The Road to Brian Head-3

3 Ryan’s Reward

Lulu had considered her options carefully while Ryan had been inside.  She had no money, basically no clothes and she did not even understand where she was.  She knew she was in a country that was so foreign to her she would have trouble surviving even if she had money and clothes.  It was snowing so hard that making another mad dash was out of the question as being  suicidal.

She had considered waiting until her benefactor had fallen asleep, at which point she could steal his money, some clothes and his car.  There were many problems with that solution: 1) It was snowing; 2) She did not know how to drive; 3) She was not a thief.

The man in the hot tub was the first person to have shown her any kindness in a very long time.  Lulu had been brought up to know that her only value was that of being a woman.  Her father had instilled in her that her lot in life was to be a good wife and child bearer to someone of his choosing.  Her father was not around to choose for her so she would have to do it for herself. Besides, she found the man in front of her attractive and kind.  She would use her instincts to save her life in any manner she could.

Ryan let out a low moan as Lulu’s foot massage his swelling cock.

“Are you sure you know what you are doing,” he asked knowing she knew what she was doing.

“If you mean have I ever done it before, then no,” Lulu answered as her second foot joined the first making a channel for Ryan’s cock.

With the warm water bubbling around him, the sight of Lulu’s young naked body and the sensation her two feet were giving him. Ryan was willing to forgive her inexperience.

“Are you sure you should do that with your feet?” he asked thinking he would be better off not questioning her.

“No. I am not sure.”

Lulu removed her feet from his sensitive parts as Ryan groaned in disappointment.

He was not disappointed when Lulu stood up in the hot tub. Her wet, nubile young body glistened with water.  The cold mountain air made her brown little nipples come to attention almost immediately.  Standing up, her long legs exposed the juncture between thighs.  Unabashedly, she stood with her legs apart giving Ryan a view of her lightly haired womanhood.

“I am sure you will like this though.”

She stepped across the pool and pushed Ryan’s knees apart.  She sunk back into the water and her hands went to Ryan’s firm buttocks and encouraged him to raise his hips.  His erect cock came out of the water like a periscope as she brought his hips even with the surface of the water exposing his entire erect cock and his ball sack.

“You don’t have to do this, Lulu,” he said regretting it almost as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

“This is all I have to repay you with,” she whispered softly against his cock. “Besides, I want to.”

Ryan groaned as she lowered her beautiful face down to his member.  She took a moment to move all of her long, wet hair to one side so that he could have a better view of what she was doing to his pulsing cock.

Her lips parted, and she placed them gently over the head of his cock and gave it the slightest bit of suction.  She put more of his shaft into her mouth while holding onto his ball sack with one hand and the base of his cock with the other. Then she wetly started moving both her mouth on one end of his shaft and her hand on the other.  While Ryan was adequately hung, her small mouth and hand made him look so much bigger.

If she found his size daunting, she did not let it stop her from sucking his cock as though it were her only source of air. Ryan looked down at the beautiful creature attached to the end of his cock through half-closed eyes.

It had been a while since Ryan had any release and it was not long before the stirring in his balls foretold of his need. His hips started to thrust into her tight, wet mouth and she responded by pushing him further in, and by squeezing the base of his cock harder.  Just as he was about to fill her mouth with his molten cum she disengaged her mouth from his cock.

Ryan looked down with a wild look in his eyes and said, “Please don’t stop.”

Lulu stood in the hot tub between his legs, still holding the base of his cock with one hand.  She used the other to smile down at him as she used her other hand to wipe the spittle off of her lips. She moved closer to him, to where the head of his cock was against her wet wisp of pubic hair. Using her hand she applied the last few, slow strokes to bring Ryan to completion.

They both watched as his hot liquid spewed onto the top of her pussy getting entangled with the few hairs she had there.  She brought forth another spasm of his cum and it started to drip down her mons to the thin lips of her pussy.  One more gasp from Ryan and the last of his cum joined the sodden mass.

Lulu let go of his cock and arranged herself so she could sit on his lap in the hot tub. Ryan lay with his head back on the skirt of the pool, completely spent.  Lulu put her head on his shoulder and sighed her satisfaction at what she had just done.

“That was remarkable, Lulu. But you did not have to do that because I brought you in from the cold.”

She smiled.  “I did it because I thought you had a beautiful cock and I wanted to have it in my mouth.  You coming all over my pussy was your doing, Mister.”

“Sure. Blame me for responding to your beautiful mouth wrapped around the head of my dick.” 

Lulu shrugged and smiled down at him from her perch on his lap.  “If you let me clean up a bit there may be something else wrapped around the head of your dick.”

Ryan grabbed her slender body and moved her so he could look into her face. “Who are you? An hour and a half ago you were half naked, freezing on the road.  Now you are offering to share your very sexy body with me.”

“I am a very grateful person who would probably have been dead by now if a very kind stranger had not stopped to help me.  And sexy. The stranger is very sexy too.”

Ryan’s cock gave a jump from where it rested against her firm ass as though in agreement with her evaluation.

“You don’t have to repay me with sex, you know.”

“I am in a hot tub with a sexy white guy who happens to have a very pretty cock.  The sex is just a natural outcome of that situation.”

Ryan brought her back to where her head was on his shoulder. “Who are you, Lulu? And how did you get here?

She sighed.  “If you let me clean up, I may tell you.”

With that she pushed away from him and stood letting the water drip down her body.   Ryan could not help but notice that all of his cum had melted out of her pubic hair.  She smiled and then used the hot tub seat to get out of the tub, giving him a view of her round little bottom where her sex peeked out at him.  With cat-like movements she got out of the tub and walked into the house. When she got to the door, she turned and gave him a small smile and one last chance to admire her firm little tits.

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