with gusto. “We could stay naked and play in the water and no one would ever bother us ever again.”

“We will stay here until it is safe and then I will get you to freedom and back to your families.” Anna certainly wanted to get back to hers. In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction 3.13 Escape

You need to eat something, Shanelle and get your strength back. We all need to have something to eat before sunup because we will have to decide our next move by then.”

“I will get us all something,” Sasha said. “Stay up here and enjoy your freedom, Shanelle.”

“Oh I will,” Shanelle answered as she took Sasha’s position next to Anna.

“I must say you are in much better spirits now,” Anna said, giving Shanelle’s naked body a hug.

“I am.  I had convinced myself I would be better off dead than in that hell hole we just came out of.  You have given me hope, and no matter how this turns out, I will always be thankful for this taste of freedom you have given me and my sister.”

“It is not a taste, Shanelle.  We are going to make it.  I don’t know how, but we will.”

Sasha came up with a small basket full of energy bars and chocolate. “Eat up bitches. There is ice cream for dessert.”

The girls each grabbed something to eat as Anna steered them close to the island’s shore.  The first faint light of day was breaking as they got slowly closer. Anna knew she was looking for a river opening that she would get the boat into.  The island’s shore was so high and sheer she was losing hope that she would fine anything like that along this coast.

She took the boat closer to shore as the light became brighter. And then she saw it.  It was a waterfall cascading off of the top of a headland.  Maybe, just maybe there was enough room and water behind the waterfall that she could hide the boat in there. Knowing it was their best chance, Anna started up the small kicker engine.

“Grab the helm, Shanelle and head the boat to the left a few degrees.”

Shanelle did as she was told, taking what little wind there was out of the sails. Anna quickly furled in the jib and then went to the mast and lowered the main.  With the sails down she went back to the helm and put the motor into gear.

Edging closer to the waterfall she noticed that the depth gauge indicated there was still a lot of water under the keel. She studied the waterfall closely as they neared it and she could see through the waterfall that there was a pool of water behind where it fell into the ocean.

“What are you doing, Anna,” Shanelle asked as they got within twenty feet of the downpour of water.

“I think I can beach us here and we will be hidden from view from the ocean side.  It is worth a chance, at least, as I have not seen any other place to hide the boat.”

“Take the helm, both of you and do what I say.”

The two young girls grabbed onto the wheel.

“Now head out to sea while I release the keel.”

The small boat they were on had a removable keel allowing it to be beached or trailered more easily.  Anna went below and found the line that was locking the keel in the down position and released it.  Without the sails up she had no need of a stabilizing keel and with the keel out of the way she would be able to get the boat further onto the beach.

She came back and took the helm from the twins.  “Sit down and hang onto something. We are going in.”

“Through the waterfall?” they both asked in unison.

“Yes. It is our best chance to hide.”

With that Anna swung the boat around and headed directly to the waterfall. She pushed the throttle of the small engine full ahead and the boat responded by gaining some speed. Centering the boat on the middle of the waterfall they went toward it.  If Anna had guessed right, they would go completely through it and be hidden.  If she had guess wrong the boat would be caught under the waterfall, fill with water and sink. Then they would be on foot on a hostile island where everyone would soon be looking for them.

Anna had a grim look of determination as the bow of the boat entered the waterfall. The weight of the falling water made the bow of the boat go down as it went through. The boat continued with the little engine whining. In an instant the water was falling on all of them as the cockpit filled with water. The weight of the water hitting them made them all bow over so they could take the falling water on their backs.

Then the nose of the boat ground onto the sandy beach behind the waterfall, rose up and travelled up onto the beach until the little engine could not push it any further.  The transom of the boat was barely inside the waterfall, but only mist was falling into the cockpit.  They were grounded.  They were hidden from the seas.  As a bonus they had a small but beautiful beach that they could get out on.

“YES! YES! YES!” Anna screamed out her joy at getting the boat inside the waterfall.

The twins did not seem so sure but they immediately caught on to Anna’s enthusiasm. Soon they were all dancing naked together in the small cockpit while the mist from the waterfall covered their already wet bodies.

“Are we safe now?” Sasha asked.

