The Road to Brian Head-3

3 Ryan’s Reward Lulu had considered her options carefully while Ryan had been inside.  She had no money, basically no clothes and she did not even understand where she was.  She knew she was in a country that was so foreign to her she would have trouble surviving even if she had money and clothes. Continue reading “The Road to Brian Head-3”

The Road to Brian Head

2 The Hot Tub Ryan went back out to his SUV and put his coat on.  He made several trips to get his truck unloaded, piling most of the groceries in the kitchen and throwing his luggage onto the bed in the main bedroom. On each trip he looked at the young girl bundled upContinue reading “The Road to Brian Head”

The Road to Brian Head: An Erotic Rescue

1 Brian Head The rain was just starting to turn to snow as Ryan made the turn off of I-15 and onto highway 143 which would take him to Brian Head.  He had scheduled two weeks off in the low season just so he could be alone at his parents’ mountain cabin.  He was lookingContinue reading “The Road to Brian Head: An Erotic Rescue”

Buy a Book-I am begging you

I write books meant to be read with one hand. Buy one. It is difficult for me to keep doing this without your support. The ‘Road to Brian Head’ is a good one to start with. A sizzling story of how a young Oriental woman gets rescued from a snowy mountain and how she repaysContinue reading “Buy a Book-I am begging you”

The Road to Brian Head

Just as she got out of the shower Ryan messaged her he was on his way home.  Perfect. He rode his bicycle whenever the weather allowed. It would take him twenty minutes to get home and he would be sweaty when he got to the condo.  She started a bath for him, which was allContinue reading “The Road to Brian Head”