Bethany Swick

Writer of hot stories about strong women.


My head hit the wall hard as he used his body to pin me against it. Quickly, his hands grabbed my blouse at the neckline and ripped it open, exposing my bra-less tits. Always the traitors, my nipples became erect in the cool night air.


I have joined this group that attempts to write something hot in less than 280 words. Her is my first contribution. When I awoke, I knew I had been drugged. I tried to move but my limbs were no longer connected to my brain. He looked down at my naked body and smiled. That smileContinue reading “Erotica280”

Maid to Serve

This is my only full length novel and honestly it is my best book ever published. It is not even close to being my best sellers. I am guessing but I figure readers like their erotica in smaller doses: Just enough to work themselves up to a masturbation session and then they are done forContinue reading “Maid to Serve”

And Another Thing

Striped Bare is the first in the trilogy about Bonnie’s life. She starts out by being abused by a step-father until she decides to exact retribution. Having done that, she takes to the road to find her own way in life, knowing that her step-father will be looking for her. She arrivesd in Las VegasContinue reading “And Another Thing”


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