Sold at Auction Part 3.1-Escape


In Sold at Auction Anna is kidnapped and made to suffer many humiliations before she is sold into the sex traffic.

In Sex as a Slave Anna tries to survive on the sex island she has been sent to while she plans her escape.

Chapter One-Anna Plans her Escape

Anna put on a bikini and went out to the beach with only one purpose in mind-escape.  She knew she could not be gone from the public area very long before someone would be sent to get her.  It had been easy while Raphael had been there.  He occupied all of her time and was a gentle lover. But since he had left things had not gone very well. She had serviced anyone who wanted her for the three weeks since he had left, sometimes three of them in one day. Sometimes there would be two at once and she would have to act as though she enjoyed it. She hated it. Her mind would rise up out of her body as she was being used by the guests. It helped her survive, but it did not help with the disgust she felt at being used as a whore.

She knew she would survive. She would survive by escaping.  The penalty for trying to escape was harsh. If caught she would be sent to a truck stop in North Africa where she would be used, given AIDS and left to  die a slow horrible death with no medical care. However, living the life of a sex worker at some island, even if it was beautiful, was not a life to which she would submit. She would use her voluptuous body as she needed to, but she would escape.

As she walked across the sandy beach, she tried to focus on the beauty of the island to which she had been delivered. The air was warm, the ocean was comforting, and the facilities were first rate. She took a deep breath of the ocean air as the music from the dance floor drifted over to her. In another situation, this would have been a place she could really have enjoyed. Now, all she could think of was getting away with a little of her sanity intact.

She could feel the eyes of the male guests on her as she walked. She was wearing a bikini that covered very little of her voluptuous body. A small patch of material covered her shaved vulva while two patches of similar material covered her aureoles. All of her buttocks were exposed, while her breasts hung below the patch of material covering her nipples. Oddly, her almost nude condition did not bother her. Her parents and her family had been practicing nudists when they were offshore in the family sailboat. Being nude with her family had become the most normal thing to her. Even her brother Jeff had become comfortable with his random erections in front of his mother and sister. Her parents had taught her and her brother that their bodies were beautiful and healthy and they were never to be ashamed of that.

What did bother Anna were the male guests evaluating whether they found her worthy of their semen. She knew that soon one of them would take her to his room and use her for his pleasure for as long as he wanted to. Anna would act like she enjoyed it because if she didn’t, and he complained, she would be punished.  The punishment was usually a lashing by one of the female guards. It hurt like hell, but they were careful not to mark her body. Her body and its availability for the guests of the sex island was the only reason for her existence.

Anna knew she had a great body. She was one of those big-breasted athletes that were rather rare. She had been training and playing softball most of her life. Having received a college scholarship to play the sport she loved had just motivated her to get in better shape.  Having been kidnapped and sold as a sex slave had not been part of her plan, but she saw it as just another obstacle she would have to use her body to overcome.  She would fuck whoever she had to while she planned her escape.

She already had a sketchy plan.  The island they were on was not that big. She had seen a map of it on the wall of the reception area.  The latitude and longitude was on that map. There was the resort on one side of the island and a town on the other side. A single road connected the two. Supplies arrived into the port on the other side, and then trucked over to the resort. There was a landing strip near the resort which was used to bring in most of the very wealthy guests. Some of the guests arrived by private yachts, which anchored off the coast, while their owners came to shore to use the sex slaves available to them.

Anna had considered her means of escape. Going inland on the island she dismissed because of the dense vegetation and a population that would likely bring her back to slavery. Going by air was not a good choice, as she had no knowledge of how to operate an aircraft. Stowing away on one of the visiting yachts held some appeal, but would likely result in her return.

Anna knew that her way out was on one of the small sailboats that were used as day sailors by the guests. She knew how to operate a sailboat thanks to her Dad. It would be difficult to escape. Even if she could manage to unlock one of the sailboats, it would be difficult to sail far enough away that they would not find her either with a speedboat or the resort helicopter. Once she was captured, she would be beaten with no concern for marking her body and then be shipped off to North Africa.

There had been one escape attempt since she had been there. A young black woman had tried to escape by going inland and blending with the natives. She was brought back to the resort covered in bruises. All of the other hosts were brought to a small arena to witness her punishment. The guests were also invited to watch the young black girl’s punishment and most of them attended.

It had been difficult to watch as the young women had been beaten. It had been more difficult to hear the young woman’s screams as the lash was put to her thin back. It had been more disturbing when the young woman just hung in her bindings without making a sound as the beating continued. The sight of her bright red blood on her beautiful ebony skin was a vision Anna would take to the grave. The woman had then been dragged naked through the sand to the helicopter that would take her away to a certain slow death in Africa. Anna did not want to suffer such a faith. Anna also did not want to be a whore. She had to make a successful escape. If they caught her, she would fight to her death.

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