“We are hidden and that is what we want until they give up trying to find us. That will take a few days. Once they give up, we get the boat off of the beach and we sail away to freedom.”

“How long will we stay here?” asked Shanelle, her body glistening with the fresh water spray from the waterfall.

“I would guess they will search for us for two or three days. If they don’t find us in that time they will either think we escaped or drowned.  Then we make a run for it.”

“What are we going to do during that time?” asked Sasha

“We are going to get the salt out of our clothes by rinsing them under this waterfall.  Then we are going to get the stink of that resort off of us by swimming in our little pond. Then we are going to take turns washing each others’ hair.”

“I like that idea,” said Sasha going into the cabin to gather up the clothes they had worn during their escape.

“Me too,” said Shanelle helping take the clothes to the back of the boat, where they could rinse them out in the waterfall.

“You, young lady, need to eat and get your strength up.  Whatever we do next is going to take all of our strength and I need you to be your best.”

“No problem. Captain. I will eat the barnacles off of the hull if I have to so I can help out.”

“That’s the spirit.  I am going to go set a shore anchor so we stay put. Hand me the clothes when you are done.  We are going to lay them on the beach to dry which will probably take a while. I hope you two don’t mind being naked.”

Both of the twins arched their backs making their little tits stand out. “Not us,” They said in unison. Anna noticed that since Shanelle had rejoined the living, she and her sister often said the same thing at the same time. Anna smiled at the girls attempt to show that they were comfortable nude.

Anna went to the bow and slid over the side onto the beach. She unfastened the bow anchor and took it a few feet on shore and set it.  It would keep them from sliding out from the waterfall and back into view from the ocean in the event of a tide change. 

She then went into the water and swam a few strokes to the stern of the boat.

“Give me that anchor,” she said indicating the anchor that was attached to the stern. “And hold onto the line that is attached to it as I take it out.”

The twins struggled to get it free from its clamps but they managed to hand it to her. It was a small lunch hook and once it was in the water Anna could handle its weight easily. She dove under the waterfall and swam one handed out into the calm ocean.  When she was fifty feet behind the boat she let it settle to the bottom and swam back to the boat diving under the waterfall to get back to the boat.

Sasha and Shanelle were both standing there naked in the mist, with the water from the waterfall covering them with droplets of fresh water. The cool water made the nipples on the twins stand out. When Anna climbed back on board they handed her the anchor rode they had both faithfully been holding onto.

“What is this anchor for,” asked the twins in unison.

“It is to kedge the boat back to a floating position when we get ready to leave. Let me tie it off so it is ready when we need it.”

Anna cleated off the anchor loosely so that the rode would not show above the water line.

“Now girls, how about we lay our clothes on the beach, take a swim in what is mostly fresh water and then wash out our hair?”

“You bet,” they both said.

Like a couple of sleek otters, the two young girls slipped over the back of the boat and swam under water until they were in the little lagoon where they boat was grounded.  Anna followed them as it seemed to be the easiest way off of the boat, if you did not mind the pounding of the waterfall for an instant.

She went to where the girls were paddling in water that was barely five feet deep. She formed a circle with them and hugged them to her both at the same time.

Anna sighed, “We are a little bit safer now.  If we can ride it out here for a few days we will head north in five days.  Then we will be forever free.”

“Thank you for taking us, Anna,” the twins said and then gave her a kiss on either cheek before giggling and letting her go.

“Let’s get on board so I can wash you two’s hair.”

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction 3.12 Escape

Chapter Six-Beaching

The boat continued to slow as the wind died during the night. Anna steered a course to get them closer to shore knowing that hiding themselves and the boat was the only chance they had to escape their captors. Sasha stood next to her, willing her eyes to see something on the dark mass that was the island’s coast.

They heard some movement from below and Shanelle’s head popped up. She came into the cockpit wearing a set of foulies that were four sizes too big for her.

“Where are we?” she asked looking out through the dark night.

“We are off the coast of Big Memba Island, heading north,” Anna answered her.

“Why are you two naked?” Shanelle asked seemingly noticing for the first time that her sister and Anna did not have a stitch on.

