Sold at Auction 1.17. Escape

Chapter Eight-Kandy at Fleur-de-Lis

Tami walked into Bo’s bedroom unannounced.   She knew that he was with Kandi, but doubted that they were doing anything that she would not be welcomed to watch or even participate in.  Kandy worked in the Santa Cruz facility with her dear friend, Kelly. The two of them, Kandi and Kelly, ran that operation for Bo and one or the other came to Fleur-de-Lis to report on the operations there. Neither of them visited often that often and it was unusual that both would visit so close together. Tami expected that Kelly had told Kandi about sex with Bo and that had gotten Kandi horny enough to make up an excuse for Kandi to visit Fleur-de-Lis. Tami was certain the two women occasionally took care of each other’s needs but she also knew they liked dick, one in particular.

Tami was not at all surprised to see that Bo was working at a small desk next to his massive bed. She was also not surprised to see Kandi tied up to a bar that came down from the ceiling.  Her hands were in cuffs that were at shoulder width and her feet were captured in a similar position.  She was only wearing a thong that was damply molded to here sex.  The strain the cuffs put on her body showed off her remarkable figure to good advantage. She had a high waist and a round high-set set of tits that Tami would have thought were implants if she had not known better.  Kandi’s long thin legs were straining to reach the floor in order to take some of her weight from her bound arms.

“What are you doing to Kandi, Bo?”

With this, Kandi seemed to wake up and notice that Tami had entered the room.

“Hi, Tami.  He is edging me and it is making me cray-cray,” Kandi replied looking up with a weak smile.

“I told you not to talk, Kandi.”  With that Bo picked up a small remote control, pressed and held the button.

Kandi’s body started to shake as the vibrations from the device in her panties sent tremors up through her most sensitive part.  Every muscle in her shapely body tensed up and a new bead of perspiration formed on her upper lip as her body reacted to the exquisite sensations. Her breathing changed and within seconds she emitted a low guttural moan as though she were approaching an orgasm.

Bo let go of the remote and Kandi’s body sagged in her restraints. A small moan announced her frustration at once again being denied the release she craved. More perspiration formed on her upper lip as her generous chest blushed.

“How long have you had her up there, Bo?” Tami asked with some concern showing in her voice.

Bo looked at the clock on his desk and replied, “About two hours.”

“Well I think that is long enough.  Look at her, for crying out loud. Take her down and let her orgasm before you make her insane.”

“Thank you, Tami,” Kandi whispered from her trussed up position.

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