Tanya in BTF Chronicles-7

Tanya 7

Tanya felt Buster thrust forward and heard the sound of the flash bang grenade at the same time.  She knew what it was as she had been on the delivery end of one of those grenades more than once.  Buster, who Tanya had decided was not mentally all there, was totally confused by the noise and the light and missed impaling her on his big cock.

Tanya knew that her sight and sound senses would return and that help had arrived.  She heard the scuffling as the extraction team took control of the situation and neutralized the men who had been watching her suffer.  Within a minute she saw the familiar faces of Tami and Jenny appear to tend to her and get her out of her bindings.  She saw Anna attending to Chrissey. When they released her she tried to stand but the pain in her feet was too great to bear her weight. 

“Who did this to you?” Jenny asked her.

Tanya pointed at where Jake was tied on the floor.  In true Jenny fashion, she unslung her small carbine and shot Jake in the knee.  Jake cried out in pain as the small bullet shattered the important bones in his knee.  Leave it to Jenny to seek immediate retribution from a man who was hurting a woman.  Jenny had a zero tolerance policy when it came to these things.  Because he had been hurting Tanya, Jenny’s fuse was even shorter.

“Quit whining, you little pussy.  It’s just a 22 caliber. Geez.” Jenny said as she aimed her gun at his other knee.

The little rifle spit out another round and Jake’s other knee got shattered.

“Stop shooting him, Jenny,” Tami admonished her but was secretly glad that Jenny had done it. Tami could never shoot a person but Jenny was not limited in that way. She was a small woman and had used a firearm to even the score more than once.

“Fuck him. He hurt Tanya and this other girl. Now I am going to hurt him.”

“We are here to extract. I promise that you can finish fucking him up once we get the ladies taken care of,” Tami said trying to calm Jenny.  “Timmy, will you give us a hand with Tanya?”

One of the extraction team came over and picked up the naked Tanya as though she was weightless.  Tanya smiled as Timmy picked her up.  She always found it odd that a six foot four hunk who could kill a person by punching them in the throat could be called Timmy. Tanya gave his grizzled chin a small kiss as he laid her on a table.

Tami got busy cleaning the blood and cum off of her chest and face. Chrissey, wrapped in a space blanket, came over and watched as the team took care of Tanya and started escorting the captured men outside to the waiting van.  They picked up Jake, with his two shattered knees and drug him none to gently outside.

“What just happened,” Chrissey asked Tanya.

“You have just seen the power of being a Fleur-de-Lis woman,” Tanya said.  “I never doubted that they would get here.”

“What happens to us now?” Chrissey asked.

“We will take you to a safe place,” Tami said.

Chrissey Marie in the BTF Chronicles

Chrissey found herself on the business end of five erect penises.  She knew what was needed in order to survive. She watched as Tanya calmly submitted to the big black cock she had to deal with and decided that she would try to emulate Tanya’s behavior. Chrissey had given blow jobs before. Never unwillingly, Never to five guys at once.

The first guy was so worked up that he was ready to pop after just a few thrusts into her warm mouth.  He pulled out and used his hand to ejaculate onto her pale skinned chest.  Her vacated mouth was immediately replaced with another pulsing shaft.  Meanwhile, Buster had got himself hot by rubbing his black cock on Tanya’s chest. He pulled it off of her and used both of his handcuffed hands to finish himself off. His thick bolts of hot cum coated Tanya’s nipples and dripped over the brown mounds of her full tits.

Jake, who was still orchestrating this show said, “Ok, Buster.  Now you can fuck her with your big dick.  Try fucking some sense into her.”

He changed the position of Tanya’s outstretched legs to better align with the level of Tanya’s defenseless pussy.  Using his chained hands, he brought his impossibly large cock head to the thick lips of her pussy. Chrissey moaned onto the end of the cock in her mouth as she felt for the assault Tanya’s body was about to received.  With a massive grunt Buster drove his big black body forward in order to impale Tanya on his dick.