“Because we are free, Sis.  We are free and we will never be taken captive ever, ever again.”

To emphasize that freedom Sasha twirled her naked body around in the small cockpit.

Shanelle took a minute to take in what her sister had said, and her goofy antics. Then she slowly took off the top of her foul weather gear and threw it into the cabin. Anna was once again struck by how thin she was and how her smallish breasts were almost gone from lack of nutrition.

Shanelle took the straps off of her shoulders and stepped out of the foul weather bottoms.  She stood there naked looking back to where the resort was just a lighted haze in their rear. She brought up both of her hands with the middle finger extended on both.

“Fuck you, you fucking fuck tards. Fuck you in the ass. Fuck you. I hope you all die in a fire.”

Anna was shocked at such words coming from such a pretty young face but then got into the spirit too.

“Eat shit and die all of you assholes,” she yelled back at the resort they had left knowing, they were far enough away that they sound would not carry.

Sasha had to get into it too adding, “Touch me, my sister, or Anna again and I will boil each and every one of you in acid.” She gave the island the one finger salute. “Don’t fuck with us.  We are beautiful and badass and we will kick your nuts into your throat.”

Anna had to laugh at that one.  “That felt good.  How are you feeling Shanelle? Did you get warmed up?”

“I wasn’t cold. I was scared. I am not scared now. I have you and my sister and we are not on that island.”

“You are right about that, Sis.  With Anna we are going to make our escape or die.”

“Damn right we are,” Shanelle added giving first her sister and then Anna a naked hug. “I am not sure why we are escaping naked, but I am good with it.  The first time I have felt good naked in weeks.” She in haled the sea air deeply.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction 3.11 Escape

Bo just as quickly withdrew and started mercilessly fucking her with no regard for the pounding he has giving her body. His thrusts made her breasts undulate on her chest and made her head repeatedly bang into the headboard of the bed.   She had seen Bo in a lust rage such as this and knew it was best just to lay back and take it like the woman she was. It was not entirely unpleasant as his cock drove into her and hit her engorged clit.  The feel of his balls slapping against her firm ass was getting her back to the brink of orgasm. 

She knew that Bo could fuck her angrily like this for what seemed like hours. She knew she could take it.  She was a confident woman and knew she was here to please Bo.  If he wanted to bang her brains out, she welcomed him to do it.  But things changed when his cock got thicker inside of her, stretching her poor little pussy even further, bringing her even closer to the brink.

And with no warning, Bo drove himself impossibly deep inside of her vagina and she felt the first hot bolt of his semen coat her insides. That was all it took to bring her to completion. Before his next offering of cum had entered her she had joined him in orgasm, thrashing around under him with her spasms gripping his shaft as though to keep it inside of her. Bo jammed himself back into her releasing another torrent of his seed into her quivering vagina. Kelly used her well trained kegels to squeeze all of the fluid from his balls as he came to rest inside of her with his head hanging down in exhaustion.

Kelly lowered her long, thin legs and pulled Bo all the way on top of her.  She did not care if his muscular body crushed hers, she clamped her mouth onto his and jammed her tongue into his as her body slowly calmed.  They were both covered with fuck sweat from their session, Kelly’s pussy was a sodden mess and Bo’s cock was slowly receding in girth.  She gave it one last squeeze and it slipped wetly from her.

Bo lay down beside her and took her under his arm as they both lay on their backs looking at themselves in the mirror on the ceiling.

“I wish I had got that on film.  That was one great fuck, Kelly.”

“It was.  I am exhausted.  I am rather glad I am not here all of the time if that is the way you make love to a woman.”

“Only to you, Baby. I know you can take it.”

He turned towards her and gathered her in her arms and started kissing her all over the face making her giggle.

“Stop it,” she laughed.

“Why?” Bo asked not stopping at all.

“Because you are going to get me all worked up again and I am not sure I will be able to walk if you bang into me like that again.”

“Maybe I don’t want you to walk.  You seem to do your best work in a horizontal position.”

“Stop it,” she giggled and tried to push Bo away without much conviction.

