Sold at Auction-3.5 Escape

Anna dashed into her room and found the bottle of wine she had kept when Raphael had been there.  She quickly opened it and took her stash of Percocet pills, which she had ground into powder. She used her hand as a funnel and poured the dust from the pills into the bottle of dark burgundy. She had no idea how much it would take to make her tormentors unconscious so she added all that she had.  She shook the bottle of wine and hope it would still be palatable.  If they found out she was trying to drug them she knew she would be beaten with a whip in public view of the other girls and then her bleeding body would be shipped out to a much worse fate.

Anna left her room and went over to where she knew the leader was staying. By the time she got into the room the twins were on their knees, each being made to serve two of the men with their mouths. The men had gotten out of their swim trunks and were standing in front of the twins with their already erect cocks sticking out.  The three dark, Arabian looking men had short fat cocks as seemed to be their nature. Their tall, black friend had an awe inspiring tool that protruded out a good ten inches from his body and looked as though was too big to be encircled with a woman’s hand. Sasha had it in her little hand trying to please the man by getting it into her mouth. Shanelle was trying to perform oral on two of the Arabs with tears streaming out of her eyes.

“Wow!  You guys started the fun without me,” Anna said with fake enthusiasm.  “Let me get everyone a glass of this great wine and then I can get busy giving you guys some grade A fucking.”

Anna found some glasses on the bar and poured four even glasses of wine.   She delivered one the leader and said, “Drink this quickly as I want you to be first.”

“You bet your skanky white ass I will be first. Once that black cock gets into you, you won’t be good for anyone else.”  He took a sip of his glass of wine, made a face at the taste of it, and then downed the rest of it in one gulp.  Arabs were not used to drinking alcohol, so he had no idea of whether what he was drinking was good.

Anna delivered a glass to the big black man. “Here. Drink up. I want you to be nice and relaxed when you get on top of me, so we can last a long time together.

He took his glass and tossed it back and then started trying to shove more of his massive cock into Sasha’s already gagging mouth.

Anna delivered the other two men their glasses of wine and they followed the leader in making a face and then downing it.  Anna was satisfied with having executed the first step of her escape plan. She had no idea if the spiked wine would do anything, much less render the men unconscious long enough for her and the twins to escape. It was a desperate plan but it was the only one she had.

“Get your skanky ass naked and get on the fucking bed,” the leader said pulling his fat cock from Shanelle’s unwilling mouth. “This skinny thing is useless at sucking dick.”

Anna undid the top of her bikini and let her full tits come completely into view.  She undid her bottoms quickly, hoping the sight of her shaven sex would get the guys’ attention off of the twins. She did not look forward to having sex with any of these guys, but knew that the exertion might speed up the reaction of the drugs she had given them.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

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