And then the lights went out. The spotlights illuminating the fuck show went out. Everyone went quiet in surprise.  Chrissey still had the cock she was working on in her mouth when it happened. Then there was a flash of the brightest light Chrissey had ever seen with a simultaneous bang that surprised and deafened her.  She clamped down on the penis in her mouth and felt the man try to pull it away from her.  She could hear or see nothing after the loud explosion and bright flash of light. She sensed that something horrible had gone wrong.

After a minute, her senses started to come back to her.  Her sight came back but her ears were ringing so badly she could hear very little.  There were flashlights being shown darting about the dark room and Chrissey was more confused about what had just happened.  Then all of the lights in the entire room came back on.

Chrissey could see that there had been in a dank warehouse all along with only the small portion where she and Tanya were tied up being illuminated.  There were five naked guys face down on the floor with their hands zipped tied behind them. Jake was sitting on the floor with his hands tied behind him. Big Black Man had been fastened to a ring that protruded from the wall.  There were other people dressed as Ninjas moving about carrying guns and flashlights.

One of them came over to Chrissey and Chrissey came to realize that it was a woman dressed in assault gear.   She had the key to Chrissey’s handcuff and she unlocked Chrissey from her bindings.  She helped Chrissey stand up and then cover her nakedness with a space blanket.

Two others were attending to Tanya. Once they had her undone they tried to get her to stand up but Tanya’s feet had been so badly beaten by Jake that the pain was too much for her to take. As she collapsed, a third, much bigger Ninja, scooped her up in his arms and carried her effortlessly over to a table and laid her gently on it.  One of the smaller Ninjas had a damp cloth and cleaned the blood and cum from her chest.

Another of the small Ninjas was talking to her. Tanya rose up and pointed to Jake where he was tied on the floor.  This Ninja, unslung the small rifle she had on her shoulder. There was a small flash of fire from the rifle and Chrissey saw Jake grab his knee in obvious pain.

‘Good. She shot his dumb ass. I hope it hurts a long time,’ Chrissey thought to herself.

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-6

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-6

Fuck, my feet hurt.  The pain from the soles of my feet feel like I am stepping on fire.  My shoulders ache from having to support the weight of my body for so long.  And now there is a man mountain rubbing a black cock the size of a fat baby’s arm on my tits.  This is getting a lot worse and my girls had better get here soon.’

Buster was in fact rubbing his big black dick on Tanya’s firm tits and judging by the change in his breathing he has soon going to be adding his semen to the perspiration and blood on Tanya’s chest. Jake was watching Buster defile her body as he rubbed the growing bulge in his pants.  Satisfied that the big black man was doing an adequate job of adding to Tanya’s humiliation in front of the unseen audience, Jake turned his attention back to Chrissey.

Chrissey steeled herself for whatever came next. She was determined to be strong and accept her next torture without whimpering.  Jake came over to where she was tethered with her legs spread and slowly ran his hand up her smooth white thigh until he could cup her hairless sex in one of his hands. His other hand went to her pendulous tits and pushed them from side to side making them swing.  Chrissey grunted as his finger found the opening to her sex and he roughly forced himself in.   She was certain that there would be other things forced into her.

While Buster continued to rub his cock on Tanya’s chest, Jake released Chrissey’s feet from where they were attached to the wall allowing her to stand with her hands stretched above her head. Jake lowered the line that held her hands above her head. Chrissey felt the pain leave her shoulders as her arms came down in front of her but her relief was short-lived.

“On your knees, Chrissey.  I think you know what comes next,” Jake said as Chrissey sunk to her knees with her bound hands in front of her.

She did indeed know what came next.  Somewhere inside of her she knew that sex was the only logical conclusion to this episode in her life.  Jake and his minions obviously got hot by watching women being tortured.  Now they would be wanting their release to be given to them by the women they had just seen hurt.