Just then a blond woman walked into the room unannounced.  Wearing skin tight yoga pants and a sports bra, she was a shining example of the female species. Her blond hair and green eyes set off a beautiful face that had a worried look plastered on it.  If she was at all embarrassed about walking in on two people who were in the afterglow of sex, she did not show it.

Hi, Tami,” Bo said.  “What is up?”

Tami had been part of his household at Fleur-de-Lis longer than either of them cared to remember. Tami had come to him as a reluctant virgin in her early twenties.  Bo had taught her how to enjoy her feminine charms and unlike most of his women, she had never left. She had become his unsolicited house manager and she willingly took care of everything at Fleur-de-Lis whether Bo was there or not. They were still lovers when the time permitted. Tami had long ago gotten over any jealous thoughts of Bo being with other women.  She had certainly helped him enjoy more than a few.  Kelly had been one of her charges and she was glad to see that Kelly had apparently satisfied Bo, something that was not easy to do.

“I hate to bother you but there is a situation I need to discuss with you.” She looked over Kelly who lay there with her thighs spread, completely unashamed.  “I can see that you two needed a break and I thought I had better barge in before you two started humping like teenagers again.”

“Oh, Tami,” Kelly said getting up from the bed.  “I rarely get Bo to myself. He was just in beast mode, so I could use a break.”  She leaned over and gave Bo a kiss and then walked over to Tami and gave her a hug. “It is shower time for me and then I have to get back to Santa Cruz.”

Bo and Tami watched her as she walked into the adjacent bathroom. They soon heard the sound of the multi headed shower going at full blast.

“God that woman has the most bodacious ass I have ever seen on a white woman,” Tami said shaking her head.

“Yeah, like yours is so awful,” Bo said smiling at her.  “Come here.”

Tami smiled but did not move.  “Down, Boy.  We have something to discuss.”

“You make me sad.” Bo said patting the bed beside his naked body.

“Well I feel so bad for you.  But this is serious.”

“Okay. What?” Bo asked as he pulled a cover over his still wet cock.

“You remember that your friend Kevin Arseno contacted you about a week ago asking for help in finding his daughter Anna, who had been missing two weeks before?”

“Yes.  Has she been located?”

“She has.  Raphael from your Paris office found her. I put out a Be On the Look Out notice to all of your offices and Raphael reported that he had been with her on that sex trafficking island you asked him to look into. She had just gotten there and Raphael spent three days with her there before he had to leave.”

“Okay.  Now that we have found her, get Black Rock Security to get an extraction team there and get her out. Then have them burn that place down. Those Black Rock guys like blowing shit up.”

“I will get on that.”

“Have them use my yacht and get a team in the area.  They are to get Kevin’s daughter out and any other sex trafficked ladies there.  Let me know when it is done.  I owe Kevin a big favor and I certainly want him to get Anna back.  I have known her since she was a kid.”

“I will get the boys on it.  They love rescuing damsels in distress.”

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Sold at Auction 3.10 Escape

Chapter Five-Fleur-de-Lis

The woman’s body was glistening with oil as she lay with her head down and her rump in the air.  The man kneeling behind her took his time pouring more oil on her cheeky buttocks making certain that her puckered back door got an ample amount of lubricant.  He used the thumb on one hand to push some of the oil inside her waiting anus making her groan in the process.

“Be gentle with me, Bo.  It has been a while since you have entered me there.” said the dark haired woman from where she lay, her long tresses piled around her serene face.

“It has been a while, Kelly.  I intend to fix that as soon as you are ready,” said Bo continuing his anal massage from where he kneeled behind her.

Kelly was one of his girls, but she had been away working at his site in Santa Cruz. She had come to his estate in Southern California to report on the progress her and her friend Kandi had been making in his new establishment in the Santo Cruz Mountains. They had been tasked with giving wayward young women a place that was safe from the mean streets of Santa Cruz, away from their drug fueled lives and the prostitution that paid for it.

Bo had been pleased with the progress that Kelly and Kandi had made with their charges.  Since Kelly was only here for one day, Bo was taking the opportunity to sample her charms, something to which she submitted willingly.

