Traveling with Sarah- 19

Sarah Jain at Fleur-de-Lis-

After feeling Milo’s cock jump in my hand after offering to let him tit fuck me, I lowered my oiled up body down the side of his, letting my tits drag along his torso as I lowered to my knees.  I kept up my slow stroking of his cock which was now almost purple with need.  As I got to the floor. I turned him a little and took a none too gentle bite out of his muscular buttocks.  That act, after Milo had rubbed my little man, almost sent me to moon.  I had always had a thing for biting a guy on the ass.  I could have spent the rest of the time kissing and nibbling on his rump, but I had offered him tit sex and it was tit sex he would have.

I had a good rack.  I had not had implants as I was waiting until after I had my babies before doing that.  But I had a nice set of naturally large c’s that filled out my figure well as long as I wore a bra.  I could not compare with the likes on CJ who had tits the size and shape of casaba melons or even with Sarah who had the most prefect, small-nippled breasts that were set off so nicely on her small body. But my tits were acceptable, while maybe not head turning.

I had no doubt that Milo would not complain about them as I arranged myself in front of him. I took one hand and nestled his cock on my chest and then used both hands to push my soft knockers around his cock. He immediately started doing what came naturally as he looked down at his brown cock riding in between my white breasts.  With the oil the girls had put on my body, he glided in and out of them with ease. I pushed them closer together as I looked up at him.

When the head of his cock made an appearance, I leaned down and gave it a small lick with my pink tongue.  This made Milo groan and I could feel his rob swell up between my breasts. I knew he was getting close and closed my eyes expecting him to spew his seed all over my tits and face.  As backed up as he was I knew that he could probably shoot five feet and I did not want him to take an eye out.  I did not want him to cum in my mouth because that was crossing the line when it came to non vaginal sex.  I had been asked to give him a hand job and I had already pushed the limits by giving him my tits to fuck.

With no warning he rammed his cock up through my tits and shot a stream of cum directly onto my face.  There was so much of it I was glad that I had my eyes closed. He followed it with another shot that coated my upper breasts with his sticky sauce.  One more thrust and Milo shuddered with his completion.

“Bravo,” said Jenny and CJ in unison. 

The other girls gave a slow clap of appreciation. Sarah looked on with her eyes wide at what she had seen me do to Milo.  She no doubt was wondering when she would be required to perform.

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