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Dating tip

Listen up guys, If you want to pick up a woman don’t got to a bar. Go to Target. The ratio is 30 to one and we are already looking for stuff we don’t need.


Nephew: Aunt Bethany why does you flashlight vibrate? Me: Give me that and go wash your hands.

Custom Erotica

I am ready to write another custom erotic story for my loyal followers. This is where you give me an idea for a story, I write out and and post it here, and then you loyal readers get to guide the story to some explosive conclusion. I wrote Alpha Hawk:Date night that way and itContinue reading “Custom Erotica”


Sex with my boyfriend lasted 2 minutes last night. It was doggy style so he said it counted as fourteen minutes.


My boyfriend asked if I was the only one I had ever had. I told him ‘yes’. All the others had been nines and tens.


Last night my boy friend and I played doctor and patient for three hours. I made him stay in the waiting room for 2 ours and fifty-five minutes.

One Hot Mess

I was in a hurry because I had an older friend coming to take me on a Sunday morning motorcycle ride. But he wouldn’t get off of me until he had gushed his hot semen into me. What a mess. My MC friend was outside before he would let me up. I slid on aContinue reading “One Hot Mess”


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