Maid to Serve

This is my only full length novel and honestly it is my best book ever published. It is not even close to being my best sellers. I am guessing but I figure readers like their erotica in smaller doses: Just enough to work themselves up to a masturbation session and then they are done forContinue reading “Maid to Serve”

And Another Thing

Striped Bare is the first in the trilogy about Bonnie’s life. She starts out by being abused by a step-father until she decides to exact retribution. Having done that, she takes to the road to find her own way in life, knowing that her step-father will be looking for her. She arrivesd in Las VegasContinue reading “And Another Thing”

A Word from Our Sponsor

My series of books about Robin was my first real novel. It is broken into three parts because somewhere I learned that readers like their porn in short, ejaculatory bursts. Why pay for a 200 page novel when all you want is a little starter fluid for when you are barbequing alone. The story ofContinue reading “A Word from Our Sponsor”

Sold at Auction-3.3 Escape

Chapter Two-Anna and the Twins As Anna walked across the beach, she saw the twins, Sasha and Shanelle, who had been kidnapped with her and sold into slavery alongside of her. They were dancing listlessly on the beach as they were required to do until someone wanted them for sex.  She had seen little ofContinue reading “Sold at Auction-3.3 Escape”

Sold at Auction-3.2 Escape

Anna was fairly certain that she was off the coast of Africa, some distance from the Mediterranean Sea. She knew that is would take days, and perhaps weeks, to get to a civilized country where she could be assured someone would help her and not just return her to slavery. In spite of the risks,Continue reading “Sold at Auction-3.2 Escape”

Sold at Auction Part 3.1-Escape

Forward In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic. In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape. Chapter One-Anna Plans her Escape Anna put on a bikiniContinue reading “Sold at Auction Part 3.1-Escape”

What should I do next?

If you want to read the rest of ‘The Road to Brian Head’ you will have to buy a copy of the book on Amazon. What should I do next? Finish the ‘Traveling with Sarah’ Book? Write a sequel to ‘The Road to Brian Head’? Finish the last book of ‘The Sold at Auction’ trilogy?Continue reading “What should I do next?”

The Road to Brian Head-3

3 Ryan’s Reward Lulu had considered her options carefully while Ryan had been inside.  She had no money, basically no clothes and she did not even understand where she was.  She knew she was in a country that was so foreign to her she would have trouble surviving even if she had money and clothes. Continue reading “The Road to Brian Head-3”