Sold at Auction 3.6 Escape

Naked, Anna walked over to the big bed and the leader followed her wanting to be the first to enter her.  When she got near the bed he pushed her over first face onto the bed with her legs still on the side of the bed. With one of his meaty hands he held Anna down by pushing her in the center of the back while the other led his fat cock to the opening of her sex. With no warning he drove himself up into her vagina making her cry out in the pain and humiliation of it.

“Oh what a man you are,” Anna said as tears formed in her eyes.

“Shut up and fuck,” the leader said as he jabbed her repeatedly with his thick cock.

In self-preservation mode, Anna’s channel became moist with Anna hoping it was not blood from some tearing he had caused her.  He fucked her with no interest in any pleasure but his own.  Within minutes he pulled out of her and Anna felt the warm stream of his cum land on her back.

Humiliated and sore Anna said, “Oh that was the best.  I think I came when you first entered me.”

“I could give a fuck. Who wants this slut next?”

One of the men that was with Sasha pulled out his cock and came over holding his dick in his hand.

“I want her to suck me for a while to see if she is any better at it then the skinny one.”

He got onto the bed and Anna moved up between his legs and took his wet cock into her mouth. She started the slow sucking which she had learned that men liked. She looked up into his eyes which she knew turned men on. Something about seeing into the eyes of the woman who had their dick in their mouth made men cum faster and that was what Anna wanted.

She had no sooner thought it then she felt the first spurt of his ejaculation flood her mouth. Anna swallowed it and waited for the next one. It never came. The man who was face fucking her just sighed, closed his eyes and went to sleep with Anna still having his cock in her mouth.

The man that was with Shanelle made her stand up and led her to a chair. He sat down heavily and made Shanelle sit in his lap. He fondle her depleted little tits while his hand rubbed the area between her legs.

The big black man said, “Looks like I am next.”

With that he led Sasha over to the bed.

“Both of you on your backs on the edge of the bed.  I am going to show you what fucking is all about.”

Anna arranged herself in position on the edge of the bed and Sasha got next to her. Anna took Sasha’s hand and tried to comfort her. The black man towered over them as he looked at their exposed sexes.  He put his massive cock on Sasha’s tummy as she whimpered in fear.  With his cock on her tummy it went past her navel, giving her some idea of how far he could go inside of her. Anna was fearful that such an assault would seriously damage Sasha. She was not certain that she could take that all inside of her, but somehow she was more capable than Sasha.

“Oh please do me first.  I have never had a black man and I so want you to be first.”

Sasha squeezed her hand in silent thanks as the black man switched his attention to Anna’s pink slit.

“Not a problem,” The black man said as he took up position between Anna’s creamy white thighs.  “I don’t mind fucking a black baby up into you. There is plenty to go around.”

He took his big black staff and used it to slap the top of Anna’s slit as she braced for the assault. He guided it to her opening and engaged the end of it. He tried to drive his cock into her and it bowed with the tightness of Anna’s pussy. Undeterred he continued to push himself into her defenseless pussy. All Anna could do was braced herself and groan as he stretched her open. Seeing her distress Sasha started giving Anna little kisses all over her face as though to comfort her, knowing full well that she would be next.

Once he was hitting the back of Anna’s vagina the black man said, “Now I am going to bust you out so get ready.”

He withdrew his giant cock and Anna waited for him to ram himself painfully up against her cervix. The black man got a sleepy look on his face and then fell over onto Anna, unconscious.  Anna had never had a man pass out on her before so she took his full body weight while she figured out what her reaction should be. The black man lost his erection and thankfully his penis slipped out of her vagina.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Published by bethanyswick

I write hot erotic stories about powerful women. I have links to all of my books below. Have a look and tell me what you think in a review. It is only with your support that I can continue to offer up my unique, sexy stories. Send me a comment on what you would like me to write next.

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