Traveling with Sarah -18

Sarah Jain at Fleur-de-Lis-

Emboldened by the atmosphere of Fleur-de-Lis and surrounded by the least judgmental women in the world, I let myself go.  I walked over to Milo as his eyes never left me.  It was difficult for me to keep from staring at his engorged rod which pointed to the sky.  It was an awesome sight in and of itself.  For a rather small man, Milo made up for it south of the border.  Whatever lucky girl who ended up with him with him would have to have a willing attitude to service his cock on a regular basis.

But I had always been an ass girl.  I love a good size cock when it came to that, but if the guy did not have scrumptious tush is was never going to get to that with me.  I walked over to where Milo stood waiting for me and leaned my oiled and naked body against his as one of my hands encircled his shaft and the other grabbed a hand full of his solid ass.

I gave him a little kiss on the side of his face and said, “You can touch me if you want to.”

Milo sucked in his breath and his cock jumped in my hand. 

“I am not allowed to touch any of the women here, Ms. Bethany.”

“Well I am not one of the women here so you can touch me as much as you want to.”

Milo looked over to CJ and Jenny and they both gave the slightest head nod.  It was true that I was not one of the women of Fleur-de-Lis so the rules that applied to them did not necessarily apply to me.

Milo cupped one of my soft white breasts in his hands in such an adorable manner, as though he were scared to break it.

“Give it a good squeeze, Milo,” I whispered into his ear.

He did, and I have to admit that being felt up by this very needy man was floating my boat.  While they had insisted that I give him a hand job, I was soon going to be offering him up much more than that.

“Feel my pussy,” I instructed as I nibbled his ear lobe and set up a slow, gentle stroking of his shaft.

Milo knees buckled at the offer of my pussy.  The poor bastard had probably not felt the warmth of a woman’s slit since he had come to Fleur-di-Lis. I understood why the staff at Fleur-de-Lis had strict rules to follow, but Milo was practically rehabilitated and I was being put to a test by the women here.  I needed to be accepted by them and if they wanted me to prove that I was worthy by having a public make out session with Milo, then I would push the boundaries.

Milo’s hand slid down my tummy and stopped when he would feel my short cut pubic hair.  He was so enthralled with pubic hair after seeing nothing but Barbie dolls since his time here.

“Go lower,” I hissed into his ear as I continued to swirl my tongue around his ear and kept up my slow stroking of his beer can size cock. 

Milo had been trained to obey s his hand went further as I stood with my legs apart to give him ready access.   Once his hand met my slit he hesitantly let one finger push back my folds to gain access to my engorged clit.  The touch sent shivers through my body.  While I had only just arrived at Fleur-de-Lis, I knew enough about what went on that it had already made me excited.  Having the gorgeous, needy hunk rub my bean just added to what I knew would be a very exciting time.

His hand slipped lower to gather some of my moisture and then returned to my little nub.  I involuntarily squeezed his cock harder and my rhythm increased.  I looked down and noticed that a drop of dew had formed on the end of his pulsing cock. I used my thumb to smear it all over the end of his dick as his hand continued to send shivers through my body. If the girls thought I was going to be some reluctant virgin about this, then they were seeing that they had been very wrong.  Sarah was the one that needed help enjoying sex. 

To up the game a little I leaned into Milo’s ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck my tits.”

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