Sold at Auction-3.2 Escape

Anna was fairly certain that she was off the coast of Africa, some distance from the Mediterranean Sea. She knew that is would take days, and perhaps weeks, to get to a civilized country where she could be assured someone would help her and not just return her to slavery. In spite of the risks, she knew she had to make the attempt. Having to go with every guest who wanted her was not something she would be able to tolerate for very much longer. The drugs they gave her helped at first, but she had quit taking them in order to keep her mind clear as she prepared for her escape.  She had taken to hoarding the drugs that were readily available. She also had stockpiled  everything else she could get her hands on that she thought would be used in her escape. She had a small stockpile of dried fruit and some bottled water. It was not much and she knew it was not enough for a long journey out at sea.  She would gather more stuff to make what looked like it would be a lengthy escape by sea.

Anna had been out on the sailboats. At times the guests would take a couple of the girls out for an afternoon of them sailing the boat while the girls had to give them blowjobs or sex on the deck. Anna had performed her duties while surveying the boat with an eye towards using it for a run to freedom. The boats were small but well equipped for a day sailor. While out on these day sails, Anna would let her mind wander to those wonderful passages she had made with her family while some black North African stuck his big dick in her, either in the cockpit or in the small cabin on the boat. Somehow, the thoughts of sailing on her father’s boat made the act she was committing bearable.

The day sailor boats were stocked with some food and had water tanks, so she was not that concerned that she could survive on one of the boats for quite a while. The boats had small motors to get in and out of port, but that motor would not be useful on a long journey. The boats were pad locked to their mooring chains at night so getting one free would be an issue. Anna had a hair pin and a finger nail file that would be useful for that.  She had a basic idea of how to pick a pad lock.  Doing it in a hurry while she tried to escape would be just another in a long list of challenges she faced.

She knew she had to go soon.  The life she was being forced to lead was sapping both her physical strength and her mental resolve.  She knew that if she stayed she would become indoctrinated to the life as her roommate, Kylie, had been. Without hope of getting away from this life, Kylie had embraced it. Anna did not want to do that. The island was beautiful and Anna imagined that it would have been a delight with the right people. Men who had her at her beck and call for sex were not the right people. She could not let her mind succumb to thinking that it was not so bad to have sex with strangers on a beautiful island.  Once she crossed that threshold, there would be no hope of her returning to her former life. 

She had to escape. If it meant capture and death, then so be it. This life as a sex slave was not going to be her final chapter. Coming back to this island and blowing it all up had much more appeal to her.

In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

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