Custom Erotic Writing

Today I am accepting requests for custom erotic writings. You send me a picture, a word or a phrase and I will create a 500 word story for you. No charge.

Why? Because I am not certain anyone here or on Twitter is actually engaged. I suspect there are a lot of lurkers who just pop in. Let’s see what happens.

I have no limits so suggest anything.

Published by bethanyswick

I write hot erotic stories about powerful women. If you would like to read one, let me know and I will send you a copy. Have a look and tell me what you think in a review. It is only with your support that I can continue to offer up my unique, sexy stories. Send me a comment on what you would like me to write next.

9 thoughts on “Custom Erotic Writing

    1. I have taken a commission on ‘Alpha’ but will get on yours right after that. Want to give me a few particulars like the main character’s name, who has him on the gurney or anything else that will fulfill your fantasy.


      1. I read the first Chapter and thought what a gifted intuitive author. Your characterization was perfect. An Older Alpha Male an a slightly younger Alpha female. She is blonde and has green eyes. They are both Primal. Instinctively he senses the female. His primal senses are triggered, sight, hearing , touch, taste and smell. He wants to mate and breed. The sixth sense is driving him. The chase and the hunt is on. The spirit wolf is aroused and the predator is loosed in him. Is she a primal predator like him. Will the Alpha chase her down and capture her and take her. I feel the raw primal needs mounting. He has already been scenting her and growling. Will it be consensual non consensual. The tension is mounting. Perfect. I cannot wait for the next chapters.


      2. He will find out her name and her name will be Linda.
        I think you can feel the primal energy rising. He made a mistake he drugged herb……What Primal Alpha Male will do that….she is going to devour him….The wolf in her will rise up…..


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