The men came out of the darkness where they had been watching. They were all naked. There were five of them. They all held their erections in their hands as they surrounded Chrissey’s kneeling body. Chrissey decided she would do what she needed to survive. And then she opened her mouth to accept the first one.

The chopper landed in a dusty field and the Sprinter van raced up close to it.  The three women dressed in assault gear got out of the helicopter and walked quickly over the van.  Two of the men in the van held the rear doors open as the women got in. The van sped off.

The four guys in the van were also in assault gear and all seemed very much at ease.  They were from the Black Rock Security Service Extraction team.  The security service did all of Fleur-de-Lis’s outside security and they were good at it.  Anna gave each of the four guys a fist bump and then took a seat as the van rocketed down the road.  She knew them all and had trained with them. In any other situation these guys would have been flirting with the women but they were all business now.

The van they were in was filled with weapons and electronic tracking equipment. One of the screens showed a map with a blinking dot indicating where Tanya’s distress signal was coming from.  The outside of the van was a dark blue on one side with a ‘Jones Painting’ sign on it. The other side of the van was a cream color with a ‘The Bread Company’ sign on it.  Any witnesses of this van would give widely different descriptions.  That was how Black Rock Security wanted it.  They intended to get in, do their mission, and sink back into oblivion leaving conflicting reports of what had happened.

The van slowed as the map showed them approaching the building in which Tanya’s signal was coming from. Once the van slowed the engine shut off and the van continued on silent electric motors.  They came with a 100 yards of a dusty warehouse and stopped the van.

“It’s ‘go’ time,” one of the men said.  “We will neutralize. You ladies do the extraction.”

With that they all got out and approached the building silently.

Chrissey Marie in the BTF Chronicles

Chrissey Marie in the BTF Chronicles 6

Watching Tanya’s feet get savagely beaten made Chrissey stop crying.  The pain that Tanya was taking to divert the sadist Jake away from her made Chrissey stiffen her spine. She realized that being a sniffling little bitch was just what this asshole wanted. She decided she would prefer to be strong like Tanya.  What she wanted was not likely to sway the outcome of this kidnapping and torturing in any case.

She continued to watch quietly as Tanya endured the painful lashing of her feet with the fiberglass whip that Jake was using on them. Tanya had bitten deeply into her lip as she refused to cry out in pain and give Jake that satisfaction.  A trickle of blood from her lip leaked out of the side of her mouth and a drop fell on her right breast in stark contrast to the smooth skin of her tit.

Jake eventually tired of his punishment of Tanya when he realized that he could not make her beg for mercy which was what he really wanted. He looked at her stretched out horizontally as her taut body heaved with the exertion of bearing the pain he had just administered. He had to admit to himself that she was one tough cookie.  Maybe there was something to that little Fleur-de-Lis tattoo that she wore.

“Had enough, bitch?” Jake asked her.

“Fuck you,” Tanya said, the movement of her mouth causing more of the blood to leak onto her chest.

Jake smiled wickedly. “No. It is you that is going to get fucked.  Buster, come join us.”

There was a slight rattling of chains as Buster came into the lighted circle. Chirssey sucked in her breath as the biggest black man she had ever seen joined Jake near Tanya’s outstretched body.  He was completely nude and completely hairless.  His smooth black skin had an oily sheen to it as though he was sweating in anticipation of what he would get to do to Tanya.

His hands and feet were in handcuffs and the two sets of handcuffs were joined together. Judging from the size of the man, Chrissey could understand why they would want him in cuffs. He was big and muscular enough to cause havoc if he had decided to.  His two hands held his already engorged cock. Chrissey was not one for measuring cocks but she was certain that his was the biggest dick she had seen outside of a horse ranch. 

Fully erect, he stroked it slowly with both of his meaty fists as he stood next to Tanya’s body. He placed his big black cock on the tit that was closest to him and then started gently thrusting at it as he looked down at the beautiful captive that he would be violating. Tanya gave him a bloody smile as she realized what they intended to do to her.

