Sold at Auction-3.3 Escape

Chapter Two-Anna and the Twins

As Anna walked across the beach, she saw the twins, Sasha and Shanelle, who had been kidnapped with her and sold into slavery alongside of her. They were dancing listlessly on the beach as they were required to do until someone wanted them for sex.  She had seen little of them since her arrival, as they were in constant demand. Not only were they twins, but they both had slender bodies that made them look like teenagers, something the clientele liked a lot.

Anna was shocked at the appearance of Shanelle as she approached the twins on the beach. 

She walked up to them and said, “How are you two doing? I don’t often get to see you.”

Sasha gave her a sad look and a gentle hug.  Shanelle sobbed, on the verge of crying.

“I am okay,” Sasha said.  “Shanelle is not doing so good. She barely eats and she hates what the men make us do to them.”

Anna had to agree that Shanelle was not looking very good. Both of the twins were wearing just the bottoms of matching bikini bottoms. As slender as they were, they had little to show up top. Anna recalled how their little boobies were firm and perky when they had been attached to the turnstile by their kidnappers.  Both of them had lost a few precious pounds, but mostly Shanelle. She looked like a death camp survivor.  Her boobs were flat against her chest, her ribs protruded and her naturally thin legs were nothing but knobby knees and bones.

Anna knew that if the guests found Shanelle unattractive, she would be shipped off to a worse faith. Sasha looked better and would probably be kept on for a while. Separating these two would likely kill them both as they were so dedicated to each other.

“They told Shanelle she has to put on a few pounds or she will be sent to North Africa, but she refuses to eat.” Sasha told Anna as they listlessly danced on the beach waiting for the next man to take them. “If they take her away from me I will just kill myself.” It was Sasha’s turn to sob.

Anna’s heart went out to the two thin young ladies.   Anna was built for sex, although until she had arrived at the sex island she had not been overly promiscuous.  The twins were not built for sex and the constant demand place on them had weakened them significantly. While Anna was full-figured, the twins looked like they could have been teen models. The life they were being subjected to would certainly kill them.  Shanelle was well on her way. Sasha would not be far behind once she lost her sibling.

Anna vowed that she would have to take the twins with her when she escaped.  It would greatly complicate things, as Shanelle especially was not in condition for a long sea journey. However, like Anna, it would be better to die trying to regain their freedom, then to suffer a slow death as  sex slaves. She knew they all had to make the attempt. Anna would have liked to take all of the sex slaves on the island with her. She vowed to come back and get them. How that would ever happen she did not know.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

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