Sold at Auction-1

1 The Dungeon

Anna pushed on the bar to which her hands were handcuffed.  She felt the muscles in her legs strain as she moved it slightly ahead. The turnstile that the bar was attached to turned slowly and with a mechanical groan. Anna redoubled her efforts and pushed again to make it move as she knew the consequences of not doing so would be the sting of the whip.

There were four such bars and there was two or three people attached to each, helping Anna move the large center turnstile. They each strained as they worked to keep it turning however so slowly. It was hard work, but to not do it brought swift retribution. 

The cavern they were in was hot and humid. There were open flames burning in oil drums causing the air to stink of the noxious oil that was being burned in them.  The burning oil not only caused the air to be hard to breathe but it added to the heat in the room which was almost unbearable. The perspiration came off of her naked body causing a rivulet to form between her naked breasts. Anna was aware that she could smell the fear and the sweat both on herself and on the women who were tied to the turnstile with her.

Anna had no idea how she had ended up tied to a bar, pushing it endlessly around as her body strained with the effort.  Anna and her softball team had won their away game at Syracuse and they had gone to really hip club to celebrate.  She had a few drinks and the next recollection she had was of being tied to this bar some four hours ago.  There was no daylight in the dark room in which she toiled so she had no idea how much time had transpired from when she had lost consciousness until now. There was only the sound of the turnstile groaning, the moans of effort from herself and the others and the occasional angry yell from the two women with the whips.

She remembered being rather woozy as two women in black had taken her clothes off. She had fought with them in a rather feeble manner but they had succeeded in making her naked. Then they had cuffed her hands to the bar in front of her next to another woman who was also nude.  The two ladies in black had told her to push.  When she had not, one of them had hit her backside with a riding crop.

When Anna had yelped at the sting of the riding crop the woman hooked to pole next to her had said, “Push. Push or they will hit you with the whip.”

Anna was still confused as to how she had come to this place.  One minute she had been celebrating a softball victory with her teammates and then she was in a dungeon, naked, hooked to a turnstile.

“Where are we?” Anna asked in her confusion.

“I don’t know.  I am Punxie by the way.  As near as I can tell we have been kidnapped and we will be sold at auction soon.

“Sold at auction! Kidnapped!” The cobwebs were quickly clearing in Anna’s head as the seriousness of her situation was becoming apparent.

Anna looked around the room in light of the information Punxie had given her.  There were others attached to the other poles. All of them naked. All of them women.  Except for one black transgender man. The TG was tall, beautiful and had a large penis still attached to her.  She too was struggling against the pole she was attached to.  Her black skin glistened with the perspiration of her effort as was everyone else’s.

There were two young women who appeared to be twins.  They were sobbing as they struggled with the task. Each wore red welts on their buttocks, no doubt from the whip that Punxie had mentioned. 

There were two women who were watching the efforts of the ones tied to turnstile.  They were dressed in tight black outfits and each had a whip that they swished menacingly. If they noticed someone not putting the necessary effort into the task, they lashed out with their wicked whips.  The two twins were slight in build and so they were getting a fair share of whip marks.

Anna was in good shape from playing college softball for the University of Utah.  Even so, the effort needed to push the turnstile was wearing her down.  She too had a sheen of perspiration on her naked body but she was used to it from working out with her softball team.  The two twins seemed to have run out of energy and were now getting a red mark added to their naked rumps every time they went past one of the women with the whips. It seemed so cruel, as they were obviously not going to be able to continue in the effort much longer.

No sooner had Anna had this thought then one of the twins slumped down out of exhaustion. Her sister cried out in anguish as one of the whip ladies came over and put a stripe on the exhausted one as she was dragged along by the pole she was attached to.

“Get up, Sasha,’ her sister cried as yet another mark was added to her sister’s back

“Can’t,” Sasha cried out in pain as the whip landed yet again.

Everyone stopped so that they would not drag Sasha through the filth on the floor of the dungeon.  One of the ladies in black took exception to this and started to beat the black transgender woman relentlessly.  The black TG tried to push the turnstile on her own but it was much too heavy for her unless they all helped. The sadist with the whip just kept flogging her until a voice came over a loudspeaker.

“Stop beating the TG.  She is a valuable piece of merchandise and if you mark her up too much she will not bring a good price.”

The voice was stern and that of a woman.  A woman who was apparently watching this chamber from somewhere else.  She obviously was in charge as the beating of the TG and the tormentor immediately stopped.

“Unhook the downed girl and prepared her and her sister for sale.”

“NOOO,” sobbed Sasha’s sister, Shanelle, at the news that they would now be auctioned off.

Sasha was pretty much unconscious as the guards put down their whips long enough to unhook her.  They then grabbed and dragged Sasha out of the room as her Shanelle sobbed in earnest.

Soon the guards returned for Shanelle and unhooked her also. She tried to fight but she was too weak from her efforts and they quickly removed her from the turnstile. They took her out of the room and those remaining could hear her cries of anguish as she was carried away to parts unknown.

When the two guards returned one of them said, “Back to work.”

The pushing on the turnstile continued as the sweat continued to bead up on the bodies of the remaining women.  Anna did her best to push with some effort in order to avoid the taste of the whip. Even so, one of the guards put a stripe on her muscular ass. It burned like fire when it hit and Anna had a hard time imagining how the frail twin or the black TG were able to withstand such treatment. If she had only known the journey she was embarking on, she would have known that this was the easy part.

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