“Fuck you too, Big Black man,” she said with utter disregard for her situation.

Tami finished getting into her assault gear and started attaching her weapons to the belt she was wearing.  Even wearing the black jumpsuit and body armor her muscular figure showed through.  She selected an assorted of non-lethal weapons. And put them either on the belt or in a pocket of her suit.  Lastly, she rolled up her long blond hair and stuffed it under her helmet.

Anna, was doing the same. Anna was a more voluptuous version of Tami but she had significantly more experience with this type of operation.  Anna had been rescued from sex trafficking and she had dedicated her life to these type of operation. Unlike Tami, she had no issues with using lethal force if it was called for.  Her sizeable chest was crisscrossed with belts that held a number of flash grenades and three of the more lethal grenades.  She shouldered an assault shotgun that was loaded with copper slugs useful in blowing the hinges off of doors.  She had a knife strapped to her calf and a 9 mm Glock on her hip. There were six loaded clips on her belt all containing hollow point rounds for her 9 mm. She too put her long blond hair under her helmet and looked at herself in the full length mirror on the wall. Anna looked as though she could met out any form of pleasure or pain that was called for.

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Jenny was checking her assault 1022 Rutger making certain the banana clips were all loaded and ready to go.  Jenny looked like the younger sister to the other two women yet she was the one that Tami feared would do the most damage. She had proved in the past that she had no compunction about using whatever means possible to level the playing field when a woman was being taken advantage of.  She used .22 caliber weapons because they caused the most damage without being fatal.  Jenny liked to see the men who had done wrong suffer.  She had a tiny figure and a face like a junior high student but she was a hellcat when it came men taking advantage of women. When she heard that Tanya was in trouble, she had gone to the armory in the basement of Fleur-de-Lis and started suiting up.

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As Jenny put her brown hair into a pony tail and put her helmet on, all three women heard the sound of the approaching Sikorsky.

“Let’s go, girls.  The chopper is here and it is time we rescued Tanya from whatever fix she is in,” Tami said and led the way out.

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-5


Tanya came to with her shoulders aching from supporting all of her unconscious weight.  Every muscle in her body was sore from the violent contractions the Taser had caused her.  Her tanned body was covered in a sheen of perspiration from the unwilling exertion she had been caused by the sadist who had them in her control. 

As her head cleared she saw that Jake had turned his full attention onto Chrissey once again.  Chrissey had tears falling from her eyes landing on her soft white breasts. Jake was leering at her with the Taser still in his hands so obviously enjoying his recent torture of her. Tanya noticed the moisture on the floor between Chrissey’s outstretched thighs and concluded that Chrissey had been scared enough to pee herself. 

Tanya once again decided that she had to get attention off of Chrissey and back onto herself until the rescuers arrived.  She was certain they were coming as they had never failed her in the past. It seemed like they had been captive long enough that they should have already arrived.  Perhaps it had not been that long. Jake’s cruel torture of the two of them had made their time with him just seem long.

“Hey. You. Dickhead. Leave the little girl alone and come deal with a real woman.”  Tanya had set a course that she knew would bring her unbearable attention, but she was committed to saving Chrissey by any means that she could.

Hearing her, Jake turned towards her with a wicked grin on his face.

“So the brown bitch with the silicone tits wants some more, does she?” Jake pressed the button and made the Taser crackle in his hand.


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“Don’t hurt her anymore,” Chrissey sobbed.  “It was me you wanted in the first place. Just let Tanya go.”

Jake put the Taser down and said, “Okay, Chrissey. I won’t hurt her anymore.  Just agree to fuck me and my men and we will leave the brown girl alone.”

Chrissey had to consider what he just said.  She knew he wanted her for a sex session and would not stop hurting them until he got what he wanted.  Chrissey had never had sex with multiple partners at the same time but how bad could it be?  She was built for sex. She was not built for being trussed up naked against a wall.