Bo was always impressed with Kelly’s figure.  She was long legged and fairly small breasted even with her breast implants.  Lying face down in the position he had her in, her boobs were pushed out from the side of her high-waisted torso displaying the smooth creamy skin of her side boobs.  Her skin was the color of alabaster and her hair was as dark as midnight.  Her most remarkable feature was her ass.  Set on long thin legs, Kelly had the ass of a black woman.  While her hips were not abnormally wide, her buttocks were full and meaty.  Kelly had recognized early in life that her generous booty set her apart from other women, at least the white women. She had done years of squats to make her ass muscular and it was now the consistency of an over inflated beach ball.  She was proud of her ass and she was delighted that Bo intended to get full measure out of it by butt fucking her. She could get off quicker with his thick cock there. She had considered herself odd at first but Bo had told her it was a gift like many others she was blessed with.

She had long ago joined the cult of Bo’s girls that proudly wore the small tattoo of the Fleur-de-Lis.  Hers was in the small of her back.  She liked the idea of Bo looking at her tattoo when he entered her She had learned how to please a man in many ways during her education at Fleur-de-Lis, and she intended to use all of those skills to please the one man who had transformed her into the confident, sexy woman she was today. Judging by the size of the erection he intended to impale her with, he wanted her now.

“Relax, Kelly.  You know it always goes easier when you relax.”

“Easy for you to say,” Kelly said bracing herself for the assault on her puckered little hole.  “It isn’t you that is going to get his ass reamed by a giant cock.”

Bo had to smile at that as she did have a point.  He also knew that Kelly loved it up the ass.  Her very plump ass was made for what he was about to do to her.

Bo pushed his bulbous head up against her opening and drizzled some more oil onto the length of his cock.  He then pushed forward against her opening until the head entered and met the resistance of her sphincter.  He massaged the top of her butt crack with one hand and one cheek of her fat ass with the other.  Kelly gave a long slow exhale of breath, relaxed and then groaned as his lubricated cock made its way partially up into her body.

Once he had her firmly on the end of his dick, he put his hands on both of her cheeks and gave her a gentle urging to take more of him into her. Kelly pushed back onto him and then started a slow rocking that made more of the fat cock go into her on every thrust.

“I had forgotten how good this could feel,” she sighed as his hands guided her into taking more and more.

“You always were my favorite this way.” Bo said releasing his hold on her buttocks allowing her to fuck herself at the pace that she found most delightful.

Kelly’s eyes closed as she concentrated on giving herself to her man.  Bo put a small vibrator on the end of his finger and reached around and under her to bring the buzzing device to her clit.  Kelly yelped as he made contact with her most sensitive part and Bo could feel her ass clench on his cock.  It only seemed to make her more excited as witnessed by her now thrusting herself on him with abandon as she started huffing like a steam engine. Her hair fell down around her face as her tits set up a cadence to match the cock going into her.  A sheen of perspiration formed on her slender back as she strained with taking him in.

Within moments, Kelly was screaming and gripping the sheets in both fists as her orgasm shook her to her soul. She drifted away from him as wave after wave of ecstasy swept over her body causing her to buck as though she wanted to dislodge Bo.  Bo could feel the warm expression of her orgasm wet his hand as he continued to help her cum using the small vibrator on her clit. Finally, Bo moved both of his hands back to her hips as he dragged her backwards, driving his entire shaft into her.  He held her there, letting her enjoy the full length of his cock, while he enjoyed the clenching of each of her spasms.

Once she quieted he let go of her hips and withdrew his oil covered cock from her.  He took a warm wet towel and used it clean both himself and Kelly.

When he was done he said, “On your back, put those long legs of yours up in the air. I want your pussy now.”

Kelly quickly rolled onto her back and used her hands to grab herself behind each knee and pulling back on her legs, granting Bo full access to her glistening pussy. As he took up position to mount her, she reached down and used one hand to spread her outer pussy lips giving Bo a view of her wet, pink interior.

It has the effect of waving a red flag in front of a bull.  If Kelly had any hope of Bo being gentle she quickly gave up on it.  He pushed his angry looking cock down into proper alignment and then jammed it all the way into her with one vicious stroke. Kelly screamed out in surprise at the rough treatment, thankful that her lady bits were naturally moist enough to receive him in such a manner.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.