Sold at Auction 3.4-Escape

Chapter Three-The Gangbang

Four men came over to where she was dancing with the listless twins. Whatever doubt Anna had about escaping with the twins left her mind at that point.

“Hey, ladies. We want to party with you three,” said the short, dark man who was apparently the ringleader of the foursome.

Anna went into sex slave mode. “Well, of course gentlemen. But there are four of you and only three of us, so what do you have in mind?”

The ringleader lost whatever joviality he had and replied, “We plan on taking turns fucking you while your skinny little friends watch.  What do you think about that, Big Tits?”

As though to let Anna know who was in charge, he reached out and painfully gripped one of Anna’s nipples through the thin material of her bikini top and twisted it.

Anna tried to keep a smile on her face as she endured the pain and humiliation. Her blood ran cold knowing that he could do that to her and there was no one who would stop them.

“Well of course,” she said with all of the enthusiasm she could muster.

“Nooo,” wailed Shanelle knowing she did not want to be party to any of it.

“Shut the fuck up you skinny bitch. No one wants to fuck your skinny ass any way.”

He grabbed Shanelle’s hand and yanked her along behind him as he led her toward  the room they intended to use. Another of the dark men grabbed Sasha’s hand and followed.  The leader of the group and a tall black man took each of Anna’s hands and off they all went to where Anna would be forced to suffer taking each of these men in turn.  Internally, she was somewhat grateful that they were more interested in her than the twins.

Anna did a quick personality change into what she had come to call her ‘Slut Mode’.  It was where her mind went when she had to service one of the guests. It allowed her body to do what her mind refused to accept. She put on a happy face and let the guys lead her to the room where they no doubt intended to gang-bang her while the twins watched.

She leaned heavily on the man to her right knowing that the better she played the game, the sooner they would get off, and the sooner they would leave her alone.  She knew it would not be long before the next guest was taking her somewhere to use her. Her All American good looks, blond hair, and large breasts assured her of that.

The man she was leaning on pushed her away. “Get the fuck off of me slut. I just want to fuck you while my friends watch.  There is no need to try to get cozy. We are going to fuck you until your eyes cross,”

Anna moved away from him as her brain clicked over into escape mode. She had been planning it. She was prepared. She had the twins with her. As sure as a round being racked into the chamber of a rifle, her brain locked onto the idea that the time had come. The smile never left her face. Her outward disposition never changed. But inside she knew with a cold certainty that tonight she would be gone from this place or she would be dead from the attempt.

“Let me stop by my room and get this great bottle of French wine I have been saving for just such a party,” Anna said.  “It is not every day a girl gets to be mounted by four handsome men all at the same time.  I want to make it memorable for all of you.”

“Whatever,” said the man who had shrugged her off. “I could use a good glass of wine while I watch my black friend auger his gigantic cock into your useless white cunt.”

“My room is right here. Let me run in and get it and I will meet you guys at your place,” Anna said cheerfully.  “I know which room you are staying in.”

“Go ahead,” he said.  “If you are not there in three minutes we will start on the skinny wenches.  I doubt that they will live through it though.”

“I will be right there,” Anna said. She had no doubt that they would fuck the twins to death. It was clear that Shanelle was not going to take much more abuse before she just curled up and died.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

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