“Okay. I will do what you want,” Chrissey said finally giving in to Jake’s desires. 

“Good.  I am glad you see it my way,” Jake said.

Tanya had to make a final attempt to save Chrissey from a gang bang. 

“Look you asshole. Leave her alone and put you needle like dick in me.  I am a way tighter fuck then she is.  Your tiny penis may even be able to fill me up,” Tanya said and head the laughter from the unseen audience.

Jake turned to Chrissey, fondled her tits and said, “Hold that thought. I am going to make certain Big Mouth over here gets shut up for good.”

Jake let go of Chrissey and went to where Tanya’s naked body hung.  He lowered a line from the ceiling and attached it to the crossbar that held Tanya’s feet apart.  He used a control on the wall to take the slack out of the line and then pulled Tanya’s outspread legs until they were parallel with the floor. This put Tanya’s body weight back onto her aching shoulders.

Jake went to the side board and came back with a slender fiberglass rod that looked like a section of a fishing rod.  He stood by Tanya’s feet and then with no warning the rod whistled through the air and landed on the sole of one of Tanya’s feet leaving a red mark where it landed.

Tanya’s grunted with the intense pain, but her lip and resolved not to cry out.  Jake repeated the treatment to the sole of her other foot and Tanya bit her lip to the point of cutting it.

“Have anything to say to me now, Tanya?” Jake asked.

“Yes I do,” Tanya said.  “Go fuck yourself.”

An enraged Jake took to whipping Tanya’s bare feet as she hung there helplessly.  With every stroke the pain coursed through Tanya’s body. With every stroke she offered up another ‘fuck you’.  With every stroke she bit her lip harder until a thin line of blood escaped her lips and dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.

Chrissey witnessed this with tears falling silently from her eyes.

Jake continued the lashes.

Chrissey Marie in the BTF Chronicles


Chrissey cried almost silently because of the pain and suffering she had just witnessed Tanya endure.  She had no reason to expect that her fate would be any less painful. Perhaps it would be even more.  Tanya’s self-confidence had bolstered Chrissey, but as Tanya lay unconscious from the vicious assault by Jake, that self-confidence turned to dread.  She sobbed louder as Jake turned his full attention to her.

He stood in front of her surveying her nude body as she lay tied to the wall in the frog position with all of her charms available to him. Chrissey watch him carefully as he moved the Taser in front of her face.  Jake held the device in front of her eyes then ignited it. It made Chrissey jump as it crackled in front of her leaving a smell of ozone in the air.

Jake took one of his hands and pulled at the thin waistband of Chrissey’s sheer panties.  Pulling slowly on it made the front part mold to her damp sex.  Jake continued to pull until the waistband snapped causing Chrissey to yelp.  Letting that side dangle, he put his fingers in the other waistband and pulled until it too snapped.  The material fell forward and dangled between her outspread thighs, revealing Chrissey’s shaven pussy.  Jake grabbed the loose end and slowly pulled on it to get it to move through the crack of her butt. When he had it clear, he held it up in front of Chrissey’s face, smiled and let it fall to the floor in front of her.

“Please let me go,” Chrissey begged knowing that this cruel man had other plans for her.

Jake picked up one of her soft tits, ran his thumb over the nipple, and then pinched it painfully in response.

“You are not going anywhere until you beg me to suck my dick,” Jake said as he fondle her other full breast.

‘Maybe giving him a blow job would be a better alternative to watching him have his way with me and Tanya. Maybe if I get his nuts off he will be calmer and not hurt us so much,” Chrissey thought.

“And after you suck my dick, the guys in the audience will each want a turn with you,” Jake said indicating that Jake was not the only man that would be taking a turn with both Chrissey and Tanya.

“Nooooo,” Chrissey cried out as Jake brought the Taser up to her face.

Jake slowly trailed the Taser down her cheek and along her neck. Chrissey’s body tensed as she awaited the pain of the electricity bolting though her.  Jake continued trailing it over her left breast taking his time so that she could feel the prongs making small groves in the tender skin of her tit.  He went over her distended nipple and let the Taser come to rest under her naturally hanging tit.

“Can you imagine how much this will hurt when I pull the trigger on this thing?” Jake asked.

Chrissey nodded her head up and down.  She had no idea what is was like to be Tasered. Certainly being Tasered in her soft tit would be very painful.  The idea of having sex to avoid the pain once again crossed her mind.  She realized that she had fallen into the hands of a true sadist. She knew that having sex with him would not help.  The pain would come no matter how well she fucked him.

Jake continued to trail the Taser down her taut body.  Chrissey’s big blue eyes looked straight ahead with tears leaking out of them.  The prongs of the Taser felt hot as they continued down her torso to the top of her outstretched legs. Jake held the Taser against the fat part of her mons and Chrissey tensed with the expected shock.

Jake decided to move on to an even more sensitive spot at the top of her cleft.

‘Oh God, not there,’ Chrissey thought.  “If he does it there, in my most sensitive area I will surely die with the pain.’ 

As though Jake could read her mind he took the Taser and buried in the soft folds right under her clit.

“You ready for this, Blue Eyes?”

“Please, please don’t,” Chrissey begged.  “I will do whatever you want.  Just don’t hurt me there.”

“You have no choice in the matter. You are mine to do with what I want.”

With that Jake drove the Taser deeply into her pussy as Chrissey’s body arched like a bow and she screamed out her outrage at this assault on her womanhood.

The bolt never came. Jake removed the Taser and laughed at Chrissey. As he removed the Taser, Chrissey dribbled urine.

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-4

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-4

Tanya watched as Jake brought the vibrator into contact with Chrissey’s thong covered sex. When the device hit Chrissey’s most sensitive parts, Chrissey’s body jerked within the limits of her bindings. A small plaintive moan escaped her lips as much in pleasure as in distress from the humiliation Jake was causing her in front of an unseen audience.

From her own, naked spread-eagle position, Tanya was limited in what she could do to help Chrissey’s plight.  Young Chrissey had probably not received much in the way of such treatment during her short life.  Judging by the way her body trembled at the treatment Jake was giving her it was hard for Tanya to decide if she was enjoying it or suffering from it.  Jake took the vibrator away and Tanya could see that Chrissey’s panties had soaked through molding themselves to the contours of the fat outer lips of her pussy. No matter, Tanya thought it was time to divert the attention back to herself and save Chrissey from further unwanted attention no matter how much her body was betraying her.

“How about you leave that little girl alone and show a mature woman what ya got,” Tanya said in a challenging way.

Jake turned his attention towards the outstretched body of Tanya and said, “You want some attention? I will give you more than you want. And more than you can stand.”

Jake went to sideboard and came back with a hand held Taser unit. He brought it over to where Tanya was hanging and pushed the button to make it arch with a crackling sound in front of Tanya’s face. Tanya’s expression changed with Jake’s new torture device. Tanya had never been Tasered.  Her previous BDSM play was more with whips and paddles. Tasers were not used by lovers. They were used by someone with a complete disdain for a woman’s suffering.

As though to prove her point, Jake drove the device into her lower tummy and held it right on her mons saying, “You want this bitch? Can you imagine the pain that this will cause you when I push the on button? Are you sure that you want to distract me from you cream-titted friend?”

Tanya had a second to reconsider her approach in saving Chrissey. Tanya knew that help was on the way but had no idea who long it would be. If she enticed this guy into upping his pain play too soon it could go roughly for the both of them.  She did not have time for any more thoughts.

Jake ignited the Taser where it pressed into her fleshy mound and Tanya screamed jerkily as the bolts of electricity caused her body to jerk around in her bindings. The arching of her body was painful as Tanya danced with the electricity shooting through her.  It seemed like the torture would never end but Jake relented and turned the device off, most likely to let it recharge to full strength.

Tanya’s head slumped over, exhausted from the cruel treatment she had just had. Her body covered itself in a sheen of perspiration from the strain of her muscles all contracting at once.  She knew she would be sore all over from the violent spasms her body had been put through.

“You have anything else you want to say Miss Fleur-de-Lis?”

Tanya shook her head slightly not able to speak.

“You want another dose, Smart Mouth?”

Tanya shook her head once again.

“Too fucking bad,” Jake said as he jammed the Taser under one of her tits and pulled the trigger.

Tanya heard Chrissey crying as Tanya’s world went dark.

Breeding Sophia

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The only garment she had on was her diaphanous floor-length gown. She had been with Bo often enough to know that she would not be wearing it for very long.

“Do you like what you see?”

“I do but, as always with you, I want to see more.”

“There is nothing stopping you,” she said, as her arms extended from her side in invitation.

Bo closed the distance between them and pulled her to him. Her head tilted back, and he kissed her soft lips as they parted, inviting him to explore her mouth. His tongue made its way into her warm, wet opening as she gave a guttural groan that showed that she wanted more. She pressed her voluptuous body against his, and she could feel the heat of her sex as she molded it to his legs. Her heavy breasts pressed against his chest hard enough to make them bulge out between their bodies.

Once they had tasted each other, he held her at arms’ length and said, “You look as good as you taste.”

“You do too,” she sighed, giving him the same visual assessment as he was giving her.

Bo was forty something and looked like he was twenty something. Tall, toned, and fit, wearing nothing but silky boxer shorts that were doing little to hide his enthusiasm.

“I suppose you think telling me I taste good is going to get you what you want, don’t you?” she said, nodding at the tent being erected in his shorts.

“I think I am going to get what I want no matter what I tell you.”

With that he reached to the top of her neckline and with a quick downward pull, he ripped the thin material completely down the front. Drawing the two pieces aside, he admired the brown skinned, voluptuous figure in front of him: full pendulous breasts, wasp-like waist, tawny torso, with a deliciously bare mound set at the juncture of her round thighs.

Chrissey Marie in the BTF Chronicles 4

Chrissey Marie in the BTF Chronicles 4

Chrissey sucked in her breath as she watched Tanya struggle to get her breath.  In another circumstance, Tanya would have made an alluring site with her nude, tawny body stretched out on the two spreader bars. Presently, with her body heaving, it was not quite so sexy.  Even more so as Chrissey knew that she would be receiving similar treatment.

As though he could read her mind, Jake turned to her and said, “Now it is your turn, Miss I Don’t Want to Make a BTF film.”

He walked over to where Chrissey tottered in her upright but bound position. He wasted no time in grabbing two handfuls of her creamy breasts as Chrissey whimpered her objection into her gag.

“You have something to say?” Jake asked in a mocking voice as he hurt her tits with his rough hands.

He pulled the gag from her mouth and let it dangle around her neck. Chrissey struggled to get enough moisture back into her mouth in order to speak.

“I will do what you want me to. Just leave Tanya out of it because this is between you and me,” Chrissey said when she was able to speak.

“Too late for that. I have you both and when I am done with you, you will regret ever turning me down on my original offer.” Jake grabbed his crotch as he looked over Chrissey.  “You are going to beg me to fuck you before I am done with you.”

“Please don’t,” Chrissey begged, her big blue eyes offering up her submission.

“Shut up.  You have no free will until we have all had a turn on you.”

As Chrissey whimpered he drug her body over to the wall and untied her hands. With little resistance he hooked them in cuffs to a single ring, high on the wall. This caused Chrissey’s body to extend and her natural breasts to rise higher on her chest. Jake then untied her legs. He bent one at the knee and hooked into a cuff that was waist high on the wall. He did the same with the other leg. This resulted in Chrissey’s body being in the classic frog position. Her chest was pushed out. Her legs were spread with her sex being in a defenseless position.

Chrissey whimpered more as Jake stood in front of her and looked over his work.  Chrissey’s pale, soft body was in contrast to Tanya’s brown, taut body. Tanya seemed relaxed and accepting her fate while tears trickled down Chrissey’s cheeks at hers.

Jake took a vibration wand from a side board and turned it on.  As he brought it up to Chrissey’s exposed pussy he said, “And now we begin.”

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-3

Tanya in BTF Chronicles-3

Now that she could breathe by holding onto her collar, Tanya was thankful that she had gotten the attention away from Chrissey.  While Tanya did not especially like being handled like a piece of meat in front of an unseen audience, she took comfort in knowing she had sounded the alarm and help would be on the way. When it would arrive she did not know, but it was coming. If she could somehow keep their attention off of Chrissey, she knew that she could handle what these guys would throw at her.

‘Not my first rodeo,’ she thought.

A voice from the unseen audience said, “Hey. Turn her around again.”

Jake smiled and spun Tanya until her backside was to the audience. “You like the ass on this one do you?  I must say I am partial to it myself.” With that he slapped Tanya roughly on one cheek making it quiver with the blow.

“No. I mean ‘yes’ she has a nice ass and all but she has a tattoo.”

“She sure does,” Jake answered as his finger outlined the small Fleur-de-Lis tattoo on Tanya’s lower back.  “It is small and I kind of like a little ink on the ladies. Shows they can take a bit of pain.”

“Sure a tattoo is cool but that is a Fleur-de-Lis.  That woman is part of a special cult that you should not be messing with.  I suggest you let her go right now and hope that she doesn’t call down retribution on you and on all of us.”

Jake laughed as he gave Tanya’s other buttock a hard slap.  “You scared of a little tattoo? What a pussy you are. I don’t give a fuck what tribe she is with.  I have her now and intend to make her beg for my cock before I get done with her.”

“You don’t understand. I had a friend named G-Money who messed with some of these girls and they shot his dick off.  I mean like all the way off. Then they turned him over to the cartels and no one has heard of him since.”

Ref: Maid to Serve: Erotic tale of sexual discovery. (New Beginnings) – Kindle edition by Swick, Bethany. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

“Well no one is going to shoot my dick off.  If you are so scared of a little tattoo then why don’t you just fuck off and let me get down to the serious business of making these two my bitches.” Jake said.

“I am fucking out of here.  You have no idea of who you are fucking with. That Fleur-de-Lis stamp is not seen often, but you just don’t mess with those women.”

Whoever was talking made his way out of the darkness and left through a door that opened to the outside.  The door open two more times as several other guys left.

Jake laughed and said, “Now that we have gotten rid of all of the pussies let’s get down to making a BTF movie with these two cunts.”

Jake turned Tanya around to face forward once again.  She struggled with her neck collar causing her tits to dance on her chest and the muscles on her torso to tense. Jake brought down a spreader bar from the ceiling and grabbed one of Tanya’s hands and cuffed it to the end of the bar.  Tanya struggled to breathe as her neck took up the weight her hand had been relieving.  Jake grabbed her other hand and did the same thing causing Tanya to lose more air.  She started thrashing around fighting to stay conscious until Jake lowered her closer to the floor taking the pressure off of her neck collar. 

She gasped to catch her breath and when she could she said, “He is right, you know.  Someone will come for me and they won’t play nice when they get here. If you let us both go now, I will do what I can to get your punishment reduced.”

Jake laughed. “You don’t scare me, cunt.”

He then made a fist and punched Tanya’s distended body right under the rib cage knocking the wind out of Tanya. Her world turned dark as she fought to get air back in her lungs. Her nude body contorted, no doubt pleasing the audience.